Low Involvement Fantasy Football

I just got totally screwed in our ESPN.com employees-and-alumni fantasy football league by the worst keeper rules I’ve ever seen. It’s a $200 $300 league too so it hurts twice thrice as bad. I don’t even want to get into the specifics, but let me just say, if you participate in a keeper league, be damn sure the people making the rules use standard keeper rules and don’t make up their own on the fly.

I feel crippled. And yet… I will still dominate.

If you’re already in enough fantasy leagues or you’re looking for a less “effort intensive” way to play some fantasy football, head on over to the Newsvine Hi-Lo Fantasy Football Challenge. The Hi-Lo Challenge is much quicker than full-roster fantasy football in that all you need to do is pick two NFL teams each week: one that you think will score a high number of points and one that will score a low number. The difference in their actual scores is your score for the week.

The catch — much like a “survivor pool” — is that you can’t pick the same high team or the same low team more than once during the season.

You can create up to 8 different entries and join a different group with each so as to play against different friends, colleagues, and people you’ve perhaps never met. So head on over to the Hi-Lo Challenge and test your football prognostication skills…

4 comments on “Low Involvement Fantasy Football”. Leave your own?
  1. Jonathan E says:

    Hey Mike, the URL just leads to a blank page… Am I missing something?

  2. Adam Hobson says:

    And to think, you chose that ESPN league over playing some fantasy pigskin with some of your newsvine users. Thought maybe you made the right decision considering that in the “competitive” league, the Pittsburgh Defense was the first pick off the board…

    Anyway, at least the Hi-Lo gives me something else to write about weekly.

    I’ve actually joined my first keeper league this year. I’m taking over for another owner. My only problem is that it is a 3 keeper only league and with all the constant change in the NFL, the keeper lists will basically be different almost every year. It’ll be had to build a dynasty. Or on the other hand, it quite accurately reflects the real NFL…

  3. Jonathan E says:

    It seems to be working properly now.

  4. Chad Edge says:

    Hey Mike, ESPN is doing a ten-year look-back on their homepage: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?page=anniversary/1995.

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