Paper So Soft You Can Wear It

Paper selection can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. For a standard print job, you know your weights, your colors, and your “go-to” paper brand so it’s relatively simple. But what about when you really want to knock someone’s socks off?

Before a few months ago, I didn’t think there even existed such a sock-knocking paper. That was before I discovered, through the advice of a friend, Curious Papers. My oh fricking my. It is the only paper I’ve ever felt which I could identify blindfolded. Blindfolded, you say? Well then what is that is so remarkable about this paper?


That’s right. Pick up a sheet of 111# Curious Touch Soft and you’ll swear you’re holding suede. It feels almost wet. I was passing the gorgeous swatchbook Curious sent me around my office the other day and one person even recoiled in shock after feeling it. The people at Arjo Wiggins who brew the stuff won’t even discuss the secret process involved in making it.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on printing up any new business cards for awhile but now that I have 500 sheets of the stuff on the way, I’m going to run a new batch. If I received a business card from someone and it was on this stock, I would probably call them the very next day just to ask them about it… it’s that striking.

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  1. john says:

    Would love to check this out, can’t get past the index page though. Maybe they don’t like macs.

  2. Mike D. says:


    Curious Paper unfortunately uses an onload popup to pop their site into a new window and that’s why it’s not working for you. I assume you’re using Safari.

    Temporarily disable the blocking of popups and the site should show up just fine.

  3. alban says:


    I’m part of the Curious Collection Marketing development team and I was very interested in your comments… thanks for the compliments!!!

    I was really interested in what you said about our website and am looking at a way to solve that problem… could you call me on 00441256728688 or send me an email? I have a few precise questions:

    Is the problem always there
    If not when does it occur and with what pages
    How do you access the web (dial in, leased line, ADSL etc)
    What release of IE are you using
    What OS are you using

    thanks in advanve for all,



  4. Lynn says:

    I know what you mean about the paper! I was just assigned to have a presentation made using this paper for covers and it feels great! I’m so excited to see the final product, with blue foil stamped into it.

    Great feeling paper!

  5. annette says:

    i have been looking online for a way to buy curious touch, for wedding invites. how did you buy it? i cant find it anywhere!

  6. Lynn says:

    I got Curious Touch from Clampitt Paper in San Antonio. 210-599-9600 Rep. is Zetta Young Carroll.

  7. Mike D. says:

    annette: I got mine from Astro Converters in California. They are great and will do small runs as well.

  8. Adrienne says:

    Hi Mike,
    Just recently found this blog topic. I am interested in Curious Touch Soft but my printer broker says since its a mill item, it’s not something they can get in small quantities. Did you buy the paper yourself from Astro Converters and then have it printed elsewhere. Do you recommend a printer as well who will print business cards for a reasonable price?


  9. Mike D. says:

    Adrienne: Yep, AstroConverters will cut it for you in small quantities, and then you can do your printing wherever you want. I used a local printer in Seattle.

  10. Denise Webb says:

    I’m using Curious Touch Soft as a cover stock for a exhibition textbook I have designed for an Art Museum. The book is being printed in Canada, and I’m having a GREAT deal of difficulty convincing them of it’s printablity. They are telling me that they can’t find anyone in North America that can work with it!! I just can’t believe this. I’ve sent them all of the print samples i have from Arjo Wiggins. Are there any printers you can recommend?

    We are printing in one color only, and only the title will print, as a blurred effect. The ink coverage is very minimal, to allow for the fabulous texture to come through. Any suggestions appreciated!


  11. Mike D. says:

    Denise: I don’t know why printers would be telling you that. Our local printer was able to print on that stock just fine and I’ve seen other stationery printed on it as well.

  12. janet says:

    Hi There

    I am located in Toronto Canada and I want to use this paper for my business cards but also have the problem of finding someone to print them?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, is there a paper distributor in Canada?

  13. Stephanie says:

    We are in Seattle, and cannot find anyone who will print on this paper! My understanding is that digital printing is fine, but if you want to use a press with ink, they won’t do it. Does anyone have a recommendation?

  14. Karen Phelps says:

    We are a specialty printer in Atlanta. We have printed on Curious touch as well as foil stamped and embossed. Does foiling extremely well. Even tiny fine lines in the foil. Does not hold engraving as well. Love the paper.

  15. Antony Otis says:

    We are a printing company and print amazing colour results on Curious Touch. It’s the best stock for high quality presentation I have come across. Quite outstanding!!

  16. Dennis says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Curious paper for some time and want to see if I can use it for a design project or two. Does anyone know where I can order a new catalog/swatchbook from?

  17. Scott says:

    I just designed an entire announcement card/ envelope/ vellum insert piece using three Curious products: Curious Metallics (envelope), Curious Translucents (vellum insert) and Curious Touch (111# Milk White) for the card itself…and it turned out amazing. People react to the card stock exactly the way you describe–by recoiling in wonder and amazement. I’ve been wanting to use that stuff ever since I first held it. I’m very happy with the result. Awesome stuff.

  18. Chloe says:

    Hey guys,
    I am currently studying Lithography Printing and as part of my assignment I am to find out what people use this type of paper for, eg Business cards, Wedding Invitations. I was wondering if anybody could let me know what they use this fantastic paper for.

    Many thanks

  19. Lori Leiter says:

    Does anyone know if the touch paper (or a similar stock) is available in a dark navy blue? I received a sample created by American Express that uses the stock, but it doesn’t look like the blue was printed on the piece….I’d appreciate any help/suggestions!


  20. P. Custer says:

    FiberMark makes a slate blue color in a similar product called Touche. It’s available through paper merchants.

  21. Kenneth K says:

    I once had a brochure from Tony Stone, wich cover was printed on something similar as Curious Touch Wet but it was more rough. More like it was actual velvet.

    I can’t seem to find that paper anywhere and it sucks

  22. Laurie H says:

    Still looking for a printer for Curious Touch Wet. I’m in the Washington DC area. Any suggestions?

  23. Tom says:

    We have a client that loves the paper and we used a similar paper from Neenah paper called Starwhite Sirius soft touch. However, when we printed on them with reflex blue, the color faded to a green on 50,000 cards within two days. We figured it was bad ink or a paper problem, but both manufacturers said no way.

    Has anyone experienced this problem and could this be the reason that many printers won’t touch it?

  24. Doug V says:

    We have experience printing offset on Sirius, Touche and Curious Touch. We will only attempt it on our UV cured press with inter-station drying, but then we have that option. That way we and the client know exactly what it will look like fully cured.

    If budgetary restraints keep you from using the exotic soft-touch stocks, you might consider the option of using a soft-touch aqueous coating, but insist on two-hits of the coating for uniform finish. Not quite as fuzzy, but a good compromise.

  25. Kristine J says:

    I’m a designer in Seattle and just took a tour at Printing Control Graphics in Tukwilla and they’ve printed on both on Soft Touch paper and have the capabilities of using the coating. They just printed their marketing brochure with it and it looks great. I’d recommend giving them a call.

  26. Robin Coventry says:

    Where can I get samples of this paper fast?

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