ESPN Wants Your Thoughts

One of my co-worker homies at ESPN headquarters, Kareem Mayan, runs his own blog over at and he would like your suggestions regarding subscription content on Kareem was one of the driving forces behind ESPN Fantasy Football League Manager, and his excellent work is one of the main reasons the product is doing so well this year. Also, can I just mention really quick how much butt I’m kicking in the blogger league?

Copious amounts.

Anyway, if you’re an user and you have some suggestions for us, head on over to Reemer’s place and post your thoughts. With Kareem working on ESPN Insider now, expect a lot of great stuff coming down the pipe in short order.

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  1. kareem says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Mike. And happy birthday, old man.

  2. now accepting TrackBack pings

    I posted a link to this story on TrojanWire, and noticed that I had to option to send a TrackBack ping.

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