Too Much Cream of Wheat?

Are there any Cream of Wheat aficionados in the audience? If so, can anyone tell me why my local supermarket gives me four choices for what should be one of the most basic foods on the shelf? See the picture below that I snapped yesterday. We apparently have a 10-Minute version, a 2.5-Minute version, a 1-Minute version, and an Instant version now:

I haven’t eaten Cream of Wheat since I still had my baby teeth, but is there really such a need for so many versions? I guess I understand the “10-Minute” and the “Instant” because usually food that takes longer to cook is better, but is there a palpable difference between the three quickest versions? And perhaps more importantly, if the stuff is to be eaten hot, how much quicker could “Instant” really be than “1-Minute”? Who is the person who needs to shave a few seconds off of their one-minute breakfast drill?

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  1. Chris K says:

    I’ve always been perplexed by that as well. I stick with the instant (and the variety pack at that) just because of time. I wonder if they were all made and sampled at once, if there would really be much of a difference between the instant, i munte and 2 1/2 minute.

  2. Ryan Platte says:

    Shelf space. If they make four varieties, many stores will stock all four and shelve them next to each other, making the Cream of Wheat shelf space four wide.

    I don’t know how popular Cream of Wheat is, but if it’s at all a niche product, grocers might only stock it one wide were there a single variety. This helps ensure sales won’t drop even further due to potential customers’ not finding it.

    Not that I disagree that this is ludicrous.

  3. Adrian L. says:

    It’s all about perception.

    for the life of me, I cannot figure out what the difference between instant and 2-1/2 minute Cream of Wheat could be, but I bet someone at Nabisco has statistics regarding sales vs. number of perceived variants.

    At the very least, because there are four “unique” variants of Cream of Wheat, the grocery store is required to give each shelf space, effectively quadrupling the exposure that only one box might achieve in the race for shelf real estate and consumer eyeballs.

  4. Ugh, now I’m hungry for some Cream of Wheat.

    Or Grape Nuts.


  5. Sean S says:

    I’m more of a Malt-O-Meal man myself. I think they stick to the one 10 to 15-minute version.

  6. Mike D. says:

    An underhanded shelf space land-grab… hmmm… interesting. I think you guys might be right. But if I’m Quaker, I’m probably filling those spaces with other flavors rather than other “speeds”.

  7. Ryan Irelan says:

    Yeah, Ryan Platte is right on. It’s not about the product (some companies produce the same thing under different brands) but the shelf space. I remember when I first read about how supermarket shelves are divvied up…it was floored. It’s an amazing system of land grabbing. :)

    Oh, and if I ate Cream of Wheat, I certainly wouldn’t admit it here. ;)

  8. marko savic says:

    I used to work at a nursing home as a dietary aid, and I know that we would use the 10 minute when making a large batch of cream of wheat, but if we ran out in our individual kitchens (it was a complicated nursing home) we’d use the instant packes.

    The difference between “1 minute” and instant is that all I had to do was pour on hot water, stir and it was ready rather than pour in water and microwave it for a minute. And when you have 30 minutes to serve 30 people 2 courses and dessert, every second counts.

  9. Tintin says:

    I always thought the “10 minutes” sign on the box was how long it took to get through your body. That’s why I never touched the instant stuff…

  10. Conánn says:

    Your self employed now, right? :)

  11. Dave Simon says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing about Coke and Pepsi lately.

    Diet Coke
    Caffiene Free Coke
    Caffiene Free Diet Coke
    Coke Zero
    Coke with Lime
    Diet Coke with Lime
    Cherry Coke
    Diet Cherry Coke

    I’m sure there are more varieties. Just can’t think of any more at this time. Weren’t there Lemon versions too?

  12. Bill says:

    This is a funny posting/conversation.

    I actually like Cream of Wheat but hardly ever actually eat it; but I did eat it quite frequently at the Chow Hall while I was in the Army.

    As to the coke question..
    There is a Coke/diet coke With Lemon
    and a Coke/diet coke with Vanilla as well

  13. Bryn says:

    In order to make it more instant, they remove some of the roughage (dietary fiber) which takes more time to get soft in hot water. By removing that roughage, they significantly decrease the dietary goodness of the food. They basically reduce what is a wholesome meal into a sugar rush and continue the countries move toward 100% probability of adult onset diabetes by age 12.

    Because there are many “fad” diets these days which point out this problem, I’m sure that quaker was feeling the push toward whole grain carbohydrates vs. processed carbohydrates right in their pocket book. Someone smart at quakerfigured out a way to sell to both the rat racers and the dieters all on one shelf.

  14. John W says:

    Vanilla Coke
    Diet Vanilla Coke
    Coke with Lemon
    Diet Coke with Lemon
    Diet Coke with Splenda

    Mezzo Mix (Orange Coke), is quite good. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Germany & the Atlanta Coca-Cola Museum.

    Coke Zero is Diet Coke with two sweeteners (Aspartame and Ace-K), rather than just Aspartame. It tastes better than regular Diet Coke, but it’s still just as dangerous (as is anything else with artificial sweeteners):

  15. LittleZephyr says:

    Another concerning issue I’ve found with food packaging is the glut of adjectives package designers will tack onto the name of the product.

    Fox example, the store brand of my local grocer’s chain includes “chocolate iced sour cream cake donuts”

  16. Eric Blaska says:

    All can be used for breakfast. But the other longer cooking ones can be used to create actual meals using different types of foods.

  17. Kevin says:

    Cream of wheat good. Ask Eric said and the roughage guy that are they key differences.

    I actually use the 10 minute most of the time as the basis of my morning meal combined with protein powder (yes I am a programmer and I lift weights). So heres a recipe for you

    1 – 1 1/2 servings of Cream of Wheat
    1 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder or packet or MRP powder
    such as Myoplex lite. ( oh other flavors fine though dont add next ingredient)
    few drops of almond extract to taste
    Splenda to taste

    This meal will supply you good protein and vitamins and good carbs.

    Oh and Coke Zero uses a artificial sweetener blend of Aspartame and Splenda

  18. Feaverish says:

    Cream of Wheat is a tough beast to tame. Try to cook it too quickly and you end up with lumps; too slowly and you’re drinking a dough milkshake. I think the four varieties should really be considered skill levels, with, obviously, the 10-minute version demonstrating the most breakfast prowess.

    Four distinct levels guarantee each cook an accurate ranking of his or her abilities. You might be a Level 2 (1-minute) Cream-of-Wheater, with +3 Lump Control, for instance, while I am a Level 3 (2.5-Minute) with +5 Salt-to-Tastiness. Obviously, were we ever to meet on the field of Breakfast, I would win and earn the right to pillage your pantry.

  19. Mike D. says:

    Feaverish: You just blew my mind.

    Kevin: Please don’t refer to Bryn as “roughage guy”. He’s a friend of mine and has contributed a lot more to the world than unparalleled roughage wisdom. :)

  20. Brad says:

    Classic post. Reminds me of Seinfeld type comedy. “Is there really this big of a demand for Cream of Wheat? Am I missing something?”

  21. Bill says:

    You guys are cracking me up. Siendfield, D&D of Wheat, and ruffage. Classic.

    BTW, Mike – I really like you site design. Even the “splash” page – all very clean looking.

  22. Greg says:

    So Mike, if you’re not enjoying Cream of Wheat (with a spoon of maple syrup) for breakfast what are you eating?

  23. Mike D. says:

    Greg: To be honest, I am not a breakfast guy at all. One grande iced mocha is all I take in the morning. First meal is around 1pm, dinner is whenever, and occasionally I’ll do a 2am “breakfast” of something like cold cereal or Eggo waffles.

  24. gb says:

    On the coke sidebar… while I sincerely love vanilla coke—I love just about anything with vanilla rolled in, including my toothpaste—I have to say that I sampled Chocolate Coke at the Coke Store in Vegas last year while I was at a wedding, and it is perhaps one of the most vile things I can imagine. The initial Coke flavour is, well, Coke… but the kick of “really foul generic tootsie roll” chocolate flavour makes me want to wretch. I ended up throwing out the entire enormous cup of cola.

    I am personally a Cream of Rice fellow, myself. Granted, I haven’t had it in ages, but we can’t deny our roots, now can we?

  25. Think of all the time over the course of your life you might save by saving 2 minutes switching from 2.5 minute to instant.

    If you saved two minutes every day, after forty years of eating this garbage every morning, you just saved 20.278 days.

    That same reasoning can be applied to just about everything else in life, but for me at least, time in the morning is probably the best place to shave time off my day. I like to tweak my schedule to get the maximum sleep possible. If I can get 20.278 extra days of sleeping, I’m all for it.

    Unfortunately I can’t get a lump sum :(

  26. Kevin says:

    Yeah did mean to refer to Bryn as the “roughage” guy, just was in the midst of doing too many things and all.

    Sorry Bryn.

    Oh Mike, that breakfast of yours is killer. I mean you do know that breakfast is the most important meal, right? Have at least a Kashi bar with that iced mocha (sooo good but oh the calories).

  27. David Adams says:

    By switching from my daily workday breakfast of 2 1/2 minute Cream of Wheat to the 1 minute Cream of Wheat, I have been able to shave 6.5 hours off my breakfast overhead over the last year. Hey, you do the math.

  28. Jon B. says:


    Great observations. I wonder the same things when I see so many choices that are nearly identical. Funny though, I wrote a similar post on the same day regarding the plethora of Coke products but didn’t notice until now.

    I used to love Cream of Wheat, but now I’m an even bigger fan of the 9+ grain hot cereals that just make my colon jump for joy. Some of them even have 13 grains. I had no idea so many grains existed. They’re tasty too, with butter and honey.

  29. bennion says:

    My grandma made the best cream of wheat in the world. Perfect every time. It didnt’ seem to take long at all. What’s the ‘original’ time for cooking it? Old-schoool cream-o-wheat. You can’t beat.

    Chris, over at Moveable Walls, tackles an even bigger marketing issue.

  30. Benjy says:

    They have chocolate Malt-o-Meal now? Does Coco Wheats still exist? I used to love these kinds of breakfast when I was a kid. Haven’t had it in years, though. Maybe I’ll have to buy some again!

    I’m also going to say that the reasoning behind the variety of choices is to comandeer more shelf space. Seems like the big players do this a lot, whether through a variety of package sizes, very product subtle differences, etc. It’s too bad, because between that and slotting fees, it’s very hard for a product that’s not part of some multi-national conglomerate to crack a grocery aisle.

    The one product that I’ve always wondered why we need so many choices for is toothpaste. There’s the regular, the tarter control, the whitening, the whitening + tarter control, the sensative, paste, gel, different flavors, etc. Then there are like 5 or 6 sizes. Crest has half an aisle alone!

  31. Mark says:

    What’s also interesting is that the “instant” version packaging is the only one that’s substantially different from the others.

  32. Andrew Hecht says:

    Does this remind anyone of Brian Reagan’s take on the microwave instructions for Pop Tarts?

    I saw that you can microwave Pop Tarts. What I want to know is, who is that busy? Oh, I want Pop Tarts, but I only have…OH MY GOD, THREE SECONDS, I’ll never have Pop Tarts that fast…wait a second…

  33. Rob says:

    Okay, boring question but… what are prices for these different varieties?
    Maybe someone’s already asked this question.

  34. Great conversation…the sort blokes have at 2am after too many lagers. And Pop Tarts…thought they stopped you microwaving them because too many people got burnt. Shouldn’t you guys (seems to be a guy site) be talking Golf? Or do you have Cream O’ Wheat before heading for the first? Anyway I think Cream O’ Wheat must be what we call Porridge in the UK. My wife gets one variety…burnt!

    Mike, I couldn’t find a lot of info on your new business. I read about the new Mac and mouse etc, but have I missed a page?

  35. Brian B says:

    Benjy….Yes Cocoa Wheats still exist. They are getting tougher to find, but if you have a Publix nearby they will order them in for you. I just had a delicious bowl of Cocoa Wheats myself! Yummy!

  36. Tara says:

    I happened to have tried all but one of those varieties of Cream of Wheat. There is no difference (to me) between 10 and 2.5 minutes. They are both good, best when cooked on the stove.

    One minute and instant have a fake taste to them. However, since I eat breakfast at work after I work out, and I only have a microwave, instant is what I must eat–well diguised with smart balance margerine and splenda, cooked in non-fat milk instead of water. It was my favorite hot cereal as a kid, and I’m just into it again, 35 years later. I still go back to my Total when I’m looking for fiber…and who isn’t?!

