ESPN Seeks Flash Developers

If you know Flash like the back of your hand and you don’t mind 15 million people seeing your work every day, wants to talk to you. Our main office in Bristol, Connecticut has an opening for a full-time advanced Flash developer to help build bleeding-edge applications for the largest sports site in the world,

ESPN has always been a pioneer in the world of Flash and web development with projects such as:

  • The world’s first dynamic Flash sportsticker (“The Bottomline”)
  • Dynamic Scalable Flash headlines
  • Real-time Flash GameCasts
  • NCAA March Madness Flash tournament brackets
  • Fantasy Football League Manager
  • ESPN Motion for Mac and Firefox

… and many, many more.

Having worked on this stuff for the last four years, I can say that not only are the projects extremely fun and about as high-profile as it gets, but the amount of resources at your disposal is mind-blowing. What good is writing a data-ticker if all you can pull in is some public domain weather information that everyone else has? Throw in ESPN real-time game update feeds from every single sporting event in progress throughout the country though and then you’ve really got something. In addition to the raw amount of data available, you’ve got the highly talented production and engineering teams at ESPN working with you to get everything just right.

Anyway, if you want to find out more, drop me a line with a link to your resumé and/or portfolio and I’ll pass it on to the appropriate people. I must stress that this is more of a Flash developer position than a Flash design position although it can obviously include some of each. If you don’t know ActionScript 2.0 and object-oriented scripting, the position is probably not for you. If you do, however, know that stuff and you’ve got a love for sports, I highly recommend finding out more.

Working here is a fun, fun gig.

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