Seeking Newsvine Engineer

Are you an Apache-loving’ fool who also dabbles in Linux, PHP, Java, or C++? Do you also live in Seattle? If so, we’d be interested in talking to you about possibly joining the Newsvine team as a Product Engineer. Newsvine is a five person news startup near downtown Seattle funded by Second Avenue Partners and in operation since the summer. We are about to launch to the public and are specifically looking for someone who doesn’t mind monitoring servers, databases, and other system resources 24/7 while also helping out with engineering tasks on a pretty regular basis.

The Newsvine headquarters are located right along beautiful Myrtle Edwards Park near downtown Seattle, and we have a big barbecue on the deck which we use to cook up various fine meats.

For more information on Newsvine, please check out my original articles here and here.

If this job sounds interesting to you and you possess the skills below, please send an e-mail to jobs at newsvine dot com (which will go directly to me) and we’ll see if there might be a good match:

  • Experience with Apache
  • Experience with Linux/Unix
  • Experience with PHP (or other server side scripting language)
  • Interest and capability in managing and monitoring a high-load production web site
  • Understanding of object oriented concepts – preferably with Java or C++
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently
  • Basic understanding of relational databases
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  1. Seeking Engineer

    Mike Davidson over at Newsvine, a new website start up, announced that they are looking for an engineer knowledgable with Apache, Linux, PHP, and managing high-load websites. So if you live in the Seattle area and are interested, go ahead and read the …

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