  37. Stu says:

    Wow!!! A lot said about hot cereal and many other interseting items. I’m a chef at Yale University and I make Cream Of Wheat for my students evry Friday morning. I use 1 box of the 10 minute cook variety and it yields 2 gallons of cooked cereal. I could never get that much out of 1 box of the other kinds. I have tried them and they don’t taste as good or have the same richness or mouthfeel of the longer cooking type, and most students can tell it’s not quite the same.

  38. Amanda Pandabear says:

    porridge is not the same as cream of wheat. the closest think the us has to porridge is oatmeal, which is a rougher variety of the same basic thing (oat). cream of’s are not available in the uk, but so many other things are. right now i have a 48 pack of wheetabix in my pantry, because thats the biggest one i could get when i went over there this summer. i also have a giant ribena, about a case of Yorkshire tea (but not yorkshire gold, the refinement they do to it ruins it and i love plain better.), and 10 rolls of digestives. man, they should get digestives over to the us.

    while you are all talking about cream of’s, there is no talk of grits. there is no substantial difference in them all, i think. Grits are yellow, but i am now eating an unknown (in a jar without a lable, but it looked cream-of enough, and i had some directions off a rice’ n shine box, which is brown rice cerial, and i used them kinda {same proportions} turned the burner on high [the only speed i use] and it was yummy in about 2 munits. since it was suposed to take 10, i supose it still has the ruffage, but it can be cooked in a shorter time period) that is rather yellow

    just some thoughts

  39. Vickie says:

    I am a fan of the 10-minute Cream of Wheat. I believe that it does not contain the additives necessary to break down the wheat so that it can be cooked in less time. Unfortunately the grocery stores in my town have, one-by-one, discontinued offering the 10-minute version.

  40. Scott says:

    Personally, I am not sure that I could stomache the stuff. You would think that after a century and a half they might take “Uncle Tom” (actually Rastus) off of the box!

  41. Emily says:

    There’s a book called The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz. His thesis is that people are happier with fewer choices. In our society we have so many choices. Often though, it seems that all the choices are the same thing. So that’s the paradox I guess. Lots of choices but no choice really. We must agonize over choices that don’t really matter so they aren’t really choices.

  42. Raquel says:

    Wow – the paradox of choice by Emily is interesting and Feaverish also thrilled me in a Iron-Chef way. To the victor, go the spoils.
    Found this thread whilst looking for the 10 minute variety as just finished a box and cannot find the 10 minute for replacement. As for the shelf-space – shrewd idea, however years ago on 20/20 or somesuch the grocery store shelf space was all paid for in a mafia kick-back way so if true, they would be spending lots of dough on a relatively small seller. Coke makes much more sense buying shelf space as people buy that by the tanker-truck. I am in love with the 10-minute version.

  43. Sabrina says:

    Oh my gosh!!! You all have had me in absolute tears. I have not laughed so hard in ages. Came across the site on a Google search to find out what my newest craving of Cream O Wheat was REALLY comprised of. Similarly, I am trying to kick the Diet Coke 40-64 oz a day habit, so this was worth while. Although, I did find a few ladies chiming in on the conversation, watching you gentlemen speaking was better than any sitcom I have seen in years. From golf, to protein, the Instant through 10 minutes, you all have been amazing…for the UK porridge man whose wife does the burnt flavor….we cook it that way, to ensure you get all of the other vitamins, such as zinc and magnesium (I guess). Thanks for the laugh.

  44. rob perry says:

    After reading the ongoing commentary, I’m assuming I may be one
    of the few that has any taste buds… of course there is the difference
    of 9-10 minutes in the cook up time, but a world of difference inflavor.

    Sadly, back East in all of my local/large stores there is NO(none) 10
    minute variety at all. I probed several Safeways, two Giant Foodstore
    as well as a Superfresh store: No original Cream of Wheat. Very
    trying when the ‘baby boomers’ are looking for foods that are whole-
    some and satisfying to find such a mainstay MIA. We miss 10 minute
    cream of wheat, a warm cereal choice for the winter gone from the
    shelves. If you have the original 10-minute product you’re lucky.

    Choiceless in Washington DC

  45. Dave says:

    Great post! I was actually eating Cream of Wheat and wondering what the nutritional info was and found this via Google. HA!

    By the way, even the ‘origianal’ version contains no dietary fiber. I was pretty surprised. Neither original nor instant contains any sugar (unless you get a flavored kind, that is). What original does contain is 50% more carbohydrates and twice the protein.



  46. Raquel says:

    10 Minute variety found!!!
    After no luck at my regular grocers, found the 10-Minute version in a “Food For Less” market. My sister also located in on a trip Idaho at a “Wal-Mart”. It might be politically incorrect, but the you’ve got to do, what you need to do!
    New hope for the choice-less.
    Good luck to all.

  47. Judy says:

    Yes, there’s a great difference in taste, with the original being the best. A few years ago, I compared all of the boxes and I believe that I saw that the original had less sodium. Seems that the quicker they cook, the more sodium is contained. I also cannot find the original in the Philadelphia area, so whenever I do find it, I stock up and ignore the dating.

  48. Lynn Ivy says:

    I have been a fan of Cream of Wheat since childhood. I decided to look for some nutritional information beyond the box and I found this site. I am amazed to say the least… I don’t believe that I have ever had or seen the 10 minute version. I use the 2 1/2 minute made slightly thick. Since WIC provides vouchers to families with children who could benefit from items such as cereals, dairy products etc. The super markets in my area do not stock all varieties of the wholesome hot cereal, perhaps to keep confussion to a minimum since Cream of Wheat is one of the items listed on the vouchers. Anyway it is a great hot cereal.

  49. Stephen Taddeo says:

    I would dearly like to know where I can get the 10 minute version since it seems to have disappeared from every shelf I find.

  50. PAM says:


  51. Vika says:

    There is a big difference in taste between 1 minute and instant Cream of Wheat, i’ll say instant is “real”. Something definately is missing from 1 minute one…

  52. Cheryl says:

    I was standing infront of those very four packages yesterday. NOt only was I feeling my head start to ache as I made the right choice, I was also longing for the flavors my mom use to get us when we were kids. Not caring about the time it took to make….
    . What happen to the flavors?? I loved my lumpy Banana………..

  53. Susan says:

    No 10-minute Cream of Wheat in San Francisco either. Has Nabisco stopped making it altogether? I’m totally bummed because the 10-minute is so much better than the short cooking time varieties. I guess people now are so used to the “instant” versions of things that they don’t realize how much better the real ones are.

  54. Lori says:

    The answer to the question is: 2 1/2 minutes. Pure and simple. You get the creaminess of the longer version without the 10-minute wait. The 1 minute and instant do not have the full body texture and flavor of the longer versions.

    Cook it exactly 2 1/2 minutes, stirring constantly (this IS important), thenturn off the burner and let it sit for about 30 seconds. You can add some additional milk if it gets too thick. Don’t forget to put in some honey and a teaspoon of real creamery butter. Yum!

  55. Tabitha says:

    Recently I was looking for some Cream of Wheat to replace some iron in my diet, but after doing a variety of comparisons, I’ve settled upon a box that just says “Farina” with this creepy blue-eyed kid which clearly has been featuring on boxes for the past four decades, which claims to be made by a company called, appropriately, Farina Mills. It has 50% of my daily iron needs instead of 40%, and the serving size measured a bit smaller. They also crammed twice as much into the box as the comparably sized Cream-of-Wheat, and wasn’t in single-serving packets like all the Cream-of’s were at my store (they also had more different flavors than times…for the record, this was a Stop and Shop in Connecticut). Unfortunately, the instructions got smudged a bit since my cart was wet, but this brand claims to cook in two minutes…not bad. I can’t quite get over the nostalgia for the name-brand, but the old-fashioned box with the paragraph about how nice and traditional it is to have a hot bowl of farina with family creates its own false nostalgia…in a few months, I won’t remember the difference.

  56. Hello, i actually eat cream of wheat every day for dinner, and i think it’s one of the best cereals, because the calories of cream of wheat are not stored as fat, as other foods, i think it’s because it’s less starchy than other cereals and other carbohydrates

  57. Spike Cover says:

    Can’t find 10 minute C/W in South Orange Co. CA either.
    Anybody know what’s up?

  58. holly by golly says:

    what in the world is is diff between cream of the wheat and ralston???
    have a cookie recipie useing ralston and the bleeping web site is messsing “wit’ my head.
    Ummm spell check would be nice for all us dyslexics (sp) out here. struggling……
    and yep i can post said recipie if no one can find it. I am tempted to try the c of w. mmmmmm. good in pancakes too. have a swell spring, i think my little pillls must be working!!! hooray.

  59. Cordrew says:

    i prefer my cream of wheat lumpy, any tricks that people know that will help me achieve my desired consistancy

  60. talksma247 says:

    Question anyone…. I poured my cream of wheat into a plastic bag and the directions were thrown away, can anyone tell me the measurement again please? (What part milk to the TBSP etc)

  61. Gary says:

    I have trouble finding the long cook CoW. These days everyone is in such a hurry and that’s a shame because the taste difference between Instant and long cook is immense. Just as it is with Long cook vs Instant Grits.
    Best way to cook Cream of Wheat is with milk instead of water.

  62. Shahryar says:

    You may be interested to know that “cream of wheat” is also known as semolina.

    It is part of Indian cuisine. In fact most hindu religious functions end with distribution of cooked semolina loaded with ghee (clarified butter) and spiced with cardamom.

    Try this recipes: Suji/Semolina

    and Soji Halwa

  63. Tony says:

    I prefer the short-cook COW over instant. As far as lumps go…when I cook COW, I have a metal whisk (as per instructions), and I am stirring as I am adding the COW to the boil. This minimizes lumps greatly.

    Cream Of Wheat tens to be fairly expensive here in NYC, so I started experimenting with the Pathmark store brand. You have to follow the instructions closely to make good COW with a store brand I am finding, but I’ll save at least $2 on a comparable box.

  64. Angel says:

    Here is a link:
    for some interesting reading.
    The product with the longer cooking time will, in my opinion, taste better. Europeans, Middle Eastern countries, as well as India, just to mention a few, use Farina/Semolina for a variety of desserts and in cakes. You wouldn’t get the same results with the Instant or the 1-Minute Cream of Wheat variety. I consider you lucky that you have such a choice. I didn’t even know that there were varieties other than the Instant and the 1-Minute Cream of Wheat. Check out the recipe for Ravani at this link:

  65. Woody says:

    What ticks me off is my favorite is Maple Cream of Wheat and I can only find it in my area if I buy one of the combo packs.

  66. Chuck Forster says:


    At least you have the option to buy the 10 minute Cream of Wheat if you want to. I’ve been trying to find it in the southwest Pennsylvania area for some time now. Does anyone know where I can find some ?


  67. Denise says:

    Poor talksma247 didn’t ever find out how to cook their C.o.W. For the 2 1/2 minute version, bring 1 1/4 cups water (or milk) with dash of salt to boil, then s_l_o_w_l_y add 3 Tbsp C.o.W., constantly stirring while adding the cereal. For 2 servings, use 2 cups water, 1/4 tsp salt, and 1/3 Cup C.o.W.

    For a non-lumpy cereal, the ‘stirring while slowly pouring cereal’ is a very important detail. (Cordrew might try dumping the cereal in all at once, or at least somewhat quickly, and not stirring the boiling mixture right away to get their desired lumpy version of C.o.W.)

    The shortest cooking versions would be somewhat less healthy, and they have a different consistency as well, more mushy instead of full-bodied.

  68. talksma247 says:

    Finally! Thank you Denise for the directions!!! I had been checking back a few times when I remembered to and was happy to see someone noticed! :)

  69. Lisa says:

    ok…I confess I am a cream of wheat fan. I actually have a strong dislike for oat meal… I used to travel nationwide on my job, and cream of wheat offered me a quick option with more nutritional content than a doughnut. I do however want to mention that while i really dont care whether it takes me ten minutes or one minute to create a quick meal for the sake of survival, I object strongly to the fact that they have removed flavor choices. Being somewhat selective (according to some, damn picky) I ONLY like apples and cinnamon cream of wheat. This is no longer on the shelves. I have to buy a mult-flavored pack that offers only two packs of the flavor I like. Meanwhile, back at the “super” market I can buy 47 different flavors of oat meal! Tell me, is this a conspiracy against cream of wheat eaters everywhere? Perhaps I will have to resort to McMuffins in protest.

