Where I Host This Site and Why

Mike Industries is hosted by Dreamhost and highly recommends Dreamhost for your own web hosting needs.

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Even the $8.95 a month plan is huge. You get 4.8 gigs of unlimited storage, 120 gigs of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited domains, unlimited inboxes, a streaming server, a jabber server, and full shell access. When I signed up, there were actual limits, but DH has apparently increased their capacity so much that limits aren’t even necessary anymore.
  2. If you want to set up a blog, all it takes is one click in the Dreamhost control panel and WordPress will automatically set itself up for you. You can make whatever customizations you’d like afterwards, but you are literally five seconds away from having a fully functional blog.
  3. IMAP e-mail. So much nicer than POP3, Hotmail, or Gmail. I’d been using a regular POP3 account my whole life until I got my Dreamhost account, and now you couldn’t even pay me to go back. I like using full mail applications, and IMAP-based mail allows me to use multiple copies of Apple Mail on multiple machines. Dreamhost’s IMAP mail service also has a web front-end for when you’re using a public computer.
  4. Dreamhost’s web-based control panel is the best in the industry to my knowledge. You’re in control of so much that sometimes you feel like you’re going to click the wrong button and restart an entire server farm. Having a good control panel is crucial in cutting out phone support time and FAQ-reading time. But should you need help, Dreamhost’s FAQ section is also top-notch.
  5. Dreamhost engages in random acts of kindness. They have increased the disk space, throughput, and all sorts of other things on my account three times in less than a year. And now, everything is pretty much unlimited… so I don’t really see what they could do next.
  6. Every person you refer to Dreamhost becomes an affiliate of yours and you get 10% of their hosting fees for life. You also get 5% of the hosting fees of whoever they refer. It’s like a pyramid scheme without the “scheme” part. If someone asked me who my hosting company was, I’d refer them unconditionally to Dreamhost even if this program didn’t exist, so it’s just a bonus that it does. It really only takes a few referrals and your hosting is either free or better than free.

Anyway, so that’s about it. Should you decide to go with Dreamhost, just click here and tell them mikeindustries.com sent you.

* Oh yeah, and there is a 97-day money back guarantee as well, so if things aren’t working out, you can cancel and get a refund.

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