The Future of Web Apps Summit

If you’re going to be down in the Bay Area on September 13th or 14th, grab yourself a ticket to the Carson Workshops “Future of Web Apps” Summit and come discuss what changes are in store for the web applications and services of tomorrow.

I’ll be the lone idiot on the bill, surrounded by the likes of The Crunchmaster, The Diggmaster, The FlickrMastr and several others.

I’m extremely psyched about this particular conference not only for its interesting and relevant subject matter, but also because it’s the first conference in about a year where I haven’t drawn “the hangover slot”… or, the first session of the morning. My session will be between 5pm and 5:45pm on September 13th and we’ll be talking about user-driven content. Particularly, what about it is working, what about it isn’t working, and what the current state of things can teach us about where the whole movement is going. It’s also the last session of the day so after it’s over, we can all walk over to a bar and user-generate some drinks. We can even use the wisdom of the crowds to decide what to order. Should be fun!

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  1. Devon Shaw says:

    Any chance of a podcast on this topic or a transcript later?

    Good luck yo.

  2. If they do this again in London, you can go to that one too. There are some good pubs there…

  3. Keith says:

    I’m really looking forward to this as well, not only because I’ll be awake to see you speak…ha…but the whole event seems really interesting. This is onne where I’m planning to try and catch everything.

  4. I’ll be there. Where’s the party at?

  5. Sean Madden says:

    Well, since we’re down in the Marina the party will resemble a frat party with plenty of Marina Girls.

    I’m sure if we spit mad markup at them they’ll come home with us.

  6. Daniel says:

    Just remember: API. User-generated extensions for user-generated content. API.

    Newsvine is beautiful.

  7. Rex says:

    I’m going down too. See ya there.

  8. Bryan Veloso says:

    Well, San Fran is only an hour away from me. But I don’t have money… so I’ll wait outside for you guys to finish up. Then I can take you around in my p.o.s. RX.

  9. Everything is out west. :(

    I’m stuck here in Miami. :P

  10. Collin Yeadon says:

    I feel for you Rick, I was in Orlando until recently. Sucks!

    Mike, thanks for the heads up on this one. I would really love to hear what all of these guys, including you, have to talk about. Since this is only an hour (40 minutes with my driving) away from me I can maybe even make it to this one.

    Kind of sucks that this has to be in the middle of the week instead of on a weekend though. I am working a contract now so instead of $295 it would cost me over a grand. :-(

    If I can work something out I’ll see you there. Maybe I can swing by after and wait with Bryan by his p.o.s. RX. I’ll have my p.o.s. Cherokee :-)

  11. M says:

    Dude, i’m there… about these drinks anyone up for forcefeeding the “Digg Master” some Jägermeister (bit of a diggnation joke sorry) ?

    Seriously, this is my first conference – are these things friendly and a decent place for finding new people who are similarly geeky, or do people pretty much keep themselves to themselves ?

  12. Ed T says:

    The team from Park Interactive will be there to rub elbows with all of our gurus. It’s sporting of Mike to plan the Wednesday night event. Who’s got Thursday?

  13. Figures that all of the cool events, expos and other interesting tech/design related stuff I’d love to participate in always seems to take place on the complete opposite side of the country from me. Whatever, one day I’ll be privilaged to walk the same halls as my idols such as Mikey D. here.

  14. My work is sending me and two others. Looking forward to it.

  15. Damon Henry says:

    Can’t wait to here what you have to say about UGC. I’m also looking forward to those beers afterwards.

    – ddh

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