  70. HELLO ALL: I would like to ask and add an opinion about Cream of Wheat. Well the thing is that I eat cream of wheat every night because i have a slow metabolic rate and i have noticed with time that CREAM of WHEAT is one of the best starchy carbohydrates of all starchy-carbohydrates that won’t get accumulated in the body as fat and water. When i eat rice, potatoes, breads, corn flakes, oatmeal, etc. or other types of starches in my diet AT NIGHT, i would get bloated and fat real easy. And tha’s why i like to deffend and promote the comsumption of cream of wheat and Farina, thanx all

  71. brock dodd says:

    i always use the 2 1/2 minute even tho it usullay takes longer to get it good and thick. my grandmas secret recipe is to put it on a plate(not bowl) and put butter and the secret ingrediant………nesquik chocolate powder

  72. brock dodd says:

    im from tennessee thats how i know all this stuff! go vols

  73. Hello again: I would like to add something. I don’t know if there are different types of cream of wheat ingredients, but i’ve noticed that some cream of wheat brands have wheat farina, while others have wheat farina but also wheat flour added to them. Because i compared Wal-Mart’s Cream of wheat with Nabisco cream wheat and they have different ingredients

  74. Dina says:

    Having just found this discussion, after great sadness at not finding 10-minute cream of wheat at my grocery store, I must ad my vote to the 10-minute side of this discussion. It’s so much smoother!

    A new recipe for the group:
    My grandmother used to make cream of wheat for my sister and I every weekend. She followed the recipe that her mother used to make for her in Moravia. I can’t give you any measurements (measurements were seen as gauche in the family), but the gist is: cook with milk instead of water, and sugar instead of salt. When ready to eat, serve in a relatively thin circle on a flat plate and sprinkle a layer of ground semi-sweat chocolate on top. Eat in a circle around the plate working towards the center, in order to prevent burning your tongue on the hot cream of wheat. The result: Griesskasch mit Schokolade.

    (If anyone finds the 10-minute variety in Seattle, Washington … let me know!)

  75. Susan says:

    It’s all a matter of taste. If your taste buds have been entirely deadened by eating bland processed crap, the instant or quick will be sufficient. Why put any more work into flavorless gruel than you need to? However, if you really want a rich, roasted grain taste with a nice mouth feel, then you want the 10 minute variety which, because there are so few people out there who actually seem to have tastebuds anymore, is very hard to find!

  76. Dave f says:

    Why worry about the box make your own by some wheat berries grind them up tell they are well ground add to boiling water and let cook much better then the box kind much healthier because you get the nutrients the box looses and your not eating all those chemicals to preserve it

  77. Lexie in NC says:

    Somebody mentioned grits being the same or similar as C/W because they look similar, but they are not the same, and taste nothing alike.

    Grits are made from hominy, in the corn family (if you’ve ever had CornNuts, that’s hominy). C/W should be eaten sweet, grits should NOT be eaten sweet. When preparing grits, add butter and salt, and cheese if desired, but not sweetener.. ask any Southerner ;)

    Check out – search for ‘wheat.’ They sell Farina, but not C/W. They also sell a lot of other hard to find and some foods that are not usually sold in the US.

    hope this helps :)

  78. Randolph says:

    Well, here I am in Texas, desperately trying to find 10 minute Cream of Wheat. No question, it is better than 2 1/2 minute (though I have had to make do with the latter over the past few years). Instant is simply inedible.

    The 10 minute variety seems to have disappeared completely from store shelves in this part of the world about 2 years ago or so. Even before that I remember that it would show up on the shelf infrequently, so I would buy a couple of boxes at a time. Invariably, if I bought some when I saw it, the next time I was at the store there would not be any. After I didn’t see it for a year, I called up the grocery store’s customer service to inquire. The person I spoke with checked into it and told me that they stopped carrying it about a month before because the product was “not moving”. Well, I am not a grocer, but it seems to me that it is hard to move much of a product IF YOU DON’T EVER STOCK IT ON THE SHELVES!

    Anyway, I am getting worried that even the 2 1/2 minute variety might disappear in a few years. It certainly doesn’t receive much alottment in the way of shelf space here.

    On the other hand, there were about 20 different kinds of atrocious instant varieties of cream of wheat last time I looked.

    In my search for the real stuff, I went on line to see what I could find (and discovered this discussion). Apparently, you can order the 10 minute version from Amazon. The product page for it indicates that it ships from Gristedes Supermarkets of New York.

  79. Bekke says:

    Another option for longer-cooking cream of wheat is “creamy wheat”, as sold by Bob’s Red Mill. It has more fiber and other nutrients than regular cream of wheat. Plus I add wheat bran and oat bran for more fiber and nutrition.
    It’s the best soothing food when you have an upset stomach.

  80. Jay says:

    Add another vote here for the 10-minute variety! And thankfully, it’s in plentiful supply here in the San Francisco area.

    I grew up eating the 2½-minute variety, because that was my mom’s preferred selection. When I finally started preparing it on my own, I discovered the 10-minute variety and fell in love with the bolder wheat taste and the smoother texture.

    I was also amazed at the ingredients used to speed up the cooking times:

    10-minute: No enzymes added. 0mg sodium and 4g protein.
    2½-minute: Disodium phosphate added. 85mg sodium and 4g protein.
    1-minute: Papain added. 0mg sodium and 4g protein.
    Instant: 170mg sodium and 3g protein.

    They all fluctuate between 23-24g of carbs (except Instant; 17g) and all have 1g of dietary fiber. The DISODIUM phosphate is the only thing that adds salt to the 2½-minute variety.

    I’m running low on it… so I guess I’d better head out to Safeway and get some more…

  81. vickie casas says:

    I love cream of wheat, but only the 10 min cooking time. All the others do not have the same taste or texture. That special nutty flavor only comes out in this one.

    I have recently not been able to find the original 10 min Cream of Wheat in the yellow box in grocery stores. Does anyone know if it has been discontinued or where I might find it? Ralph’s no longer has it.


  82. JudithKD says:

    I went to Kraft foods to ask about the varieties but can’t figure out how to get a listing…much less anything as detailed as why they sell so many types!

    Vicki, there’s a homepage for cream of wheat it’s a subpage of kraftfoods.

    Personally, we buy Farina though, it’s cheaper!


  83. rttchs says:

    Maybe I’m weird, but I LOVE the taste of the instant packets the best!! I can’t stand the original kind.

  84. PhotojGirl says:

    I was surfing for the nutritional info to add to my “diet & exercise assistant” when I came across this site. ( I also later found it was already in my palm…erg! at least this was worth the read.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the 10 minute variety I usually end up with the 2 1/2 I believe. (Don’t quote me, it seems the box isn’t always the same so perhaps I’ve grabbed a different one from time to time.)

    Now I’m looking forward to see if the 10 min is available here–I want to experience the cream of wheat that seems most popular to people who care what they eat.

    I like my cream of wheat with 1-2 tsp. raw sugar.

    Oh, and we don’t have packets of CofW around here. I was surprised to hear them mentioned. Of course, oatmeal comes almost exclusively in packets…As far as flavors go, I prefer to add my own rather than ingest more artificial stuff. I know I eat more of it than I would like, so when I can, I try to avoid it.

    And on the grits sub topic (though not quite related) when I make corn bread, I like to add a little sugar–and my dad always gets after me for making “yankee” cornbread. Apparently, it’s not appropriate to make it sweet for those south of the mason-dixon line. :) He grew up in Texas/Oklahoma…I’m Michigan raised.

  85. Gena LeBlanc says:

    I have been craving Instant Cream of What and my grocery store doesn’t carry any Nabisco brands which always lead me to think, that this was not a popular item anymore – For you first timers – this product was a main stay in one’s diet and you had no choice to refuse it. This is good for you in many ways told by a parent which yu believed. This is one of the few times in years where parents told you a truth. …born in 1954. Windsor, Ontario.

  86. Here here. It was warm, it was easy to eat and you got to watch your mother make it. Always best on the stove. Instant is not condicive to that sort of feeling.
    Stephen Taddeo – 1960

  87. Mike D. says:

    Just curious… why all the sudden activity to this blog post? Four comments in the last few days, out of the blue. Can’t find any clues in the referrer logs.

  88. Nitsa says:

    Mike I threw my box away and forgot the cooking directions. i did a google search and your blog came up. Thanks for the directions. I’m also inspired to add, that I cook mine with cinnamon. i boil the milk with cinnamon sticks in it and then i sprinkle cinnamon on top when it’s done. Yummy!

  89. Jay says:

    Hey Mike,

    I think this blog post is experiencing a revival because it’s wintertime, and it’s snowy and cold out (at least in some places it is).

    I had Cream of Wheat this morning, and each of these serving suggestions actually sounds good. My goal is to try them all by the time spring comes around.

  90. Sharon says:

    S’nice to see others fondly remembering their favourite cereals past and present! :)

    If you are having trouble finding the 10-minute version CoW, Kraft has a website where you can find out which store in your area are carrying it. Just go to:

    …and click on the version of your choice. The page it brings you to has a box where you can enter your zip code and it will tell you which stores in your area have the version you want in stock. Usually works best of if you are in a large municipal area.

    It’s pretty snowy where I am right now (Alberta), and I am really craving some CoW, but I don’t have any :( Guess I’ll have to make do with the cabbage rolls I have cooking in the toaster oven!

  91. BJ Bennett says:

    I can tell you what the difference is between the instant and the 10 minute – taste! Instant leaves much to be desired in that department. I am having a hard time finding the 10 min. version in my stores. It has been replaced on the shelf by yet another version, Cream Of Wheat with maple. (No thanks). I like the reg. 10 min. cereal and put cinnamon in it – its delicious that way.

  92. BJ Bennett says:

    I forgot to mention, they still make the 10 min Cream Of Wheat. I called Kraft to confirm it. I have hit on my local grocery stores to order it, but they can only buy what they are told to buy from headquarters. I may resort to ordering it from

  93. Bekke says:

    An adequate substitute for 10-minute cream of wheat might be Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Wheat cereal. Found in natural food stores and some supermarkets. There are a few similar products, including one called Bear Mush, by Arrowhead Mills, but I haven’t tried them.

  94. anybody here eats cream of wheat for weight loss? well i try to eat a home cooked cream of wheat every night for dinner, i make it wiht 1 cup of 1% milk, 2 cups of water, 5 tablespoons of cream of wheat, 5 packets of diet sugar, a little bit of salt and vanilla, then i place it in the refrigerator until it’s real thick like a cake, i think that the carbohydrates of cream of wheat, are less fattening than other forms of carbs like potatoes, white-bread, cookies, pasta and other starches out there

  95. Bekke says:

    A carbohydrate is a carbohydrate, no matter the source. Some are higher in sugar or fiber than others. For weight loss, you should eat more high-fiber foods, which will fill you up more. Be sure you eat lots of veggies, some fruit, the complex carbs (whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, etc) and some protein.

  96. Jay says:

    There are simple carbohydrates (usually found in sweets, fruits, dairy products) and there are complex carbohydrates (grains, cereals, pastas). Complex carbohydrates are slow-burning. Wheat is starchy and considered to be a complex carbohydrate.

  97. Hello folks: yeah but i found that cream of wheat carbohydrates are one of the less fattening ones, as opposed and compared with: oatmeal, rice, white breads, cookies, white potatoes, and most of the other starchy carbohydrates :-)

    Juan Carlos Cruz

  98. Chia says:

    I was just wanting a basic Cream of Wheat recipe (I have it in a plastic container) and I’ve just wasted 15 minutes reading these hilarious posts!! Now I need the instant for sure! BTW, I hate Coke in any variety. I’m a water gal…with lemon please.

  99. Chia says:

    Hey JUAN CARLOS: I just saw hour post…I ate cream of wheat with half a banana (very yummy!) 5 days a week and elleptical 4 days a week and lost 18 pounds in about 3 months (the right way, right?)! Just thought I’d let you know…good carbs are good for you and not fattening in moderation.

