Nokia E70 Lust

A few months ago, I made a concerted effort to eliminate all RSS feeds from my news aggregator which met at least one of the following conditions: 1) Signal-to-noise ratio was under 25%, 2) Feed was updated more than 10 times a day, or 3) A good percentage of the items were re-blogged from other sources.

Two of the first sites to walk the plank were unfortunately both Gizmodo and Engadget. While I’ve enjoyed both sites immensely over the past couple of years, they both match all three criteria above, and since eliminating them from my blogroll, I’ve been able to keep my “RSS lint” down to reasonable levels.

This week though, I may have paid the price for being out of touch with the gadget rumor mill. Thanks to Om and his damn persuasive writing style (not to mention Jason), I ordered a Nokia N70 phone over the interweb. I’ve been using a Treo 600 for the past two years and although I still love it, I’ve just had a new-phone-itch for the past couple of months and reading about the N70 was enough to get me to finally scratch it.

It seems like a whale of a phone, and although I’ve never liked Nokia’s interfaces in the past, this one looks pretty nice. For all the high-tech features on the N70, the kicker that got me to actually purchase it was a fairly low-tech one: an FM radio. FM radios in Seattle are a lot more useful than in most other cities because we are home to KEXP, the world’s greatest commercial-free radio station. Being able to listen to commercial-free live music on my phone is a huge plus.

The only huge downside of the N70 to me is the lack of a QWERTY keyboard. I’ve gotten so used to the Treo’s keyboard that it’s going to be hard to use T9 again.

So I ordered this thing for about $500 (which is probably too much) and it should arrive next week.

No sooner do I check the status of my delivery last night that I now find out about the Nokia E70, due in the first quarter of 2006. Oh my god! Look at this thing:

Not only does it have almost every feature of the N70, but it’s smaller, flips open to reveal a QWERTY keyboard, has 352×416 resolution, integrated WiFi with VOIP, built-in push email support, spoken Caller ID, and a million other features as well.

So I think with this N70 purchase, I have officially broken my own buyer’s remorse record. It’s supposed to arrive on the 14th and today is the 10th, so that’s negative four days. Oh well, at least the N70 gives me one thing the E70 doesn’t: an FM radio for KEXP.

79 comments on “Nokia E70 Lust”:
  1. Please update us with your opinions of the N70 when you get it!

    In the past year I’ve switched from a Sony Ericsson T616 (nice simple phone, great bluetooth sync w/ iSync) to a Treo 650 (nice features, but somewhat buggy. Mine would restart on its own at least daily), and finally to a Motorola RAZR (pretty, but somewhat useless for anything but the most basic phone functions. iSync support is sketchy at best).

    I’ve been intrigued by the new Nokia models, and the N70 (and now E70) looks nice.

  2. Faruk Ateş says:

    I’ve recently developed an interest in the Nokia N90. Its quick ability to capture high-res images and/or video is something I’ve long desired, and my Sony Ericsson T610 is starting to feel very, very old.

    Mike, what all do you need the QWERTY keyboard for? Do you do browsing on your phone as well, or something?

  3. Mike D. says:

    Faruk: If I’m ever writing e-mail or sending text messages from my phone, I’m just a ton quicker with a QWERTY. I can write full-length e-mails from the Treo in not much more time that it would take me from a laptop.

    I know there are kids in Korea who are faster with a T9 than with a QWERTY, and in fact, there’s even a T9 attachment for *normal* computers if you can believe that, but I’ve just never felt comfortable with predictive text.

  4. Faruk Ateş says:

    Mike: Okay, well then it makes sense. I guess I’ve just never had the opportunity to see how well I’d like that, or how much I’d use it.

    An important factor is that here in the Netherlands, GMTS rates are ridiculous, and E-mailing from the phone (no matter how fast I’d be able to do it) is just unbelievably expensive. Because of that, I’ve never looked at phones for such things.

  5. Mike D. says:

    Ouch. In the U.S. it’s $5 USD per month for unlimited data (through T-Mobile). Super cheap.

  6. Bradley says:

    Wow, you must be rolling in dough from venture funding if you’re dropping 500 on *yourself* during the month of December.

