We’re Hiring In a Pretty Big Way

Just a quick note to let all Mike Industries readers know that the Walt Disney Internet Group is looking to fill over 80 positions in our North Hollywood and Seattle offices right now. These are mostly technical positions ranging from the creative side of things to the engineering side of things, and I can tell you from the over four years I’ve worked here that it’s a great place to get your groove on.

To list every position available in this blog entry would take quite some time, but just in the Seattle office, I know we’re looking for engineers, technical producers, designers, managers, Java people, SQL people, project managers, and a handful of other positions. The North Hollywood office has other openings as well.

If you’re a talented, motivated person who is interested in working for Disney, please check out the Walt Disney Internet Group job site and submit your information through there, or also feel free to send me your stuff through “disneyjobs at mikeindustries.com”. I’m not sure every opening is listed on the WDIG Jobs Site so if you’re a talented web professional, send us your stuff and we’ll try and see if there’s a fit.

UPDATE: If you’re interested in WDIG jobs out of the Orlando office, there are some openings there as well.

18 comments on “We’re Hiring In a Pretty Big Way”:
  1. Aaron Egaas says:

    What perfect timing, I graduate in a week, I live in Seattle, and I need a job. Wow!

    Thanks for the heads up Mike!

  2. Adam A says:

    sweeeeet….. my ticket out of japan!

  3. Matthom says:

    I’m definitely interested. I’ll be sending my resume and stuff to you, soon.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Dave says:

    Ah nice, what’s your actual position within Walt Disney Mike?

  5. Nathan Smith says:

    It’s a long-shot, but I sent mine off. Once you see my resume you’ll trash it, as I went to Washington State University. :)

  6. Man… any word on DIG hiring in Orlando?

  7. kartooner says:

    Likewise, I’m interested in this opportunity as well. I’m preparing my resume and other goodies and will be sending them off.

    Thanks for the heads up, Mike!

  8. JY says:

    It’s cool, Nathan. We’ve got a few Wazzu grads hiding in the shadows.

  9. BM says:

    Mike, question from Canada:

    Any idea what extra hurdles us northerners might face applying to these jobs? I live about an hour away from Seattle, but I know that some American companies are averse to hiring internationally. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Ryan Berg says:

    Hmm… nothing helpful to a visual communications student in Kansas still searching for a summer internship. Oh well.

  11. And here I am on the wrong side of the state. Stupid Columbia-River Basin!

  12. Brian B says:

    So where in Seattle are the DIG offices? I’m not familiar with the area, but am curious…

    There are also jobs listed in the glendale, burbank, and NYC area.

  13. kevin says:

    I’m in seattle, though I already have a full-time gig. How’s the working environment? What do you love about working there? What would you change?

  14. Hey Mike, thanks for the heads up! I work in a very unsatisfying job up in Mountlake Terrace and this sounds like a great opportunity!

  15. Conánn says:

    Disney’s California offices are in Glendale and Burbank, they are two cities side by side in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.


    Many of Disney’s best Animators are Canadian, taking care of visa’s is routine, unless yer poo which makes it a great excuse on a regection letter.

  16. Dave says:

    Well i guess i could pack up and leave England :P But i guess this job isn’t for me.

  17. I’d love to work for the WDIG, too bad I still got 2 more years in high school to go. :/

  18. Neko says:


    thanks for the advice. I was wondering if they do accept applications sent by people from outside the USA.

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