  100. Bekke says:

    Chia, glad your diet + exercise worked so well for you. That type of diet is fine for the short term, but I was suggesting a more balanced diet, for present and future eating.
    Juan Carlos, maybe you should just avoid carbs in the evening? But, do whatever works for you to get healthy!!

  101. Denise says:

    This is so funny- who’d have thunk COW could spur such passion?!
    I too, threw away the box and Googled for cooking directions, leading me to this wonderful thread. Thanks so much to all for laughs.
    On to business- what’s this about 10 minute COW having a nutty flavor? How have I missed this? I went and made my COW (2 min), ate, (shared with the 9 month old- he LOVED it) and all the while, paid close attention to detect a nuttiness- alas, it was not to be found. I suddenly want to go to the grocery store, but first, I will do my homework. Apparently the 10 min version may be difficult to find ‘in my area’. I am prepared for the worst. That was…, right? lol

  102. Chia says:

    BEKKE — I DID eat a balanced diet…I just ate cr of w for breakfast!! 2 high protien snacks w/fruit, lunch, and one serving at dinner (no seconds!) Just thought I needed to clarify my balanced diet. (smile)

  103. Bekke says:

    Chia – Thanks for clarifying. Now, if anyone can help me with a healthy diet to GAIN weight, I’d be happy. . . I try to eat lots of carbs and fats, but don’t eat a lot of meat or junk food. Nor am I much of a snacker. Cr of Wht is a good breakfast ’cause it doesn’t fill you up too much and is a good basis for other stuff (protein powder, fruit, nuts, butter).

  104. Emily says:

    So has anyone heard when and where the COW convention will be this year?

  105. Jay says:

    I found this online… apparently before the days of HAMBURGER HELPER, this is what you needed to do with your ground beef:

    “Cream of Wheat: S-t-r-e-t-c-h Your Meat with Cream of Wheat; World War II Advertising Piece 1943. Minneapolis, MN: The Cream of Wheat Corporation. Today stretching meat is necessary… and patriotic. Our boys in the fighting forces consume vast quantities of meat. Recipes for Cream of Wheat Dumplings, Orange Tea Muffins, Apple Pudding, Fried Cream of Wheat, more. 8 panels 9.5 x 13.6 cm. Paper brochure, very good. (5184) $9.00.”

    Now… FRIED Cream of Wheat???

  106. AuntBaker says:

    just to let you know that both my husband and I still enjoy cream of wheat , though we tend to eat it as a bedtime snack and not for breakfast.

    My purchase choice is organic from a local health food store, and there is only two choices, whole wheat and the standard white. I buy both and mix the two.

    As far as cooking time; once the water is boiled, I have never found any version that takes ten minutes to cook up and place in a bowl, and to tell the truth do not think I would want to eat any kind that did
    take that long.

    Heavens that would be a very unpleasant goop; in my humble opinion.

    So to answer your question. No one basic quality version would be enough.

    AuntBaker( as the name implys, yes I bake a lot)

  107. Bill says:

    We like Cream of Wheat here at our house. My kids ask for it in the winter. My father worked for Quaker so it was forbidden in my house as a kid. We don’t eat it for it’s food value, we doctor it up with butter, brown sugar and cream. Yummy! As for the different types, it seems obvious that they just want their share of the shelf space. I’ve never seen the 10 minute stuff. 2 1/2 min. works fine for me. I can spare the extra 1 1/2 minutes over the quick. As Bill Cosby says, be careful of the lumps. Runes the whole pot full.

  108. seahorsemar says:

    How fortunate that you all can find so much variety! I’m lucky if my grocery store stocks the instant – I’m always in such a hurry in the mornings.

    I did read in someone’s blog that it is healthier to eat the 10 minute kind. Maybe I’ll try that…I’m trying to lose weight and it sounds that it will fill you up for a longer period of time. plus it would be healthier for the kids.

  109. Thor says:

    I’ve also stumbled on this thread through a high ranked search from google. I grew up on Cream Of Wheat, although I ddin’t know that’s what it was back then.

    I haven’t had it in over 25 years, but now with a 3 year old in the house, my wife purchased it for our little one. He didn’t really care for it, but WOW I really loved it :)

    I’m eating the “creepy” Farina brand, but after reading all these messages I’m on a mission to purchase the 10-minute brand! Thanks for all the great feedback.

    Now, the original reason I search for COW was for its nutritional value (besides what’s on the box). Is this stuff actually good for you? Or are they just a bunch of emtpy calories?

  110. Talk about a crazy-high google ranking. It was just below the Nabisco, official, useless site and the Wikipedia page.

    I love Feaverish’s theory, BTW.

    I grew up on the 1 min version and love it. The instant version is good for breakfast in a pinch (I mix it with the hot water from the water cooler at work), but the instant really is quite lacking. Based on all the comments here, I think I’m going to have to upgrade to the 21/2 min version. Sorry, 10 min folk, you make it sound mighty attractive, but I just don’t have 10 min with which to cook breakfast.

    Other serving suggestions: handful of dried blueberries, cinnamon sugar, or minced apples.

  111. Dwayne says:

    The 1 minute version does wonders for my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It has papain: a digestive enzyme that accelerates cooking and has the side benefit of helping digestion.

    I don’t put anything with it. Just plain.

    I hope they never discontinue it.

  112. jayou says:

    I can hardly find the 10 minute kind at the grocery stores in western Washington. The clerks keep telling me that nobody cooks anymore. If you call throwing in little wheat grains into boiling water and turning it on low for 10 minutes cooking you are living a life of unimaginable stress. The 10 minute kind is the only kind that tastes good and you can feed it to any normal baby from 6 months old. Go for the Yellow Box!

  113. Offseaon Grits says:

    Dudes, this site rules! I am a competitve bodybuilder and I rely on the high-glycemic goodness that the 1-minute Cream of Wheat (COW) offers. I find that the 1-minute version breaks down very quickly into my bloodstream and provides a tremendous pump as further shread my carcass in efforts of a first place victory. I’m hoping that if I win my contest, Quaker Foods will sponser me and have me side to side with the COW guy on the box cover doing a front double bicep pose.

    I eat COW at work about an hour before I weight train, but I have read this whole thread at the expense of my employers due to the significant levels of humor I have found within. Being on a calorie restricted diet, I’ll eat anything masticatable and enjoy every second of it, so to me, all of the types of COW are equally good, but from a nutrition stand point, there are differernces. The longer it takes to cook means there is more fiber in it, which is typically desireable to control bood-sugar levels, unless you are seeking a quick burst of energy, say for a heavy squat workout. So my theory is that all types of COW have substantial qualities and I can not wait until my next bowl of steaming goodness!

  114. Bekke says:

    Surely, you jest!
    The length of cooking time has nothing to do with the fiber content.
    And COW is made by Nabisco, not Quaker.

  115. Suzanne says:

    I see this is late considering the start of this whole conversation… I was looking for the nutrition value in cream of wheat. I have been craving it through my pregnancy… GOD KNOWS WHY! I came across this blog while searching… VERY ENTERTAINING!!! I also came up with a scary link along with it… There are many more varieties of Cream of Wheat… Check out the Kraft website… and narrow it down to Cream of Wheat… there are 11 kinds of Cream of Wheat. I’m glad that my local stores only offer 3 or 4. I like the 2 1/2 minute box. I don’t feel as lazy like I might if I picked the Instant. AND WHO USES WATER WITH THIS….EWWWWWWWWWW!

    Thanks for your time,
    Suzanne… Prego Cream of Wheat Eater

  116. Petrina says:

    I too found this page an incredibly entertaining read. Here in Australia COW (thanks for the handy acronym Offseon Grits) is actually called semolina and can be easily purchased in it’s pure form without all the crazy additives. The Kraft website lists “WHEAT FARINA, PARTIALLY DEFATTED WHEAT GERM, DISODIUM PHOSPHATE. VITAMINS & MINERALS: CALCIUM CARBONATE, FERRIC PHOSPHATE, NIACIN, THIAMINE MONONITRATE , RIBOFLAVIN, FOLIC ACID”. All you need is the pure wheat product. It works perfectly fine on it’s own and really doesn’t take more than five minutes to cook. I don’t get the need to add 50 bazillion things to an already satisfactory product and then have four different varieties.

    And also (who knew I would have so much to say on this topic) semolina is a very important ingredient in many Greek, Indian and Turkish desserts. Galatoboureko for example it’s a fabulous Greek custard pastry where the key ingredient is semolina. Couscous is made from semolina. And Kraft reckons COW was first discovered by some factory worker in North Dakota in 1893!

  117. yapanis says:

    does anyone know what it is called in Scotland UK because I cant find any in the shops?

  118. Offseason Grits says:

    Hello again to everyone, Offseason Grits here with another COW installment. First off, let me apologize to Bekke (post after my original post – 2/16/07) for getting the manufacturer of COW wrong. I guess I need to refresh myself with the makers of hot breakfast cereal. Maybe additional COW in my diet will stimulate the brain power required for conversation with such an educated COW aficionado. Second off, COW rules! The only better than a steaming hot bowl of COW in the morning, with maple syrup and butter, is an all day marathon of Steven Segal movies, but I’m starting to doubt that as well. I fully understand that comparing the acting ability to Steven Segal to that of a bowl of COW is a very bold statement, and I am ready to face the repercussions of my verbal slander, possibly from Bekke, or other more critical viewers of this thread. I will revisit this comparison and re-post if I have any further developments.

  119. Bekke says:

    No worries, we all make mistakes!
    They say fish increases brain power, but COW sounds mo’ bettah!
    Heck if you enjoy Steven Segal movies, go for it. Personally I enjoy a good book. . . and I prefer oatmeal on regular basis. But COW sure hits the spot some days.
    To each his own, and enjoy!

  120. homecooked CofW says:

    Does anybody know of a homemade recipe? Or do you have to stick to the store boxes?
    I grind my own wheat to make bread and such, but have yet to find a recipe for cream of wheat. Any help??

  121. Go4Urs says:

    Wow, this amazing. Somebody should let Nabisco or whomever, know about this blog. Who knew. Its like a cult! And the crazy thing is I’m really happy about it. Who knew

    CoW is a complex carb. There is a HUGE differnce between complex and simple carbs. Google it, or read the info. on the SouthBeach Diet, or go to for info on how different carbs burn and store fat differently.

    The density of fiber does demand differnt cooking times based on the amount of fiber in a product.

    Good job. Good luck, keep up the good work!

    And please add me to the annual CoW conference email list.

    Gotta run, going to get some Wheat!

  122. kedi says:

    Are Cream of wheat and farina the same? I am making a recipe for a sweet bread with farina filling today and it calls for farina–I only have cream of wheat which I am going to use. Hope it comes out OK

  123. Bekke says:

    The two are interchangeable. Hope your recipe turned out well. I make a Farina Cake using COW and it was delicious!

  124. Dina says:

    Ooh! Could you post the cake recipe?

    P.S. Mike – how do you feel about being the inadvertent host to all this Cream of Wheat enthusiasm?

  125. Bekke says:

    Couldn’t find the recipe. However, I had originally found it on-line. Just now, I tried googling Farina cake recipe, and there were a bunch. This one sounded closest to what I used – Enjoy!

  126. kedi says:

    my recipe came out fine–but not as good as my mother’s.
    Can’t get site indicated fo the farina cake recipe???

  127. Yolanda says:

    I tried the 1 minute cream of wheat this week and there’s is a big difference hands down. I’t was horrible… I usually eat instant or variety never again will I buy 1 minute also if you look on the box in very smal print it say’s contains enzymes for faster cooking… Not worth it….

  128. Bekke says:

    Why are the enzymes so bad? Especially compared to the ingredients in the variety – guar gum, natural and artificial flavors, nondairy creamer, other gums, other additives. I would think the small amt of enzymes was the least terrible of all those. . .
    And, for all those seeking 10-minute variety – it’s available at

  129. JSG says:

    Don’t ask me how I stumbled on this blog (it was so long ago, who can remember?); I can’t believe this thread has been going for all these months. I am 50 years old and have been eating COW without a break all this time. One of my fondest memories is making “islands”, where you carve a moat around the outside of your cereal and fill it with milk and sugar. I like it much thinner now, more like gruel. My teenage kid loves it too!! I must admit I don’t see too much diff between the 10 and 2 minute varieties but am lucky to have a full selection here in Oregon.

  130. J Kilkullen says:

    I also love it lumpy!!