    Thanks for reassuring the rest of us that we’re just scraping by. :)

  7. Faruk Ateş says:

    Crikey. $5 per month for unlimited? Good lord! It’s about 75 Euro ($88) a month for only a GB of traffic. Extra traffic will come at 25 cents per MB. And that all is only for National traffic, it skyrockets if you use the service abroad.

  8. John says:

    “Buyer’s remorse… negative four days”

    Ha! Been there, done that. I’m currently expecting delivery on a THIRD pair of in-ear monitors ;)

  9. Dave S. says:

    “It’s about 75 Euro ($88) a month for only a GB of traffic.”

    It’s $100 CDN ($85 USD) a month for only 100MB of traffic over here.

    Count your blessings.

  10. Faruk Ateş says:

    Dave: ouch. And I found our prices to be way too steep…

  11. Ross Hill says:

    US$7.50 gets us 2mb.

    US$250 gets us 44mb.

    Past that it’s $0.0055/KB

    Don’t use GPRS in Australia :(

  12. Bradley says:

    My T637 has this lovely “feature”… a button marked “Online” right on the side of my phone. One little bump in the pocket of my jeans and BAM! A few dollars in unwanted charges.

    Thanks to Sony Ericsson, I can’t disable this button. So I actually had the GPRS service completely disabled on my mobile account. Very sad… I have a camera phone and can’t send pictures anymore. Boo hoo. *cries*

    BTW, your link to Om’s site is bad. But I like the new “You have been taken to the closest matching page on Mike Industries” thing. Where’s the writeup on that one? :)

    (Editor’s Note: Oops, forgot the http://. Thanks, it’s now fixed. The writeup on the smart 404 is here, by the way.)

  13. Don says:

    Oh brother, who cares? The thing is a telephone. I don’t understand you or my kids. You could have gotten a cheap fm radio to fill that bill.

    Now on a tech subject that I do understand envy regarding, how is your camera (7.3 Megapixels in my pocket) holding up. I think I will be buying a new camera in the next few days and I have liked that one since seeing it on your site. I don’t doubt they have improved since. What is the modest priced camera I should be going for — or is it stupid to go modest priced? I am thinking that for my wife she can just keep the thing in her purse and with one a one gig card snap till she drops.

    Where do I shop for the thing?

  14. Christian says:

    Mike, why not looking at another Treo (650 or 700w)? I had a predecessor to the E70 (the 6820) with the fold-out QWERTY; it was nice, but I vastly prefer my T650 to it. The Treo keyboard is easier, and software for the Palm platform really sets it apart. And now that Mark/Space finally did something useful with Missing Sync, getting my PowerBook and the Treo to speak the same language is a breeze.

    Don, I bought the same camera Mike recommended (Casio EX-Z750) and my wife and I have been very happy with it. Mike’s recommendation was spot on.

  15. Mike D. says:

    Don: I understand that sentiment, but a mobile phone is the most personal piece of technology in my world. I have no home line and my office line is through Vonage, so I tend to make almost all my calls with a mobile. Furthermore, I’m vehemently against the multiple device strategy (carrying a phone for calling, a PDA for organizing, and a music player for listening). I understand why people do that but I just don’t like it. On the bright side, I do tend to go 2 or 3 years between phones so I’m better than some people. As for the Casio EX-Z750, I still love mine. Would buy the same camera today in fact. Nothing beats full-manual mode on an ultracompact.

    Christian: I thought about getting another Treo but the reason I didn’t is that Palm seems to have given in to Microsoft and I don’t like that. The Treo 700 will run Windows Mobile software and that just tells me they’ve relegated themselves to hardware and left the user experience to MS. That’s generally not a good thing. I suppose I could have gotten the 650, but hey, it’s already almost obsolete.

  16. ramin says:

    I had the predecessor of the E70 (the 6820) as well and had to change it to something with a larger screen and newer OS. I also noticed that I didn’t use the full keyboard all that much since it required the use of both hands.

    My current goal is the E61 which is only 15mm wider than my current 3230 and has a full keyboard in the front. If only the GPRS rates around here (Finland, for crying out loud) would come down I could really use the functionality.

  17. David says:

    Ouch – I hate it when that happens. And the E-70 does look pretty nice (I believe Nokia do a version that has the same flip-out, but no Wi-Fi etc, btw)

    I quite like the look of the i-Mate K-Jam (although it seems that each carrier will call it something else, e.g O2 are calling it the xDA). It looks to be around £500 though, so need to start hoarding the pennies.

