Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Following is a list of upcoming speaking engagements. If you’re going to be at any of the below conferences, please let me know so I can say hi:

April 11 — Utah Advertising Federation, Park City, UT

If you’re in the Utah area around tax time, come hang with some smart advertising people at the AdFed conference in Park City. I’ll be doing the keynote and the subject will be harnessing online behavior with participatory media.


June 21-22 — An Event Apart, Seattle WA

If you haven’t been to Seattle in June, it’s generally 70 and gorgeous all day and it doesn’t get dark until 10pm. If you’ve always wanted to visit, An Event Apart Seattle is your perfect excuse. This year’s conference will be terrific and I’m looking forward to my city hosting such cyber-yodas as Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Jason Santa Maria, Andy Budd, Khoi Vihn, and the venerable Wolf. The subject of my talk will be “Civil Disobedience in Interactive Media: Making Thoreau Proud” and I expect it to be suitably controversial.

June 27-29 — serestandar.es, Sevilla, Spain

A week after An Event Apart, I’ll be heading to the Serestandar.es conference in Spain for a talk on sIFR and breaking rules on the web. I haven’t been to Spain in about ten years and haven’t taken a vacation in almost three, so I’m excited for the trip. Also speaking will be Croftie, Andy Budd, Jeremy Keith, Veerle Pieters, and others. Anybody know of any great scuba diving around that area? Canary Islands maybe?

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  1. Jeff Croft says:

    See you in Seville, my friend!

  2. David Wen says:

    Have you ever been to Austin?

  3. Mike D. says:

    Hi David. Yeah, I went to SXSW for the past two years but skipped this year due to busy-ness and just wanting to take a year off. Great town though. I sorely miss the fried green tomatoes at Stubbs. :(

  4. Devon Shaw says:

    Gotta wait a couple paychecks… if there’s still seating available in two weeks, I’ll be there.

  5. gb says:

    Hey, Mike, do you know the details on your Park City gig? The UAF site seems bereft of details of any April events (time, locale, price) and I’d like to check it out (just a 30-45 minute drive from my house).

    And if deals with satan work, I’ll hopefully be employed in Seattle, living there, and magically find copious amounts of spending cash to drop on AEA Seattle. (But don’t hold your breath)

  6. The serestandar link is a dead-ish (temporarily perhaps)? Any idea where else I might find some info, the only thing Google picks up is Andy Budd’s post about same? Be great to time a trip over to see you guys speak and maybe share a cervesa?

    I’ve only snorkled in the Canary Islands but can vouch for its very rich sea life, and even encountered a shark! I couldn’t tell you what kind as the bubbles from my stifled scream blocked a good view…

    Bear in mind the Canaries are about 1-2 hours flight from Seville so you’d want to stay a few days, and June/July is holiday season. I’ll also ask friends if there’s good scuba nearer to Seville.

  7. Ryan says:

    Unfortunately all those places are too far out of reach for my budget and schedule.

  8. Dan A says:

    What, no east coast gigs?

    There is An Event Apart Boston coming up in March, maybe you could crash it with an impromptu rant against the evil machinations of the W3C?

  9. serestandar.es, Sevilla, Spain

    I am SO THERE!! Finally I get to meet some fellow IKNFLers, and I can top up my account from last season :-)

  10. Anybody know of any great scuba diving around that area? Canary Islands maybe?

    If ya came over to our side of Spain, the Balearics are a nice place to dive, as is the Med coast in general. My wife used to dive a lot around here and many of our friends still do… You’d have to take an extended holiday tho’…

  11. Ryan says:

    What, no east coast gigs?

    Indeed! When are you gonna show up in a part of the country where cool people live?

  12. The prank with John McCain was funny but your being a tad bit hypocritical when you say McCain infringed your copyright by using an image you own, but then on your post ‘Upcoming Speaking Engagements’ you have no problem lifting the icon art from an Apple Computer program called ‘Keynote’ and using it as a graphic on you own blog. You don’t own that artwork nor do you have permission to use it. I just found it a bit ironic.

  13. Mike D. says:

    Von: Not hypocritical at all. Apple can do whatever they’d like to me for using that icon. I’m a big evangelist of theirs, I have plenty of friends over there, and am one hop away from Jobs. It’s all calculated.

  14. I really liked your “If you’re going to be at any of these conferences…” line. So much so, I’ve nicked it for myself.

    In the spirit of sharing, my upcoming conferences page, which is actually sourced from my Google Calendar, also links to the code I wrote to pull this information.

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