    The other poster was right; “Cordrew might try dumping the cereal in all at once, or at least somewhat quickly, and not stirring the boiling mixture right away to get their desired lumpy version of C.o.W.” That’s exactly how I make it. But I also usually double the ratio of CoW-to-milk that the package suggests, which also makes it thicker, which I prefer. Oh, and use milk rather than water.

    One day my Mom accidentally left it on the stove too long without stirring, and we all LOVED how it turned out with lumps. They’re like little dumplings!

    If you still can’t find the 10-minute version in your area, go to the Kraft site and use their search feature to find nearby retailers. If all else fails, it is available on Amazon.

  131. j Kilkullen says:

    Take a look at this vintage 30 ways to cook Cream of Wheat pamphlet:

    It includes recipes for Cream of Wheat waffles, cookies, and salmon loaf!

  132. Bill says:

    Suzanne, I agree with you! Who makes this with water? Very Nasty. I guess I don’t eat COW for the nutritional value. Make with milk (2%), no lumps, add real cream, butter and brown sugar. Yum! I have made muffins with COW and they turned out pretty good. Who can turn down a warm muffin? Northern Michigan does not have 10 minute and Amazon 10 minute COW is too costly for me. I’d have to stash it in my safe.

  133. Bill says:

    Made myself hungry for a bowl after above comment. NO BROWN SUGAR in the house!!!!!!!!!! I thought about giving it to Dune (Golden Retriever) but instead tried it with Trader Joe’s Organic Blueberry Preserves. Wow! All these years of COW consumption and it took me 53 years to discover this. The future never looked brighter!

  134. Sylvia Gates says:

    I LUV IT..I LIKE MINE CREAMY, ALMOST NO MILK ON IT…luved it as a 50, i became anemic and was on prescription iron/folate/b12, and then I remembered the iron in COW, so I have a bowl of the instant (at work) every morning, and my battle with low iron is so much easier now!!!

  135. chattacat says:

    Cream of Wheat has more Iron than Oatmeal and therefore is better for women as we loose our Iron monthly. Oatmeal is slower to digest and therefore athletes like it for optimal burning of fuel. The flavored varieties only decreases or negates the slow-burn fuel with sugar though. I use the packs I can grab and make at the club with thier hot water from the coffee machine. I should add, I use either cereal-whichever I grab, I have both in the cubbard.

  136. TheOrginalYellow says:

    i can’t believe this thread has been running continuously for 2 years!
    the tintin and feaverish posts are classic.
    and stu the yale chef – what he said!

    kraft sold CoW to B&G foods this year.
    you can buy the 10 minute version online in 3 box minimum orders here:

    i like mine cooked in whole milk with a dash of salt.
    it takes longer to heat the milk without burning it than to cook the cereal.
    add honey and half&half…

  137. confused says:

    i forgot how no make the non instant type much milk and water to how much cream of wheat mix hmmm

  138. Adam says:

    I usually eat oatmeal rather than COW because its higher in fiber. I usually buy the sweetened instant variety though. But once in a while I buy Cream of Wheat, also of the instant variety. As a kid I loved the Apples and Cinnamon flavor but its hard to come by except in the variety pack. But I recently bought a variety pack just so I can have Apples and Cinnamon and I was disappointed to find out that at some point they must have changed the recipe for the flavor because it doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Oh well, another childhood memory destroyed by progress. :-)

  139. Bill says:

    I finally broke down and bought 3 boxes of the 10 minute variety. Thanks to “The Original Yellow”. By the time I paid shipping it was just under $24.00. My wife thought it was a waste of money, but that’s another story! We enjoyed it but I guess for the cost the 2 1/2 minute is fine. It did have a better taste and texture though. I’ll save it for special occasions but stick to the less expensive variety in the future. I’m glad I tried it though.

  140. Bekke says:

    There are several other “creamy wheat” cereal type products available at natural foods stores. Sometimes even in the “bulk” bins. Not quite the same as the long-cooking COW, but still very good. And, certainly less expensive!

  141. Darcy says:

    Thanks for the great ideas and social commentary. I was looking for recipes and found … well, I found this!

    Adam: I just shake in some EZfiber to get what I need in my CoW. It doesn’t add bulk or change the taste.

    I’m still looking for more great recipes. I’ve experimented with adding peach preserves, diced bell peppers (orange, red, yellow, and green), butter and spices to give it more of a dinner time flavor. After reading your comments, I feel like I’ve committed a cardinal sin (but the taste hit the spot at the time)!

  142. Roland says:

    Lucky for you all, I’ve been searching for the little brother of Cream of Wheat – Cream of Rice, and I am sick and tired of not being able to even locate one box anymore. I was a cream of wheat man until i discovered I was having problems with the gluten, and wheat. Now that i’m gluten and wheat-free and feeling mighty fine, I’m just trying to stock up on the excellant alternative to Cream of Wheat…. FYI – you guys that consume cream of wheat because you think it’s safe for your stomach in the morning, please get yourself checked out for wheat and gluten allergies…….

  143. Bekke says:

    Re: Cream of Rice. Keep trying! Also, some natural food stores have similar products which I’ve used successfully.

  144. Cream of Wheat

    Mike at Mike Industries made a funny post today. cream of wheat my favourite line was: "more importantly, if the stuff is to be eaten hot, how much quicker could “Instant” really be than “1-Minute”? Who is the person who…

  145. Brooke says:

    I am addicted to the maple brown sugar CoW, and I have been eating it every day for lunch for almost a year. However, recently my grocery store (Safeway) stopped carrying the maple brown sugar flavor!! And I have searched other stores and can’t find it anywhere. This makes me very sad indeed. Have they stopped making it?

    All this talk of the 10-minute CoW makes me want to try it. Maybe I can make my own version of the maple brown sugar version that will satisfy my desire.

    This thread is wonderful. I am glad to know there are others out there with the same passion for CoW.

  146. suesully says:

    What a great blog!! Does anyone have the old recipe for fried COW slices? It used to be on the boxes years ago. All I can remember is putting the prepared COW in a small greased loaf pan & chilling overnight, then slicing it up & frying it in a little butter. Top w/maple syrup. Not sure if there is anything else I’m forgetting.

    This was best made w/the 10-minute COW but the 2 1/2 minute would do in a pinch.

  147. caren says:

    try mixing red river cereal, cream of wheat and oatmeal plus any
    add ons (fruit, fresh or dried and spices).
    i measure out ingredients for l serving of each and cook together
    using red river cooking time. everything you need (fibre,nutrition etc)
    in one pot. good for 3 breakfast meals or snacks.
    love this thread!

    september 13,2007

  148. Suzanne says:

    I just stumbled across this thread, and I am so happy to see that it’s still going on! Interestingly enough, I sent my husband out to buy me CoW last week, after having my tonsils removed (“The longest cooking time there is, not the instant,” I wrote in big letters on the list.) When he got home, he told me, “You almost got Cream of Rice instead because it was hard to find the Cream of Wheat.” So, Roland, I know that Cream of Rice is available at the Wegmans grocery store in Nazareth, PA. Keep on Cream of Wheating everyone!

  149. TJ Downes says:

    mmmmmmm lumpy Cream of Wheat. Love the stuff. Lumpy Malt o Meal is great too!

  150. Martha Lac says:

    A very long time ago I had a recipe for cookies using cooked CoW. I can not find it now and and would really love to have those de-lious cookies again. Any one out there still have the recipe or know what I’m talkin’ about?

  151. Ariane Poole says:

    I remember having CoW in Canada when I was growing up. My Dad used to put sugar and a beaten egg into it so it tasted like a tapioca pudding – yum!

  152. Careen says:

    Funny! I am in France, and I can’t seem to find any Cream of Wheat…

    Where is the Cream of Wheat

  153. Kim says:

    I love Cream of Wheat!! I prefer the 2 1/2 minute made with milk. I also like a little salt and a few lumps…My daughter says it looks and smells like school glue, I guess you either love it or hate it. Does anyone here ever eat Maypo? That’s good stuff too!

  154. Jenny says:

    I’d never been tasted this Cream of Wheat in my whole life, i’d read that Oct/Nov 2007 issue of “reminisce” magazine’s ads from the old days pages, it says: “1924: Cream of Wheat, high in energy easily digested”, but for now on, this Cream of Wheat is gritty.

  155. otis says:


  156. Laura says:

    I have been eating Cream of Wheat since I was a baby.
    My way (MOM’s way): Add water, tsp of valilla pure extract & a cinnamon stick to the pot. Let it boil then I add a little milk (2% whole, or even pet milk) just before addind CW finally I slowly add the Cream of Wheat stirring slowly with a fork or wisk (no lumps). Serve, sweeten with brown sugar & sprinkle a little ground cinnamopn on top. I make it this way for my son he loves it. I love it!!!

  157. Blair says:

    I prefer Farina.

    But I’ve tried 10-minute and 1-minute and it taste a little different–10-minute if heartier and 1-minute is soupier. 2 1/2 minute sounds absurd.

  158. Molly says:

    Right now I am sick and am eagerly awaiting my cream of wheat which my dear husband is making for me. I thought and thought and all I wanted was cream of wheat. It’s 3 minute from Bob’s Red Mill.

  159. Dan says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the 10 Minute Cream of Wheat in or around Tacoma? It’s hard to find!

  160. Deb says:

    For those of you that can’t find the 10 minute version in your local supermarkets, you can order it online at MyBrands (hard to find favorites).

  161. […] A recent blog post by Mike Davidson: […]

  162. Charles McClare says:

    Can someone who has a box handy give me the nutrition data, specifically carb content and calories for basic Cream of Wheat, per 1/4 cup or whatever. I can convert. I only have the generic kind with no label on the bag fromn the health food store.

  163. Kellie says:

    I am having a argument at work and need to know the answer.
    Is Farina and cream of wheat the same thing?

  164. Laura says:

    I believe that Cream of Wheat is a brand name for a farina porridge.

  165. Laura says:

    after a bit of research I found this… Cream of Wheat® cereal is based on Farina, though it is not quite the same thing. The farina used for Cream of Wheat is ground a little finer than farina generally is, and a small proportion of other ingredients is also added to the Cream of Wheat cereal. The two, however, can be substituted for each other. See web site.!openframeset&frame=Right&Src=/edible.nsf/pages/farina!opendocument

  166. Jazmin says:

    I love Cream of Wheat!

    I normally buy the 2 1/2 minute box because that’s the box my family always used. The red box lol. And I’m afraid of products that say “instant” because what ingredients are they putting in or leaving out? I know that 2.5 minutes is pretty instant itself, so it may just be psychological at this point.

  167. Dina says:

    Has Kraft / Nabisco stopped making Cream of Wheat? I can’t find it on their websites anymore!

  168. Linda says:

    My husband REALLY likes the instant strawberries and cream, which one of the stores in the area once carried. Now I have to special order it because they all carry maple stuff.. . are there no strawberry instant aficionados left besides my husband?

  169. Sharon says:

    Found the new website for CoW.

    Looks like they have the flavoured ones too!

    Up here in Canada, we have an 8 minute version, instead of the 10 min version. Strange…

  170. Jules says:

    I am also in search of the strawberries and cream flavor. I was raised on it, but none of the stores in my area carry it as they did in my childhood.

  171. linda says:

    sheesh! the price is 5.67 a box plus shipping .. which is high! Hubby will just have to live without strawberry cream of wheat until I find a cheaper source.. which may be never. I even asked the grocery store to special order, and after a month, they haven’t done it.

  172. Dan says:

    I used the My Brands web site suggested above by Deb in Jan., and got 3 boxes from New Jersey. It worked out about $5 per box, but it tastes good.

  173. Jay says:

    I noticed that a lot of ppl say they love cream o’ wheat but dont eat it very often…then i realized that I’m in the same boat…weird…although after reading all these posts I must say I plan on buying some tomorrow (assuming a serving isnt loaded with calories) :-/

  174. girlgeek says:

    I think Manjula of Manjula’s Kitchen can help all of us jazz up our cream of wheat routine with her Upma recipe
    A spicy and delicious Indian breakfast that is an excellent alternative to your sweetened bowl of wheat..

    Cream of Wheat is making a comeback…one wheatlet at a time.

  175. Jazmin says:

    @linda, you should really try for cheap prices. Plus many items are eligible for free shipping. Great website, but a lot of the time you have to buy products in bulk. Well worth it though :)

  176. linda says:

    thanks Jazmin! It was a good idea, but now I have to wait until they get it in stock. Hope it’s faster than the midwest grocers.

