Jesus Christ Has Registered For Newsvine

Ok, maybe not that Jesus, but who knows (e-mail exchange on the right).

Some good stuff has been happening around here lately though. Certainly not the second coming, but enough to warrant a post:

  • We just released August’s earnings and the top Newsvine earner netted $414.27 for the month! Certainly beats AdSense! Hey, maybe letting users earn their own revenue might actually work.
  • Newsvine made the front page of the Seattle Times today, paper and electronic editions. It’s an article by Kim Peterson about emerging forms of journalism and it’s worth a read.
  • We also made Scrivs’ list of the Top 10 Web 2.0 Winners, so we’re obviously quite thankful for that praise.
  • The summer has been great to us, which is rare for news sites. While most news sites experience seasonal downturns when the weather turns nice and people are out of school, we did almost a half million unique users in August and have been up month-over-month for the entire summer.
  • If anyone’s going to be in Washington D.C. in a couple of weeks, I’ll be speaking on a Washington Post moderated panel with Jeff Jarvis, Mike Arrington, and Herndon Graddick at the Online News Association Conference… apparently the largest journalism conference ever produced. I’m psyched.
  • Newsvine user Zaki is now reporting from Kabul. Good stuff.
  • We have some really good stuff to release in the next few weeks. Biggest release since the customizable user columns.

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9 comments on “Jesus Christ Has Registered For Newsvine”. Leave your own?
  1. That’s interesting that news readership declines when school ends. My readership massively declines when school _starts_. I just don’t have time to keep on top of current events when I’m taking classes.

  2. Corey says:

    OMFG111!!! Jesus Christ pwnt Newsvine!

    Seriously though, glad to see everything is looking up.

  3. I’ve been a bad newsviner – I haven’t logged in, seeded, posted, or even commented in ages. I’ve just been lurking and reading stories. The guilt is unbearable. Perhaps Newsvine Jesus can help me atone for my Newsvine sins.

  4. Conánn says:

    Very cool, but if Jesus has his account cancaled and manages to log back in three days later, I’ll be inpressed.

  5. Jesus says:

    This is true, my son. I do not hate Newsvine. So don’t start running Head On commercials or invite Glenn Beck to editorialize for you and you should be in the clear:

  6. Congrats to you personally, Mike; and to everyone involved with Newsvine! It’s great to see the site is doing well. I hope to soon become as active as I was when the site was beta =)


  7. gb says:

    I empathise with Rob… I started out addicted to NV (I was actually reprimanded at my last job for spending too much time on Newsvine), and then (well, with the help of my boss screaming at me) I sort of dropped off. And now it’s huge. And I feel so disoriented. And cold. And alone. I’m hoping that one day, I’ll meet Newsvine Jesus, and I can ask him where he was during this period of Newsvine loneliness? Ask him why, when I look back at the beach, I only see one set of footprints in the sand? And you know what his answer will be?

    “Oh… yeesh… yeah. Eek. Sorry about that… I was seeding links. But dude… dude… get this: I totally made like 414 bucks! Goat’s cheese pizza on the NV JC!”

    Or something like that. Maybe Utah’s just getting to me…

  8. Patrick B says:

    I was one of many ONA conference attendees that saw your panel. Despite the many groans from the crowd — they’re journalists after all — I think it was one of the better discussions at the conference.

    Keep up the excellent work with Newsvine, argueably one of the best examples of news media done right.

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