iPod Giveaway #7: Reader’s Choice

Mike Industries Poll

What should be the theme of the final Mike Industries iPod Creativity Competition of the year?

First off, apologies for the lack of iPod creativity competitions around here for the last two months. I’ve been a bit busy. I didn’t want to close the year without one final competition though, so tonight I thumbed through all 400 contest suggestions and have come up with a list of six I’d like to do.

Since I can’t seem to decide on one, I’m putting the final six up for a one-day vote. The idea which receives the most votes will be the theme for this final iPod giveaway of 2005… and as always, the person who thought up the theme will win one Shuffle and the person who wins the competition will take home the other.

The Finalists

Steve Jobs Movie Poster

Design a movie poster featuring Steve Jobs and post it as a 418×418 image on this site.

Best Lyric

Post the best one sentence lyric from a song.

iPod Envy

Take a picture of yourself in an urban setting with another object, pretending that it is an iPod.

Best Cover Song

Post a link to the best cover ever performed. That is, one band singing the music of another.

Name That Tune

I post one note of a song and continue to reveal more notes until someone guesses it.


Best haiku remotely related to iPods wins.

Honorable Mention

This suggestion cannot be voted for but it is my favorite idea of the bunch. “Toban” writes in submission #378:

“Have people send digital video files of themselves eating a food product which is visibly expired. For example, a displayed expiry date on a container of cottage cheese, or mold on, well anything. The most extreme entry wins an ipod. What would you eat for a Free Ipod?”

I love the internet.

Please vote to the right. The polls close at midnight on Wednesday.

18 comments on “iPod Giveaway #7: Reader’s Choice”. Leave your own?
  1. Mike Rundle says:

    Yeaaah iPod Envy!

    If this contest is as funny as the Nokia NGage thing where everybody was “side talkin” then I’m gonna love it.

  2. Bradley says:

    I went for the iKu. I love haikus and everything else seemed to subjective.

  3. iPod Envy, mainly because it only requires pure creativity. And iPod Envy is bound to be the funniest of the bunch.

  4. Chad Edge says:

    I do not agree
    “The funniest of the bunch”
    I prefer others

  5. AkaXakA says:

    On iPod Envy: Sounds like a nice idea, but excludes people who enjoy their privacy.

  6. Jesus says:

    Movie poster please!

  7. Jay says:

    Best lyric opens it up to most people in a simular the way the website one did a while back, but the Steve Jobs movie poster…. now thats just classic comedy.

  8. AnnMarie Johnson says:

    The problem with the poster is that most of the contests have been for people with great photoshop and/or design skills. So’s this one, unfortunately for me with zero design skills and poor PS skills. :(

  9. Dane says:

    Geez, expired food only gets an honorable mention? A few weeks ago I ate a carton of yogurt that was six months old, with the sole intent of thrashing the competition when my time to shine finally arrived.

  10. Collin says:

    Dane: For real, a week ago I consumed Pepto-Bismol from circa 1940. I have no idea how old it really was but it was in my grandmothers house and had sat for so long that it actually changed color and got an odor like paint thinner. I didn’t not realize any of this because I was being force feed by my wife. I only checked the bottle after my gag reflexes were alerted to the disgusting beige contents of the bottle.

    Steve Jobs Movie poster is my choice.

  11. Abercrombie says:

    I’m all about the movie poster!

  12. Steve Jobs? Shouldn’t everyone have been sick of SJ worshiping 6 months ago?

    Nothing beats a good Haiku.

  13. Steve Jobs? Shouldn’t everyone have been sick of SJ worshiping 6 months ago?

    Nothing beats a good Haiku.

  14. Elliot Swan says:

    iPod Envy…I could see some pretty funny/creative entries coming out of that one.

  15. Rob L. says:

    Name that tune, hands down.

  16. Martin says:

    You should have picked #371, Jo’s “Bake an iPod cace”… :(

  17. UH says:

    Here we go “Best Lyric,” here we go.

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