  177. Hans says:

    I live in the Netherlands. Here we have only one version which contains – wait for it – only one ingredient: cream of wheat. Preparing it is easy: bring the milk to a boil (preparing COW or oatmeal with water is a cultural shock to me to put it politely). Then SPRINKLE the cream of wheat into the milk that starts to boil. If you don’t sprinkle but dump the COW in you get lumps, which make me gag. Leave the mixture boiling gently stirring once in a while to prevent skin from forming. Officially that should take about one minute, but I usually cheat: I use more COW than called for and wait until I judge it thick enough. I always make more than I need and pour the excess in a small dish which I put in the fridge. When I want to snack I eat that. But I admit that is very much an acquired taste.

  178. linda says:

    yes, but in the Netherlands, they don’t have the government telling you what to put on labels like they do in the ol’ USA. As far as the cold COW, now, as a descendent of the Bemboom’s from there, I know where I got that acquired taste.. it’s a Dutch thing! We used to eat it with syrup on it… and it tasted something like the maple stuff out of the box.

  179. Hans says:

    You are absolutely wrong. There are very strict (European) regulations about the labeling of products. (And I am very thankful for knowing what I buy and eat.) So if it says there is only COW in there there IS only COW in there.
    I don’t know how it is now in the US, but in the past we have despaired about US food products brought home by my daughter not having a “use by” date on them. Unthinkable over here.
    Most people here use brown sugar on their COW. I like to use honey. Yummy!
    Bemboom is not a common Dutch name. I do genealogy, but never encountered it before. I see from a quick search it came from Portugal via Germany.

  180. linda says:

    that’s very interesting about the labeling… good to know.. Have noticed on the original Cream of Wheat, all it says is COW and added vitamins. It’s all the added flavors with artificial colors and flavors that start giving you scary stuff that sound like some explosive. Bemboom’s came over in late 1800s… have the old worn out wooden shoes from great, great grandpa. They were all dairy farmers.

  181. Hans says:

    Off topic:
    One can still buy wooden shoes, although the craftsmen are getting rare.
    You can find out about Bemboom from (in English) listing 40 entries from the civil registry going back to 1842.
    Good luck!

  182. Jazmin says:

    @Hans, it depends on the box whether or not extra ingredients are added. The 10 minute box cooks slow and therefore does not need extra ingredients like the fast cooking 2.5 minute box. But I still prefer the fast cooking/extra ingredient boxes.

    It’s pretty similar to potato buds-they’re real dehydrated potatoes but have extra ingredients to help them cook fast.

  183. Linda says:

    I GOT IT!! I got the strawberry cream of wheat I’ve been searching for! The local HyVee ordered it.. and the guy was persistant, and finally (it only took 4 months) he got 5 cases. I’m headed out to buy one case!

  184. Julie says:

    I still can’t get any Strawberries and Cream. My fiance was determined to find some for me for my birthday. He contacted the company, and they say it is on back order. Consider yourself lucky!

  185. linda says:

    jefferson city, MO HyVee now has it… per request, and request,, and request. after 4 months.. I wanted it for my husband’s birthday because he loves it. Well, his birthday was in February, but we’ll call it a late birthday gift.

  186. Nee-Nee says:

    I freakin love C/W,never really cared for it as a kid,but i crave it in my late twenties,go figure.LOL.I’m amazed at all the different options,i only knewabout the instant,and the one minute,if i find the ten minute,i’ll give it a try.

  187. Jo Quentin says:

    WOW! I was just eating my own little bowl of CoW (instant- SORRY- but with Silk soymilk french vanilla for flavor- it’s not too bad) and thought I’d idly check the nutrition value while waiting for my email to load. I have since read this whole post, emailed my parents and my babysitter to thank them for the chidhhood memories of making CoW for me- at least one person made it on the stove, that I remember- and am now slightly homesick… I am also eating CoW because I am ill, and it was the only thing that sounded good. I usually buy it if I am in the supermarket and depressed or nostalgic for home, things like that. Who would have thought that the humble breakfast food would leave such an indelible mark on so many people? Nabisco- here’s your nostalgia marketing scheme! Long live CoW!
    Thanks for all the posts- you guys have made my day…

  188. MadFell says:

    As an elderly COW lover, I am trying to find it (or its equivalent) in Nimes, a town in southern France. I noticed that Karin another American, I presume, is also trying to find it here. Any other American/France expats out there who can help us out? In Austria it was called “semolina”, and the French have something called “semoule”, but that’s more like pasta.


  189. Leilah says:

    I live in Peru where there is almost no instant anything and I love Cream of Wheat. I buy loose cream of wheat, not in a box. So it is the most non-instant it can be. And it cooks in only 1-2 minutes depending on how much I’m making. It just says instant on the box because Americans in general want everything as fast as possible. It’s just a gimick.

  190. Anonymouse says:

    All I Know is the Instant Cream of Wheat tastes like Sh*t. Stick with the 2.5 Min one.

  191. Linda says:

    It’s all a matter of opinion on the taste. Hubby loves the instant strawberry. I hate cheap cookies because they add coconut flavoring to cover the cheap… he loves ’em. I used the long cook stuff as a weight loss tool because it sticks like glue to your gut and keeps you from getting hungry… He can’t stomach that gooey stuff. So there ya’ go.

  192. Rox says:

    The original cow (10 min cooking) is in a red box that says original. I thought this might help.

  193. Onyx says:

    I some how found this site and just could not stop reading and laughing. Now I am late for work, however COW is great at any time of the day. 10 min, 2.5 min or instant. It doesn’t matter. It does a body good.

  194. Grant Olney says:

    How did I manage to read every post?! Damnit, you people are beautiful. I am laughing so hard. Mmm, mmm, COW is something special. I just did some searching and found an online grocer that sells the 10 minute COW. It looks to be around $29 for a collection of 6 boxes of the 10 minute goodness. Assuming S/H is somewhere between $5 and $10, that’s at most $4/box, which isn’t so bad. The link I found is:

    Now, I haven’t actually ordered it from them, so I have no idea how reputable they are (you know, when it comes to the booming industry of online COW retail…), but it looks promising! ;)


  195. Grant Olney says:

    Oops, I meant at most $7/box. Sorry! :)

  196. LK says:

    There is a difference.
    10 minute is a stove top only version
    2.5 minute is a microwave only version
    1 minute is an instant, just add hot water version.

    The do the same thing with other hot cerals, but usually advertise the instant, microwave and stove top preparations better.

  197. Amie says:

    Grits is made from corn. Thats why its yellow. And I personally think that grits is much different than cream of wheat.

  198. Amie says:

    Sorry, shoulda put this in my first post! I too stumbled upon this site during a search for how to make lumpy cream of wheat. I dont want it if its not lumpy. LOL. Anyways, just wanted to say that you all are super funny and i enjoyed reading all of these posts on cream of wheat!! Did anyone else notice that this cream of wheat conversation has been going on for a few years now?? HAHAHA!!

  199. linda says:

    Yeah…. we’re all a little strange and strangely happy. I lost my job because of budget cuts… but I still have my strawberry COW so I can dull the pain by watching political ads and eating cream of wheat!

  200. Ryan says:

    Interesting data I just found about the nutritional value of Instant compared to 10 min…
    The Instant seems to be better believe it or not..

    The regular Cream of Wheat

  201. KIM says:

    every time I eat the cream of wheat 2-1/2 minutes I just put it into hot water and then eat right away… I have noticed that when I do this my stomach hurts later in the day and I have real bad gas – I was wondering if it’s because I didn’t cook it.

    Love to hear from you, in the meantime I will not eat my cream of wheat.


  202. Nutrition Freak says:

    I doubt that there are so many versions of cream of wheat with different cooking times in order to take up more shelf space. In fact, I have hardly ever seen a grocery store with all four versions.

    I think the different cooking time versions probably all come out nearly the same and have the same ingredients. The difference between them that affects cooking time is not the amount of fiber (cream of wheat is not whole grain anyway), but the amount of pre-cooking that has been done! ‘Instant’ grains are made instant by crushing or cutting it, like rolled oats, and by parboiling, or partially cooking it, like rice. To be sure, you can compare the nutritional information.

    The most likely reason for having 4 versions of almost the same product is that people perceive them to be much more different than they actually are. For example, there is a perception that the 10 minute version is the healthiest and that the instant version is the least healthy. There are probably different regional perceptions. Maybe New Yorkers will always buy instant and occasionally the 2 1/2 minute while New Englanders always go for the longer cooking times? The grocery chain will determine what sells and then stock their store accordingly.

  203. linda says:

    Well Kim, you are getting more fiber than you want! Of course it’s going to give you gas if you don’t cook it completely because it’s like tiny pebbles running through your gut.. and some of them are expanding, too, as they move along the road of your innards. The good news is that you probably have a very clean colon… and your doc would be very happy. Slow down, girl, and let it have it’s 2 minutes…. go put your shoes on while you let it sit. If you don’t have time to let it sit 2 minutes, your life is too fast, and you need to slow it down and smell the roses…. er smell the cream of wheat.

  204. DMSfwb says:

    Just in case anyone is still looking to find CoW online – you can buy any of the varieties straight from the manufacturer through “My Brands” at

    I hope this helps some of you seeking the 10 minute CoW or flavored varieties.

  205. linda says:

    Yep… but it’s kind of expensive, especially after shipping. My local HyVee saved the day with ordering just what I wanted with the quick cook strawberry.

  206. Jazmin says:

    @LK, I buy the 2.5 minute box, it is for stovetop or microwave-preferably stovetop. I would never microwave cream of wheat. Tried it once, NEVER again lol.

  207. Chris says:

    First post for 2009 lol! Bay Area CA – I just bought some Cream of wheat and was surprised by the multiple selections. I went for the 2.5 version but, after reading this post I think I’m gonna have to compare with the 10 min. Great post! Funny what you find in blogs and how many people just happen to search for the nutritional info of COW. What did we ever do before the internet?

  208. linda says:

    New Year, new job… think I’ll start a new habit and eat a lot more COW. See, Chris, we in the mid-west know it’s better to be second and try harder ;-)

  209. Gail Rhea says:

    This is too funny. Is everyone here going for the longest running blog award? It’s been 2-1/2 years…on CoW?!

    My dad often made it for me when I was a child. I don’t remember if he used water or milk to cook it, but he served it with milk and my choice of salt or sugar or brown sugar if we had it. I liked it with sugar or brown sugar the best. Yum!

    Because I travel, I now prefer the instant Maple Brown Sugar CoW because it’s the closest to what I had as a child that can be made only by boiling water with an immersion coil heater.

    As for what company makes it, my box says only that it’s a product of Canada distributed by B&G Foods in New Jersey. It was acquired from Nabisco in 2007, during the life of this thread, according to the History page on

  210. Debra says:

    I was looking for Cr/Wheat recipes..and came across this site,to see which COW to use.
    The ‘Guy’s’ on this site just crack me Funny!!! I’m really surprised to how many ‘Guy’s’ responded to this question..I never laughed to hard. But,I think it’s great that ‘Guy’s actually take their time to give their opinion.
    I’m still I will call my Mother,to see which one she uses,she makes the BEST COW and Strawberries.
    Thanks for a good time!

  211. Judy says:

    Where can I find the 10 min. cooking cream of wheat?

  212. Marie says:

    Until this blog, I wasn’t even aware that there was a 10-min version of CoW, now I’d like to try it. I’ve been loving my 2.5-min variety for a long time, I too sometimes have it as my dinner. I make it with water and after cooked (no lumps!) and off the stove, I incorporate about a 1/4 cup of microwave-warmed soy milk to it, a sprinkle of basil spice with a packet of splenda. That spice is awesome on CoW. I sometimes top it off with (sugar-free) Smuckers syrup. Deee-lish.

  213. linda says:

    whoooo…. basil spice… That is one I never heard of. I put jelly or syrup in instead of sugar, though. Now I’ll have to try different spices! Hmm .. cinnaman, nutmeg, oregano in the evening???

  214. Paula says:

    I eat cream of wheat everyday, I love this stuff. I was wondering if the cream of rice (brown rice) was more healthier than the cream of wheat. Does anybody know if there is much difference in taste and nutritional value?