  18. Gil Shalit says:

    Mike – this is off-topic, but I guess so were you… Thanks for pointing out KEXP – this seems like a case of instantly getting hooked! Listening from Israel I get the Sunday night time Jazz Theater and it’s blowing me away (I’m actualy at work…)

    Thanks again!

  19. bre says:

    I gave up kexp recently when I found out that John in the Morning makes $120,000 a year… the diy mirage of the former kcmu station finally evaporated for me.

  20. Jason Jang says:

    S’funny. I literally *just* removed both Engadget and Gizmodo from my Blogreader and then turned the page to you to see you’ve done the same. I got overexcited with the whole RSS thing that I added craploads of blogs I never read. It’s just too easy to add a feed.

  21. Michael Hessling says:

    When I see the E70, I’m reminded of the n-gage commercial where two guys battle it out in a laundromat (they were using a similar model). Not exactly the definition of hip (unless they were going for cynics). I say be thankful you got the N70.

    But, Mike, what did you mean by signal-to-noise ratio? Gizmodo constantly resends old entries with minor corrections — so minor I can’t even find them — so I’m forever wading through stuff I’ve already read. …Have I answered my question? Boing Boing does the same thing, but they indicate any changes with “Update” or del.

    Bloglines lets you control whether updated items are displayed as new or ignored. Doesn’t that help?

  22. Tom Madrid says:

    Hey hey…Mike’s on Slashdot ;) Hope your server holds!

  23. Mike D. says:

    Tom: Ha! Thanks for telling me. Didn’t even notice.

    Mint shows 23,000 page views in the last two hours so far and no hiccups from my server. Go Dreamhost!

  24. Don says:

    Cannot believe you didn’t give us a link to Mint! You missed an opportunity and everybody said you were just out to plug it a month or two ago …

    Mint Article

  25. Mike D. says:

    Don: Hahah. Good point. And let me also mention that without Mint, I would have no reliable way to verify the effect of Tom’s reported Slashdotting. And since I don’t read Slashdot myself, I might have even called Tom a liar for reporting it, thus igniting a huge firestorm of accusations, character assassinations, and ad hominem attacks. Go Mint!

  26. Don says:

    The other odd thing about the Slashdot Article is that it mentions an older post when in fact sIFR 2.0 has been out for some time now, and in fact your current blog front page has an article talking about sIFR 3 development.

    The discussion thread under that article is flying fast it appears. Too bad that they aren’t looking at your latest product.

    One of these days I’ll have to try Mint … but you know how cheap I am. I am still using our $10 counter that we sell over on our site. I have yet to try it at 23,000 hits per half day however.

    You should post a welcome slashdotters to the main page and get some live stats on so we can watch them scream Mike.

    Have a great Wednesday Mike!

  27. Lukas says:

    I have a 6820 and love it. I actually find the keyboard pleasureable to use, I look for excuses to type on the thing.

    Just pray that a US carrier picks up the E70 right quick, and offers all the cool features (Blackberry etc.)

  28. Mike D. says:

    Lukas: That’s good to know, thanks.


  29. Nick says:

    Like you I’ve been satisfied with my Treo 600 . . . until last week a British friend of mine showed me her Nokia 8801. She proudly announced that Nokia doesn’t offer this phone in the US. I noticed it doesn’t have a querty keybaord. It runs about $699. Any fellow yanks use this phone?

  30. I can so relate! Ihate buyingnew phones, cuz I always have remorse seeing other poeples new phone, or thenext model in the same line like amonth later! Your post caught my attention, as Ithink a lot of people around the world will be thinning out thier rss agg’s, and I bet not manyhave thought about that.

  31. Mike Slade says:

    I have been using a Blackberry T7105 from T-Mobile for awhile now. I upgraded from the T7100, the 7105 fixed several glaring design flaws, most notably the tiny SEND and END keys.

    The 7105 is small, has a great screen, and actually works! All of my Exchange email shows up and deletes actually synch, well usually they do. It opens Word docs, JPEGS, PowerPoint files, PDF, Excel files, you name it. It really works! It’s about half the weight of a Treo. And the second generation “T9” with two alpha keys per phone key actually works quite well.

    The reception is goood by Seattle standards, but the microphone is quite sensitive to high volumes. Unlike Treos, it crashes rarely. It only has one game (BrickBreaker) and crappy ringtones.

