Rejecting a Rejection

Looking for a job? Sick of getting your resumé rejected? Why not fire off your own rejection letter of the original rejection?

John Kador does just that with his rejection rejection letter.

Money quote: “I find that your rejection does not meet with my requirements at this time. As a result, I will be starting employment with your firm on the first of the month.”

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  1. Abel Rios says:

    Wow, this made my day. It’s ironic how you will come across something like this, and experience the same thing.



  2. This is so funny. I wonder if anybody has actually sent one and what the reponse was?

    It might be fun to apply for a job that I have absolutely no chance of getting, just to send the rejection rejection letter.

  3. sitewizard says:

    Firstly – Your site rocks, I found it whilst surfing for links on dropcatching domains – and now I’m hooked deeper and deeper. Will I get any work done today?
    We had someone reply to our rejection letter with comedy – We used the phrase “a stronger candidate” – and we had an offer letter back asking to set up an arm wrestle – or if the other candidate was female, they would consider mud wrestling.
    Very amusing – still didn’t employ them though! – they knew bugger all about HTML – but probably would have been amusing down the pub!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Zuzana says:

    I was just typing a response to a rejection letter and didn’t know what to really say but this is hilarious. If my inner thoughts ruled that is precisely how I would state it. Thank you for the good laugh.

  5. Bejoy Thomas says:


    your site rocks, which software are you using, is it downloadable.


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