  215. F. Crippler says:

    this conversation blows my mind.

    i just stumbled on it and have learned so much. i can’t believe you guys have been talking about Cream of Wheat for four years now. amazing.

    but yeah, CREAM OF WHEAT ROCKS!!!

  216. Lezlee says:

    Weird fact: When I was a kid, I hated cream of wheat. But now, in my twenties, I am ADDICTED to it. I eat the instant with fat free milk and sugar every morning. But after all the testimonies, I am gonna buy the 10 minute version a.s.a.p. (Note: At my Wal-mart here in Alabama, they always have in stock the 10 min, 2.5, 1 min, instant, and maple and brown sugar, and variety pack!)
    This discussion is awesome. Keep it going folks!

  217. Lezlee says:

    Update: New product listed on
    Whole Grain 2 1/2 Minute
    Cream of Wheat Whole Grain 2 ½ Minute Enriched Farina is made with whole grains and has a smooth texture. The traditional cook-on-stove product is prepared by boiling water or milk and slowly pouring in the ground wheat while stirring. This variety simmers while stirring for 2 ½ minutes after the ground wheat is blended. This product may also be cooked using a microwave oven for faster and easier preparation.
    Has anyone tried this type of CoW?

  218. Todd says:

    had a bottle of COW (transfered from the box) from who knows when, so I found this looking for the instructions. Not sure which version it is, but it turned out beautifully (stove top) and topped it with cinnamon and birch syrup (from this summer’s Alaska trip) yum… so the question does COW ever go bad? Mine had to be at least 6 years old.

  219. linda says:

    I think they have some COW stashed from the 60s when there was an atomic bomb scare (anyone else remember when we were told to get under our desks to save us!) It’s probably still good COW!

  220. I visited my folks’ home recently, and dug out the COW jar from the back of their pantry. It tasted off. Ok, it was 1 min and I made it with milk to what I consider the perfect, creamy consistency, yet it had a similar aftertaste to the instant variety when made with water. It was edible, it just wasn’t “perfect.” So I’m convinced that COW can go stale.

    Though there’s no telling how old the stuff at my parents house is. For all I know it’s been there for 20 years. I learned I’m the only person in my family who eats it, and I haven’t lived at home for 10 years.

  221. Erika says:

    I ran accross this and couldent help myself.
    Cream of wheat is great on a cold day.Its EASY to prepare too!
    For those who talk about lumps….mix in the dry creal into COLD water before you even start cooking it…and use a fork to briskly stir it in as you very slowly pour the dry stuff into the cold water.keep stirring as you heat…until it cooks.keep scraping the bottom.
    presto!no lumps.
    if you are running out the door…makes sure you leave that pot filled with water if you want to have a chance in hell of cleaning it later!!the stuff dries like cement.

  222. Jackie says:

    I found this site looking for instructions on how to cook CoW. We are in Peru and can’t get it but discovered that they have semola. Here it is used as an ingredient in a chicken soup and is very tasty. But I wanted to use it as a cereal for these cold mornings so thank you for an interesting and, at times, funny thread.

  223. Roger Pelizzari says:

    Organic is best. Who wants to eat pesticides?
    Here’s a company that sells both kinds of Organic Cream of Wheat —

    1. Cream of Wheat (Whole Wheat)

    2. White Wheat Farina

    Scroll 1/2 way down the page or so. Bulk discounts are listed too.

  224. Felicity says:

    Reading this was fun for me. Having grown up in New England, breakfast was a morning MUST. Most days I don’t have a whole lot of time for breakfast–things to do, ya know–and I still have to find the time.

    Eating is kinda crucial. The whole “to live” thing…

    I am allergic to wheat and dairy. (I am sighing mournfully as I type that sentence. Tissue, please.)

    Now, I have no choice but to stay away from foods I loved as a kid–Cream of Wheat, Malt O Meal, and hubby’s favorite, Wheat Hearts.

    Oh, and no milk.

    Grr. Breakfast represents an awful challenge to me, but this morning, I developed an easy compromise, healthy and tasty too. I mixed together:

    Oat bran hot cereal,
    Cream of Rice,
    Flaxseed Meal.

    I cannot tolerate the taste of cream of rice on its own–shudder, no offense to those cream of rice lovers out there–so, I decided to mix together what I did have in the cupboard that is also dietary safe and healthy.

    Oh, there is a longer cooking cream of rice made by a certain company which I won’t name unless I’m told I can reveal the source.

    Although the mixture didn’t take 10 minutes, it didn’t take a minute either. Full of protein and fiber. Yum. Mixed in some soy milk and a dash of maple syrup.

    I never follow the box instructions on any hot cereal–for some reason the consistency is always one that makes me gag, and it makes way too much. I use more water, less cereal for smooth, creamy consistency. No salt, don’t need the extra sodium.

    Yikes. I just totally got all philosophical about breakfast. Sorry. I feel happy now.

  225. todd says:

    Ok now I am really confused- I am looking for the cream of wheat in the white box. The red box cream of wheat is brwon when you cook it. Is the white box the 10 minute? It was the CW that looked like grits?

  226. linda says:

    I just had to check in again… all because many moons ago I asked about strawberry COW. Now I bought my husband a bunch of it because he loved it… and like a kid, he now has decided he’s tired of it! But I’m still hooked on this site!

  227. Jessica says:

    I want cream of wheat so bad but im afraid it’s fattening, is it?

  228. linda says:

    not any worse than dry cereal, and it’s pretty healthy

  229. Lynne says:

    My husband comes from an estonian background and they eat warm cream of wheat topped with stewed fruit – usually rhubarb or red currants. There is an estonian name for this dessert but I don’t know it. It is absolutely delicious. Cream of wheat is also amazing with a dollop of a good jam or preserve on top. I think cream of wheat is highly under rated.

  230. luise says:

    I eat the original…call me traditional

  231. Jen says:

    The more “instant” the cream of wheat is the more sodium it has as well.

  232. Lynne says:

    My Estonian mother in law makes cream of wheat (not sure if instant or ten minute) and tops it with a sweet rhubarb or red currant soup for a delicious dessert…my favourite : )

  233. Lynne says:

    oops…sorry for repeating myself..just realized I had already added this comment a while ago…

  234. Jon says:

    I applaud how civil and courteous this dialogue has been. This is how we *should* respond to one another.

    That said, I prefer the ten minute Cream of Wheat, even though I loated it when I was younger. There’s just a wonderful feeling created by a steaming hot bowl of it, with honey and coffee on a winter’s morning.

    I’ve never had Cream of Rice before…I always associated it with being for children only. Am I wrong about this? Anyone have opinions on it?

    Thanks! Oh, and Rastus should stay…what would he be replaced by, pray tell? Vintage advertising trumps much of what is created today…just look at a Saturday Evening Post from 1910-30 and you’ll see what I mean.

  235. Jill says:

    Ohhh yeah, this is the best blog ever! Thank you google. My pregnant self had a craving for Cream of Wheat, I probably haven’t had it in about 20 years. I went out and bought a box (2 1/2 minute or instant were my only choices. I went with 2 1/2 minute.) I hope that I can make it like my mom did. We always just put in Milk and Sugar. Sometimes she mixed it up and made Coco Wheat. Yummy yummy! Hope my husband doesn’t mind that we’re having COW for dinner :)

  236. .linda says:

    Awww… how sweet that he’ll eat COW for dinner. More healthy for you than the hotdogs and mustard that I craved!

  237. Donna says:

    I was very interested to find this place. I was actually looking up Instant Ralston and found this! I have enjoyed reading over the posts. I grew up on Cream of Wheat and have used different brands over the years. I enjoy the 10 minute version most, but found it really didn’t take 10 minutes. Right now I’m using the 2 1/2 minute because it’s what’s available. I do cook it in water, as it’s what I grew up with. I like it thin, poured into a bowl and then add cold milk to it with a sprinkling of fructose (used sugar as a child). I also enjoy it with raisins, which I used to add while cooking, but since others in my family don’t like them, I found I can add them after cooking and it’s just as good. I also enjoy a piece of crispy whole wheat toast with it, probably for the texture. I’ve even been known to put a spoonful of cereal on the toast and eat it that way (quite regularly, in fact.) My daughter likes her cream of wheat with Sucanat, which has a brown sugar/molasses flavor.
    Thanks to all for the wonderful memories and ideas.

  238. bl@ster says:

    I’ve recently become addicted to Cream of Wheat. Haven’t had it since I was a kid, but always loved oatmeal. Decided to pick some up at the supermarket and now I’m hooked. Really brings back memories. Gonna make a bowl now!

  239. Kyra says:

    I love Cream of Wheat.

    I only stick with the 2 1/2 minute version. The 10 minute cook time is nonsense and instant is too fast. Instant Cream of Wheat or oatmeal has a different taste and does not taste original. I guess they are trying to provide more of a variety. But I feel that the original cook time was fine.

  240. Carole says:

    I received an email Sunday night from Cream of Wheat. In the description, it mentions Strawberry N’ Cream. That was discontinued a few months ago and I had several sources tell me it was discontinued from the manufacturer. After this email, I decided to check the different web sites about this product, not expecting an answer. I have faithfully eaten this product every day, winter and summer, for many years – always having a hard time finding it. Never in food stores. I just got a reply from Food Service Direct that this product is available per their buyer. They said feel free to order online or give them a call. I usually order 2 -3 cases online and before I run out, starting checking around. Hopefully this might help someone out there who has been looking for this item. Have a great day!

  241. Liz says:!/pages/Cream-of-Wheat/126208706497?ref=nf

    COW on facebook found this post turned thread!

    You’ve inspired me to write something up on my blog soon :) yum

  242. Michelle says:

    wow I have just read 3 years of comments about cream of wheat!!!! i, like many of you, was looking up nutritional information and came across this site, and couldn’t get away!!!!! i like my COW with maple syrup, raisins, and milk!! mmmm

  243. Meghan says:

    Like many others, I found this while looking for the benefits of eating… well I was actually looking for Cream of Rice. I found it in the kitchen this morning and made it with water. I added some honey and blueberries.

    I remember my grandmother making CoW for me when I was younger. [Let’s face it, I’m still young at 14 XD]I don’t know what she added or how she made it, I never really paid attention. So this morning when I saw CoR in our cabinet I was surprised and wondered if tasted anything like what my grandmother used to make us. Then I realised I had no idea what it tasted like, but I remembered liking it.

    Whatever I had this morning was good, but I think it was only because of what I added. The honey and CoR by itself was pretty bland and tasteless, but maybe that is because I barely added any honey or that fact that I’m used to eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch every morning. The blueberries gave it just the burst of flavor it needed.

  244. Cindy says:

    Wow. Googled to find out how to microwave CoW, and have spent eons here reading 3 years worth of posts.
    Great taste ideas here. Now I will have to try them out.
    I’ve never seen Cow in flavours though. Maybe I wasn’t looking for them.
    In the past years I’ve bought mine in bulk as Wheatlets.
    I will look for Bob’s Red Mill too.
    Thanks to all for the abundance of info, opinions, and reminiscences!!!
    Cindy in B.C. Canada

  245. brian fountaine says:

    Unbelievable. Funny posts and found the info I was looking for, too. I was trying to spice up the COW and make it lumpy like grandma used to make. Like dumplings, someone commented. Cook it well, don’t stir too much. If you see it’s too watered down dump in some more COW. And yes I used water and a sprinkle of salt in the microwave for 3 minutes, then added nearly twice required amount of COW, then looked for microwave to start the mixture bubbling to the top and nearly overflowing. Added a wee bit of butter, then after it melted, a tiny bit milk then, a small amount of cinnamon and sugar and a dash of pancake syrup. Drinking milk or water and eating it slow, and maybe a slice of wheat toast, will keep you going for hours without the “heaviness” of oatmeal. But variety in all things is what makes life worth living. Thanks for keeping the page up for these many years!
    Fontaneous, Simi Valley, Ca

  246. Mija says:

    The thought of sweet COW makes me nauseaous. I grew up eating COW con sal e palmento e queso e huevo. Think very fine grain polenta with fried egg and cheese. Yum

  247. Tim says:

    Love Cream of Wheat – with brown sugar – but usually buy other brands equivalent to save money. Didn’t even know there was a 10 minute version. Usually go with the 2.5 minute version. Also love Cream of Rice but haven’t had it in ages. It’s even more expensive. Anyone know if there is a ‘generic’ Cream of Rice on the market?