    I would give the PDA an A- and the phone a B+.

  32. Devon Shaw says:

    You should have gone for the HTC Apache, hands down the sexiest phone on the market. Sprint has the PPC-6700 model and our in-home install agents at Best Buy are field testing the black Verizon model. It would’ve done about the same damage to your wallet too.

  33. Marko says:

    This is great phone but too much money for a mobile if you ask me. I use Alcatel 301 which is 10$ cost (new one is 20$) so don’t ask me :)

  34. easrd says:

    A simple question–maybe silly,

    Does E70’s Wi Fi feature support a wireless router, i.e. share an cable/DSL connection with other computers through the wireless router?

  35. Davis Miles says:

    Have a Nokia 6820 now and love the thing to death! Came across the E70 and got all giddy! Mike did you ever get this fine electronic device? From an I.D. guy this is a fine functional device with looks to kill……… Nice Blog

  36. Jason Harold says:

    hey Mike
    I am extremely interested in the e70. ive been getting tired of the huge size of my current phone, the sidekick II. what I really appreciate about the e70 is that you dont have to open the device to access the phone.
    I was just wondering if you had any idea when the e70 would be released. I looked over the Nokia Europe site and found that it would be relased during the first quarter of this year. I just can’t wait to get my hands on this phone

  37. Bruce says:

    What I’m trying to figure out from the E70 pre-release info is simple: Is this any less a PDA than a Treo or a Nokia Communicator? I’ve been a Nokia 9110 user for 6+ years, and while I use it constantly as a phone, I’ve also written whole books and articles on it. A non-keyboard device is out of the question. Nokia is marketing this more for “messaging” than as a business “communicator,” but it looks like it has it all! Does anyone know of any PDA functions (ala Nokia Communicator or Treo) that the E70 doesn’t support or beat?


  38. Stu says:

    What makes me excited about this phone that no one else has realized?

    Because this phone has capability of WiFi and VOIP is leads me to believe that it is capable of logging onto a SIP server via the data connection.

    Now because I have an Asterix box that has SIP at the office and because 90% of all wireless routers setup are by thick people that don’t know anything about security. It wouldn’t be too hard to just drive/walk around until I found an unsecured wireless network (and we all know how easy they are to find) and make a local call like this E70->wifi->SIP->PSTN. This will in fact bypass the mobile phone service provider all together.

    To add to this, why wouldn’t all my friends get one then we could just call the Asterix box that would check whether they are logged into the SIP server. If they are then the call is free. If not then the Asterix box calls them via Fixed – Mobile rates from the office (Much Cheaper).

  39. Jay says:

    Man, am i hot for the E70 ! I would consider my self a mobile freak and so far i have not come across a better phone. Proove me wrong ! ;-) I currently use a Nokia 6600 which is good, but i miss the QWERTY keyboard. I’ll surely be one of the first to get the E70. Don’t want to make you guys feel bad, but here in Germany i can get a GPRS/UMTS (384Kbit/s) flatrate for 39 Euros a month ! I currently have a 2MB plan and i pay 2,50 EUR for it. I actually get by fine with the 2MB using IMAP email and SSH’ing into servers. Lets hope Nokia stick to Q1/2006 delivery ;-)



  40. Mohit Goyal says:

    I’ve been ready to upgrade my 6820 for months now! I can’t wait for the E70 to become available here in the States.

    I got my 6820 unlocked off of Ebay, so I’m hoping an unlocked E70 will show up soon!

    I’m using T-Mobile, but will probably switch to Cingular soon.

  41. Mohit Goyal says:

    I forgot to ask. Will the E70 be able to use Microsoft’s Activesync to check email on Exchange servers? Or are the email options IMAP, POP3, and Blackberry?

  42. Dilsat says:

    I am very impressed with E70 VoIP function and will be buying it asap.
    Does anyone have any idea about the price ?

  43. Rico says:

    Mike, did you get an e70? Did anyone here in the US get one? I’m interested in where [apart from Ebay] one could pick up this phone, and how much the average price paid is.

    I have the 6800 and my biggest gripe is that it’s not series 60, but the e70 with it’s brighter and better screen, camera, smaller form factor and series 60 software seriously makes the nerdy bits in me swoon like mad.

