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There’s a new blog on the block, and if you’re interested in the advertising industry, it’s worth adding to your blogroll. AdFreak, a product of AdWeek Magazine, is a collaborative effort by AdWeek staffers to chronicle all the latest and greatest campaigns in the ad world. Unlike the straightforward style of AdWeek Magazine, AdFreak presents its contents in a comical, sarcastic manner mildly reminiscent of the great Defamer.

Since I only have one TV and one Mac, I can’t be expected to keep up on all the latest ad campaigns myself, and that is where AdFreak excels. Check out this piece on Virgin Atlantic’s new online campaign. Brilliant stuff. I already wanted to fly on Virgin, but now I REALLY want to. Try out the dream interpreter… it actually works pretty well for most of the basic dreams (viz. “I came to work naked”, “I was falling off a cliff”, etc).

Online ad campaigns like the Virgin Atlantic dream interpreter and the new CNN Under your Command video piece are a good indication that the dawn of internet advertising is finally upon us. We’ve always known that garish, cheaply produced banner ads never did a whole lot for branding or sales, but now that we have things like Flash video and smart interactivity in our arsenal, the internet may soon overtake TV as the most immersive and effective advertising medium.

Before I worked at Disney/ESPN, I worked for a pretty major ad agency here in Seattle, and the attitude towards internet advertising back then was that it was sort of a “necessary evil” in the business. Everyone knew that being a full-service agency they had to provide it, but no one was particularly interested in it. After all, who wants to design banner ads for a few thousand dollars when you can direct cinematic television spots for hundreds of thousands of dollars? I see all that beginning to change though now that we have stellar examples like the Virgin Atlantic and CNN pieces. As soon as agency creative directors see what we’re able to do online these days, I feel like a lot more attention will be paid to the space. And once that happens, look out… we’re in for some great campaigns.

Anybody have any other examples of great online campaigns they’ve seen recently?

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  1. Jeff says:

    They have some pretty cool stuff there. I’m not sure if I could get that into their content though. Admittedly, I really want to fly virgin now though.

  2. Ryan Berg says:

    I could definitely get into their content. I’m in college studying graphic design, working at my school newspaper’s ad department as a creative, and would like to get into the ad industry post-graduation. This site speaks right to me.

  3. Are there any people out there advocating responsible, sensible advertising? For instance, are there adpersons blogging about their discontent towards the atrocity that is the billboard on wheels? Or perhaps their disgust at the abuse of the practice that created commercials before movies at the theatre?

    And because we’re talking about advertising: etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

  4. Mike D. says:

    Thank you Seth. Jesus, I was beginning to think the only thing readers of this site cared about were browsers, text replacement, and web standards. I’m glad someone has an interest in interactive advertising.

    That said, I don’t really know the answer to your question. I feel like advertsing is self-regulated in a way: Ad people try crazy stuff like popunders and eventually the technology comes out to block this advertising. It’s a delicate balance advertisers must strike to make sure their message is pervasive but not annoying.

    On that note, check out for another great use of interactive Flash in an ad campaign.

  5. Dustin says:

    I thought this would be an appropriate place to write this…since I saw this error today.


    Looks a little problem occurred with sIFR. I have js enabled and styles on…so what happened?

    (Editor’s Note: I finally switched my site from IFR to sIFR this weekend so you are seeing a cached .js or .css file. Hitting reload should fix the problem. I think I will move to naming my .js and .css files by date now so this doesn’t happen.)

  6. Karen says:

    I was just on Spring Break in Miami and saw street teams promoting a new site for Victoria’s Secret PINK: Have you guys seen it? About time that someone turned the tables on girls gone wild. The site is hot, or, rather, the guys are!

  7. David says:

    I just now saw that website and it’s a direct copy of It’s about time someone used that concept!

  8. Creford says:

    That’s a great site! But I thought it was discommodious that the domain name would be redirected to .
    Thanks for introducing this site!

  9. Link Right 2 says:



    (via Mike Davidson)

    There’s a new blog on the block, and if you’re interested in the advertising industry, it’s worth adding to your blogroll. AdFreak, a product of AdWeek Magazine, is a collaborative effort by AdWeek staffers to …

  10. Blankbaby says:

    A new blog about ads, freak

    Hey, everybody, look! A new blog entitled adfreak is on the scene. The niche topic of this recent addition to the good old blogosphere? Why, advertising of course, and it looks pretty good to me.

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