  248. Andy says:

    In Canada, we have cream of wheat in original, instant, and 3 minute. I noticed that we need an extra 30 seconds to cook our cream of wheat, as we do not have the 2 1/2 minute version. Is it because we live so far north? Does it take 30 seconds longer to boil water up here than in the USA?

  249. Jeannie says:

    I live in So. California. I have always loved Cream of Wheat, but recently purchased a couple boxes of Quaker Farina (their cream of wheat version) at a 99cents store, but now they are out. The Quaker Farina is sooooooo much better than Cream of Wheat!! That is how I came upon this site, trying to find somewhere to buy the QUAKER FARINA! If anyone knows where please let me know.

    Buy the way the longer cooking versions are ALWAYS better. Just for example, think about Quaker Oatmeal: the “old-fashioned” (long cooking) version to the quick version. The old-fashioned oats are whole, when cooked makes for a chewier more textured mouthful, while the quick-cook version the oats are mostly all broken and smashed up, making them quicker to cook, but mushier in the mouth! I’m sure there a differences in fiber and nutritional values also.


  250. Tonantzin says:

    love this thread, I also wanted to know the difference between the variety, argueing with my husband that the 10 min one was better somehow, while this offers no scientific proof all the other posters that agree is enough for me. I read most but not all posts and didn’t see anyone mention the papain, does the 10 one have it too?

  251. ririla says:

    i didnt read through all the responses but I was perplexed by this as well and read each box…the 2.5 and 1 minute have different enzymes that speed up cooking…i bought the 1 minut with the papain enzyme since the one on the 2.5 minute one seemed a bit more scary….i used to get the 10 minute one since it seemed like the most natural with the least added stuff…..personally I try to avoid instant stuff just because of the extra preservatives added but the papain seems to be a natural derivative that makes me a bit more comfortable.

  252. Haha nice discussion, what a little choice in cream of wheat can do … :)

  253. Kara says:

    Can’t find the 10 minute version in Iowa stores either, but if you order a 4 pack on Amazon and use the subscribe and save option, it’s only $13 and change, (free shipping too) which works out to $3.38 a box. That’s the same I pay in the store for the 2 1/2 minute kind. So off to Amazon I go! Also, when my kids were younger I would make it a little thicker on purpose,and then mix in some strawberry yogurt or raspberry yogurt. So if you can’t find the srawberries n cream kind, you can try that as a substitute. Or use any kind of yogurt for a variety of flavors. My kids love the stuff, and I make it for them almost every morning. Stirring the pot on the stove while wearing my bathrobe, I feel like I’m from the 50’s! But for 10 minutes a day (or 2.5) that’s just fine.

  254. LINDA says:

    Strangely, I was one of the originals on this blog, and I can’t believe how long it’s gone on since I asked if anyone knew where I could buy strawberry COW! I love the yogurt idea, and I can’t believe all this time nobody else has suggested it. I also love the bathrobe idea ;-)

  255. Mike says:

    The only version I like is the apples and cinnamon cream of wheat & I can only find it in one store in NJ. I ssee the 10 minute version all the time.

  256. angie says:

    im actually glad for the many different kinds of cream of wheat, due to my son having Autism, thats the only thing in the world he eats. I make it everyday about 4-5 times a day on the stovetop. if you notice there are about 2-4 different kinds of everything on the grocery shelf these days, but hey! i think variety is good! i do think the soda industry is a little ridiculous with 20 different kinds of flavors, considering its suppose to be sooo bad for us! Lol!

  257. Trillion says:

    Ha ha! I’m commenting on a 6-year-old post about Cream of Wheat!!

  258. Linda says:

    back to you, Mike. I had asked the Schnuck’s store, and they ordered the strawberries and cream for me. I know they don’t have stores in NJ, but try them online.

  259. Ed says:

    Amazing thread on COW after I decided on a whim to have wifey pick some up. She got the instant variety and it did not taste so good even doctored up with butter and syrup. Maybe my 45 years of abstinence from it made my memory of it better than it actually was lol.

  260. Linda says:

    back to the very, very beginning. Strawberry… it’s pre-doctored!

  261. CreamOfWheatNewbie says:

    YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS COMMENT: On a Tuesday morning, I gave blood for a CBC (complete blood count). I did the usual healthy eating, and the fasting, 10 hours before the blood draw. By the following Tuesday, I was told that my Hemoglobin was 13.5, and the normal range is 13.8 to 17.2 gm/dL. So I was told to eat cream of wheat, and I bought a box. That day, I had a good serving and the following morning and evening I had a serving each time. I was told not to fast anymore, so I had cream of wheat again on Thursday morning. I once again went for a blood draw, on Thursday afternoon. My hemoglobin went up to 14.5, which I thought was an amazing result, being that I only had 4 servings of cream of wheat.

  262. Harry H. says:

    Cream of wheat is one of my faves. I use the 2 1/2 minute version using half milk and half water. Pour in the cereal slowly while stirring to avoid lumps. I hear they have a healthier whole grain version now which I will have to try. I think the different cooking times relate to how quickly each version absorbs water. Not sure what they do to it to make the instant, but it can’t be terribly natural.

  263. Bill says:

    I live in Northern California. I have used the 10 minute version for years but a few years back I found the big chain grocery stores eliminating the 10 minute version. GOOD NEWS _ I found that most of the smaller grocery stores carry the 10 minute version.

    This may or may not be true but I believe that grocery stores that are located near a retirement community are more likely to carry the 10 minute version. I guess we have more time! LOL!!

  264. B says:

    Just wanted to share some info for cream of wheat eaters in the UK.

    The Swedes call cream of wheat “Manna Gryn” and it’s much cheaper than the American imports to the UK.

    To the best of my current knowledge there are two Scandinavian places in London that sell Manna Gryn & ship nationwide. Scandinavian Kitchen & Totally Swedish (google them :))

    It’s just regular cream of wheat – not the instant stuff. I just ate a big bowl of it flavored with Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate…mmMMMMMMMM……

  265. Lori says:

    I eat Farina every day for breakfast, although not Cream of Wheat Brand enriched farina. I just bought it today because i couldn’t find Farina Mills Original at the store I was in. Farina Mills is made from only wheat farina and Cream of Wheat enriched farina ingrediaents have wheat farina and partially defatted wheat germ. Do thay taste the same?

  266. Timothy Ditmer says:

    I decided to write B&G Foods, the owners of Cream of Wheat as to why so many varities. Here is their response.

    Dear Mr. Ditmer,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact B&G Foods Inc. We offer several different stove top varieties of Cream of Wheat Cereal to satisfy our different consumers’ needs and preferences. The 10 , 2.5 and 1 minute varieties contain different ingredients and have some variation in color and texture. While 10 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, some consumers want to be able to make the cereal in less time, so we give them severeal more options.

    We appreciate your interest in Cream of Wheat and Cream of Rice products and are delighted to hear that you enjoy eating them.

    Chris Bartkovitz

    B&G Foods, Inc.

    Corporate Consumer Affairs

  267. Moe says:

    Found this tale of COW when looking to see if it was a complex carb and yes it is if you dont eat the instant ( ick ) version. I make mine with water, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger and two equals and after cooking ( I prefer the 2 1/2 minute version ) to a slightly running consistency I add two tablespoons of 2 percent milk that should lay on top and I AM IN LOVE some times I think about COW during the day and have a second bowl for my dinner. I lovvvvvvvvvvve COW ..its wicked yummy and holds the heat ( must have very hot food ) and the consistency is perfect little balls of yum. Its low in calories high in iron and carbs ….love it !! its the perfect food……Of course if i didnt have to watch what i ate I would say the same thing about a donut

  268. yeomer says:

    For those of us who have chronic anemia, CREAM OF WHEAT is the easiest way to get our iron up. The instant and quick varieties are popular for people who inhale breakfast. For us hard-core Cream of Wheat fans, the old fashioned 10-minute formula is SO WORTH THE WAIT! The instant varieties resemble wall paper paste in texture and taste.

  269. P O'D CUSTOMER says:

    I have a hard time finding any version of cream of wheat….walmart carries the long time to cook version…one place has the instant and it is $4.00 a box—why in the heck is it so expensive? so I went on amazon, ebay and a few other places and some had a box of instant for $17 ????? what the he ll is this about? this cereal should not cost any more than instant oatmeal about $2.89 a box…..some one pls shed some light on this issue? Perhaps I should buy all I can for $4 each and resell for $17 each…that would be a nice profit…???

  270. Linda says:

    Dear P O’d. The Amazon was 3 or 4 boxes, not $17 per box. Still a little high, but if you can’t find what you really want, it might be worth it to you.

  271. Krystal L. Clutter says:

    Instant and 1 minute is basically the same. If you look at the cooking instructions for instant, you’ll see they say to cook for 1 minute. Instant just means it’s instantly measured out for you.

  272. Shelby says:

    What a great blog post and comment thread.

    I love Cream of Wheat and try to eat it every other day at least to help my low iron.

    The thought of sweet Cream of Wheat squicks me out. I eat mine with a tiny pat of Earth Balance and a sprinkle of salt (I have low sodium levels and low blood pressure as well, so my doctor encourages me to eat salty food).

  273. chrughes says:

    Un thread classique.

  274. chrughes says:

    You may be able to see this in your site analytics, but I wanted to add that I found my way here via a citation on the Cream of Wheat Wikipedia article.

    “In the United States market, there are three unflavored mixes available (10-minute, 2 1/2-minute and 1-minute). [4]”

    Mike, you are a respected authority on cereal marketing.

  275. MommyJo says:

    This blog… what a gem! I too stumbled upon this after searching CoW. I was looking for the differences between instant and regular.
    I’ve always had instant and I love it. Ate it frequently as a kid, then when I got pregnant and after having my baby, I eat it every day. Since eating it so much, I recently bought the 2 1/2 min cooking version to get more bang for my buck. I tried microwaving it, but now I see that I need to use the stove for proper flavor.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen the 10 min box, but now I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.
    11 years of comments for CoW love! I love it!
    Cuddos to the blogger and all these great commenters. I’ve really learned a lot more than I was initially searching for.

  276. Sandra L McCarthy says:

    I have looked in 5, Five Stores in Schenectady., NY..and Can’t find Any Cream of Wheat, of Any Kind !! Have the Company Stopped making”Cream of Wheat” ?

  277. kevin says:

    Is C.O.W. the same has Malt o-meal???

  278. Ald2 says:

    Love c.o.w. since a kid about to make some now I flavor my own with fresh fruits or I’ll cook the fruit in it the best.

  279. Tant says:

    Cream of Wheat in the yellow box contains no sodium as opposed to the other red boxed or instant Cream of Wheat. Also the protein content is only 4 grams and no potassium is listed. It is suggested to anyone having dietary or health problems and must watch their daily sodium content to use Cream of Wheat in the yellow box. It cooks up quickly in the microwave.

  280. Tant says:

    To those who cannot find the one minute cooking time Cream of Wheat in the yellow box —- I obtained 3 28 oz boxes on line from Walmart for $10.00. Two day free shipping if picked up at the store. Cannot find it anywhere else. Good for people with dietary problems. Yummy when blueberries or any other. Berry added

  281. John Holcomb says:

    Anyone that thinks these varieties taste the same is sorely mistaken. Look up “instant Cream of Wheat is nasty.” It tastes terrible! 2.5 is best! Only those who started out on the packets like them they’ve been fooled..

  282. Michael Brian says:

    Well. There ya go. 16 years later. Apples N Cinnamon is no more.

  283. Liz says:

    Interesting blog! I am pretty sure there’s something about cow that is easily digestable for some and the high level of iron is very helpful esp to women. I think it has a strong psychological impact on people as they recall eating it as a kid… I eat the quick packets now which have 100 cals in them and use water and tiny currants thrown in (after cooked I throw a bit of almond milk on it) and it makes an extremely filling and helpful thing to eat when dieting. It is a cornerstone of my current diet – trying to lose about 30 lbs/10-15 kilos. I find it helps me a lot for this as it keeps me from over-eating and eating the wrong kinds of foods too and I really enjoy it!

  284. uncleUno says:

    I’m not so sure about the rest of the types but the 2-1/2 minute has 100mg of sodium per serving, vs. The 1 minute with 0mg of sodium. I haven’t checked the 10 minute nor the Instant. Personally I fix mine with extra salt, butter and a splash of half&half.

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