  44. Mike D. says:

    The E70 is not available yet, to my knowledge.

  45. sal says:

    I just noticed that the expected release date of this phone has been pushed back to “Second Quarter of 2006”! I don’t think I can wait any longer!

  46. Sam says:

    On another note… you mention “KEXP, the world’s greatest commercial-free radio station…” I can’t let that pass.

    Check out TripleJ. Like KEXP, JJJ also began in 1972. It’s alternative, commercial free & available across Australia. It’s very influential. So in terms of the ‘greatest’ stakes, I think it would trump KEXP. So there.

    It’s fun to compare KEXP’s top 90.3 of 2005 with TripleJ’s [user voted] Hottest 100 of 2005. Lots of cross-overs. And there are a few artists new to me in the KEXP list I’ve gotta follow up on, I think… Thanks for the tip.

  47. cathy says:

    I am looking to buy the E-70, do you where i can buy one. I was told about this phone awhile ago so I have been waiting. please! thank you! cathy

  48. Rico says:

    They (fcc) just approved the e70 for use in America. Doesn’t mean we know when they’ll release it here, but at least it’s something.

    I’m jonezing for this phone but I wish it would be released under a service provider that doesn’t suck (gsm). I’d really like to see Verizon pick this phone up.

  49. Scott Laird says:

    Rico–I don’t think Nokia has *ever* built a non-GSM Series 60 phone. So, if you want the E70 in the US, then you’re looking at either Cingular or T-Mobile.

    Besides, even if Verizon *could* sell it, they’d force Nokia to remove all of the useful features before shipment–no 802.11, no useful Bluetooth, no VoIP, etc.

  50. JeF says:

    For Sal:

    Just noticed that Nokia have changed the release date back to Q1 2006. Hopefully it won’t be delayed, not sure I can wait much longer. Big competition is the SE P990 which is also due out this quarter.,,81003,00.html

  51. Bruce says:

    Anyone know if the E70 will support:

    1. GSM incoming fax numbers/calls

    2. Sending faxes

    3. GSM numbers/SIMs roaming in wCDMA areas (in that model)?

    I’m also looking forward to this one — I’ve stuck with my Nokia 9110 since nothing looked worth moving to (I write and view things on it a lot), this one looks like the one.


  52. JD says:

    What blog are you using? WordPress?

  53. Rico says:

    If you want to set up a blog, all it takes is one click in the Dreamhost control panel and WordPress (a great open source blogging engine) will automatically set itself up for you. You can make whatever customizations you’d like afterwards, but you are literally five seconds away from having a fully functional blog.

    ^^^ From ‘hosting’ page on nav bar ^^^

  54. JD says:

    I forgot that. I remember reading that a while ago.
    I shall rephrase my question. “What theme is this?” thanks

  55. Mike D. says:

    It’s actually Movable Type and not WordPress. I would use WordPress if I were starting from scratch today though.

    As for themes, it’s all custom.

  56. Brian says:

    Mike, i bought an N70 about the same time you did, and it’s been pretty good so far. i’m going thru the same self-doubt, wondering if i couldn’t have a lot more powerful device if i’d waited, but i do really like the phone.

    how is yours treating you?

  57. Mike D. says:

    Brian: I sold mine on eBay a few days after I got it. I realized a few things through the experiment:

    1. I can’t be without a qwerty keyboard.

    2. I’m not a big fan of Nokia’s interface.

    3. My next phone will probably be the Treo 700P.

  58. I’ve had a Nokia 6820 for a long time, and fell in love with the keyboard almost the first time I got it. You can only really type with two thumbs (or fingers) on it, but it requires a lot less thought and practice than T9 on a number pad. For normal textual stuff, I’d estimate my typing speed at about the same on the keyboard as with T9, but for anything that’s a little different (like a URL or something) the keyboard is so much faster. I find this quite important, because I often send work-related SMS/e-mail from my phone.

    I’ve considered upgrading to a Series 60 phone, but I’ve never been able to bear the thought of giving up the fold-out keyboard. As a result, I’ve been drooling over the Nokia E70 ever since it was announced. Some of the other features on the E70 (eg. SIP, 802.11, the voice-enabled stuff) should also be very fun to play with. Not sure how long it’ll take to hit sunny South Africa, though.

