Two Paper Town

Sometimes people wonder why we have two newspapers in Seattle. The answer, of course, is that some people prefer reversed-out type:

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  1. Jeff Croft says:

    BTW, I totally avoided making a geek joke about alternate, more accessible stylesheets.

  2. Jak says:

    Funny. I dig the red and blue boxes also.

  3. Jack says:

    I’m still debating whether or not to buy today’s newspapers.

  4. Sean S says:

    That’s hilarious, I love it. Good observation.

  5. Ryan says:

    And in four years we’ll go running back to the GOP, in tears crying “I’m sorry!”

  6. lobstrosity says:

    “And in four years we’ll go running back to the GOP, in tears crying “I’m sorry!””

    fat chance

  7. Calichef says:

    @Ryan- We are sorry for you, as an apparent Republican, today. But speaking as a liberal, yellow-dog Democrat you’ll just have to suck it up the same as I did during the Regan years, the Bush I years and the gawd-awful Bush II years. For us liberals even Clinton was a hollow victory. You’ll just have to pardon us for our celebratory attitude for the next few months. Just like Ford pardoned Nixon.

  8. Ryan says:

    An apparent Republican? Or an incognito libertarian! Chyea Ron Paul!

  9. Chris says:

    Why do so many newspapers still use Medieval fonts on their mastheads?

  10. Reed says:

    “Why do so many newspapers still use Medieval fonts on their mastheads?”

    They look cool.

  11. I actually think the two paper system is a good one. We still have it in my hometown of Fort Wayne, IN – where both papers are equally dominant. It provided a “community balance.”

    I now live in Atlanta where the AJC dominates – and if there is a conservative paper, it has such low market presence that I have never heard of it.

  12. Chris says:

    Reversed out type is fine but use it sparingly as it it harder to read. Headline ok, but try reading a full page of fine text. Anyhow, still excited about the result over here in the UK do America must be buzzing.

  13. Andy Piper says:

    Looks like Obama understands how to mobilize the people to get something done. Keep it up Obama!

  14. Mike D. says:

    Chris: Interesting question. May have something to do with medieval business models.

    Andy: I like the concept of two papers as well, but not when they are essentially the exact same paper, like they are in Seattle. The Times and the PI are both broadsheets, both slightly liberal, both morning papers, etc etc etc. If you blanked out the branding and the bylines, there is no way you could tell the two apart.

    Don’t get me wrong… neither paper is bad. There just doesn’t need to be two of them, especially in an age where some people think there doesn’t even need to be *one* of them.

  15. gb says:

    You should’ve picked up several copies, Mike. Over lunch today, we were talking about how yesterday’s papers are already selling on eBay for $100 bucks!

    When I lived in Salt Lake, the two paper set up was essential. One was relatively liberal, the other was like a mormon press-release. One was a morning paper, and the other was… uh… morning and night.

  16. Mike D. says:

    gb: What????? $100? Really? For the Times and PI? That is shocking. Did the prices hold up?

  17. Timmy O Toole says:

    I think it actually says a lot about both the papers, very subtly:
    The two headlines convey very different feelings:

    ‘Change has come to America’


    Change has come to America

  18. Mike D. says:

    Timmy: Heh. The Times being the one to use the “sarcastic air quotes”?

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