Coming To A Town Near You… Maybe.

I don’t post too often about upcoming speaking gigs because I assume most readers don’t care, but since I have a few coming up, here’s a quick combined rundown. If you’re in town for any of these and want to talk a little shop, let me know:

Syndicate Conference – New York City

May 16

Keynote Panel: Grokking the Big Picture: An interview about how syndication is altering the worlds of media, publishing, and marketing.

Speaking with Eric Elia of Brightcove, David Geller of WhatCounts, and Dave Sifry of Technorati.

Interactive Media Conference 2006 – Las Vegas

May 18

Panel: If You Could Build Your Website from Scratch… What Would You Do Differently?

Speaking with Roger Black of Roger Black Studio (OMFG!), Darin Brown of Avenue A/Razorfish, and Lincoln Millstein of Hearst.

WebVisions – Portland

July 21

Session: Designing for Community Interaction.

WebVisions – Portland

July 21

Panel: Design panel.

Speaking with D. Keith Robinson of BlueFlavor, Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits, and Bryan Veloso of FaceBook/Avalonstar.

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  1. Christian says:

    Joining the mass trend of ripping off other people’s icons, are we? ;-)

  2. Mike D. says:

    Hey, I’m just subconsciously pimping Apple Keynote. They should pay me for that!

  3. Tim says:

    …someday I’d like to be in an area even remotely close to an event such as the ones above. Right now the closest in over 1000 miles away.

    Either I need to pony up the cash to go to one of these or continue to cross my fingers that something like this will ever come to Iowa (HA!).

    …Not holding my beath….


  4. Tigerblade says:

    And I don’t suppose any of these will be recorded or broadcast in any way, will they?

    They sound interesting, but all of those are a little out of my way. By a few hundred miles.

  5. Hey what’s about europe? ;-)

  6. Matt Hoult says:

    Tell Calvin to clear his spare room, I’m coming to town!

  7. I was considering going to Webvisions in Portland, but now I see a lot more speakers of whom blogs I enjoy I definitely think I’ll go.

  8. web says:

    You should get a speaking gig up here in Boston (Bah-stin), I’d love to sit in — I believe there is a free beer or two in it for you.

    Don’t be ashamed to self promote speaking gigs man.

  9. Elliot Swan says:

    I’m definitely going to be there for WebVisions, should be pretty sweet.

  10. Chad Edge says:

    Oh man, to see Roger Black again – that man has been my rock for years. Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Circle, his work on dailies in Brazil, etc..

    The two of you in the same room and I’ll need a change of shorts (eww).

    Perhaps I’ll have to settle on Portland and ask you about “if you could build your Web site from scratch…” as a recap.

  11. Eric Mattson says:

    Hi Mike,

    Looks like you’ve got a busy schedule planned. I, like some of your other geographically diverse readers, wish I was able to attend and hear your thoughts on design and more.

    However, I think I might have a solution. I recently started a project to do 1,000 podcasts with interesting innovators, bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

    I think you clearly fit into any number of those categories and if you’re willing and have 30 minutes, I’d love to pick your brain (maybe others can make question suggestions?), record it and post it online for all to hear.

    If you’re interested in listening to a sample interview from the project, I highly recommend the one I did with Jason Fried of 37 Signals.

    Please let me know if you’re interested. I can be reached at:

  12. Wible says:

    Nobody ever comes to Boston. *sigh* Poor me.

  13. Congrats on your speaking gigs Mike.

    Be sure to post your deck of slides (if permitted by the conferences) – Shaun Inman posted some sweet ones some time ago, and since then I’ve been starving for some decent presentation design inspiration.

    SXSW did not help at all, most of the slides I saw were an embarassment for the speakers, with the notable exception of Andy Budd/Clarke.

  14. Andrew says:

    What about something for those of us already in Seattle? (well, Bellevue anyway) How about a Newsvine open house :)

  15. Mike D. says:

    Rob: I actually never use slides. Never liked them.