  59. MIKEEEEE says:

    i will only have phones with a qwerty keyboard…….

    i will only have t-mobile phones…….

    i have right now a nokia 9500, a nokia 6820 (wifey stole it from me), and my trusty, long in tooth 6800…..

    i drive an 18 wheeler and on my steady run between st. louis and st. paul i switch bands 4 times and carriers 6 or 8 times (depending which direction i’m traveling in)………..

    out in nowhere, the only phones that really work on GSM are nokias……..

    you guys better not buy up all the E-70’s and the nokia people better make damn well sure they include 850 GSM in it………

    cuz i’m a fancy man and i want one……….


  60. Patric says:

    Well spotted sir, the e70 will be amazing. i have been using the old style qwerty flip the 6330 for over 2 years and have been waiting for an updated version to arrive.

    So in october i read about the e70. i am still checking websites daily for an official release date and can not get a date (1st quarter is nearly here) so do u have any idea of a release date?

  61. Bruce says:

    I’m still using a 9110, since I’m stuck on being able to write seriously on it, and the Treo-sized keyboards just don’t cut it. The E70 looks excellent, if it ever makes it to market!

    One thing I’m trying to figure out is what features it won’t have. It apparently handles viewing and editing documents and spreadsheets, unlimited contacts and calendars, and all kinds of electronic communication. Anyone heard about its handing GSM fax numbers? How about movie formats? IP phone connectivity to Skype or Vonage?

  62. Patrick says:

    ive heard it will allow skype… yipppeee

  63. Grant says:

    Expansys now has a pre-order price for the E70. If history serves, this means that the phone itself should be released very shortly. Plus, the E61 has finally received FCC certification – I could see Nokia wanting to release all three E series phones at once.

  64. chukwuemeka says:

    i am intrested for this phones that i saw on this screen so pls can you easyly give me more informations on how i can make them be my. i cherish them. but have not enough money to buy them because am a studient in university of Lome-Togo in West africa.

  65. Mohit Goyal says:

    Mobilebee has the e70 for $600 US and claims “availability in 2 days”

  66. Jay says:

    I’m so hot for this phone i just sent a mail to Mobilebee asking if this was accurate. Lets see, i’m surely hoping. Man, i want my new toy ;-)


    Heidelberg, Germany

  67. Jay says:

    And here’s the response…..

    Thank you for contacting Customer Support


    The date of the Nokia E70 release is an approximate one. As the exact date of the release depends on the manufacturer only and can be changed.

    If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
    Thank You,

  68. MIKEEEEE says:

    looked at mobilebee ad fo nokia E70…..

    wrong frequency….

    in the us we need 850 mhz, not 900……

    i have a nokia 9500 that is useless out in rural areas…..


  69. Rico says:

    what is with the lame bastard spammers who are spamming price lists that EXCLUDE the e70? worthless jerks.

  70. Jay says:

    10 Days to go….

    “We are on schedule and we will begin the shipments this quarter and the first E-series deliveries will happen this quarter,” said Nokia Enterprise Solutions division spokeswoman Maria Kellokumpu.

    Yikes ! :-)


  71. Rico says:

    I might be the first here to pick one up! I’ll buy the second they’re available.

    Thanks for the update, Jay! ;p

    If I get one I’ll be sure to post a full review.

  72. Jay says:


    i assume this will make your day….

    “The Nokia E70 will be available in two variants: a GSM 850/1800/1900Mhz version for the Americas, and a GSM 900/1800/1900Mhz + WCDMA/UMTS 2100Mhz version for the rest of the world”

    Enjoy !


  73. Geoff says:

    Ok, so it’s April, where are they?

    The first person to post a url where I can buy one (850mhz) will get my eternal gratitude ;)

  74. Rico says:

    This might have something to do with it, apparently software bugs have caused a delay in their newest almost-released phones:

  75. Jay says:

    This is typical Nokia ! Always behind on shipping dates. I heard rumors from a vendor in Germany that the date was postponed to 22 May. Hope it’s not true.

    – Jay
    Heidelberg, Germany

  76. Mike D. says:

    Careful what you ask for Geoff. This thread seems to get spammed by cell-phone dealers quite a bit these days. And I don’t have much of a comment spam problem at all, normally.

  77. james says:

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  78. Rico says:

    Mike it’s like you called and they came. Friggin moronic spammers can’t even provide what we want!

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