  16. Mike D. says:

    Andrew: Good idea. A Newsvine open house might be in order.

  17. Nick Cowie says:

    Tim and Tigerblade, you are complaining about a few hundred miles, the nearest web conference to me is Web Directions and that is over 2,000 miles away. I am one of those people who live in the most isolated city in the world, Perth Western Australia.

    I have already booked my flight and accomodation, without knowing who is speaking, I am going and so will half a dozen web folk from Perth. And from the sounds of it a few people will be travelling the same distance from Darwin. Web Conferences are good for the mind and soul (and usually a little rough on the liver ;-)

    Web Visions in Portland sounds good, but too short a time frame for me this year, maybe next.

  18. rick says:

    Boston? Wible is complaining that nobody comes to Boston?

    Milwaukee is pretty far… but Perth is definetly out of the way.

  19. Philip says:

    I’m definitely planning on heading up 2 hours to go to Webvisions. I was stoked to finally find something within driving distance (or at least cheap airfare) with some speakers I know. I look forward to your panel with Keith Robinson, Dan Cederholm, and Bryan Veloso!

    The benefit of the conference being so close? I’ve friends so I can stay for free!

    Mike, do you know if AEA has any plans of hitting up your city of Seattle in the next year or so? I would love to go to that, but would rather not fly out East for it…

  20. Philip says:

    Sorry for the double comment, but it’s been several hours.

    I was wondering if the workshops are really a big part of this. They more than double the cost, so that makes me hesitate to go to any of them, and I’m not really sure how helpful they’ll be. Can anyone (or Mike) say something about this?

    Also, is the only difference between a session and a panel that a panel has several people talking instead of one?

    -never been to a web conference-

  21. Collin says:

    You know, I just relocated to the South SF Bay. I would think that Silicon Valley might have more events but so far I have not heard of any. Be sure to post up the next time you head down near San Jose, CA.

    As for your second stop. Roger Black will say.. “Well if I had it to do all over again from scratch, I would make my sites green, loaded with RSS feeds, maybe have a good comment system….Hey, I’ll make them like Newsvine!

  22. Kevin says:

    Second the open house at newsvine. We’ll even bring the beer and wine. And promise not to spill on the machines…

  23. Greg says:

    Oh man, to see Roger Black again – that man has been my rock for years. Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Circle, his work on dailies in Brazil, etc..

    I was a big RB fan until Interactive Bureau redesigned MSNBC in the same way Tammy Fae puts on make up. I think Clemet Mok’s version was up for all of six months before IAB turned it into a mess. Roger’s work on magazines is legend but I have yet to really see anything of his online that compares to to his print work.

  24. Chad Edge says:


    I haven’t followed his DaniloBlack work in Brazil much (at least not online — his print is excellent). Has there been much online down south that he’s been involved?


  25. Alec Ananian says:

    Newsvine was mentioned on KFWB News 980 (a very popular AM news station here in Los Angeles) this morning. A reporter from Market Watch was giving information (I’m assuming which he learned at the Syndicate Conference in New York City) about websites with user-generated content. Newsvine, along with Digg, was mentioned as one of the best user-run sources for news out there. Then, he went on to describe how the staff moderates the content and how reputation points affect a user’s credibility. It was pretty interesting, and hopefully informative to those who don’t know of such sites – congratulations, Mike… Newsvine is making it big!

  26. Mike D. says:

    Awesome news Alec! Thanks for the update.

  27. Mike D. says:

    Philip: Yeah, I’m not sure about any plans for Seattle conferences or workshops. And yeah, generally a session is one person and a panel is multiple people. I like sitting in on sessions more, in general.

  28. Scrivs says:

    Any chance of there being audio from your talk at the Syndication conference?

  29. Mike D. says:

    Not sure Scrivs. The Syndicate Conference was a bit of a yawner in my opinion, but the Interactive Media Conference was much better. I’ll see if either was recorded.

  30. See you in Portland!

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