Noteworthy Entries

Following is a list of some of the more noteworthy entries on Mike Industries:

  • How To Snatch an Expiring Domain — I’m not sure why, but this article has received tens of thousands of views and continues to get a lot of traffic. It’s an inside look at the domain expiration process.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence Art Directors — If you’re just breaking into the design business, you may have a lot of questions as to what is important and how to get started. This article is a quick primer on best practices.
  • How to Properly Apply for a Design Position — So many people get this wrong. If you’re going after a design job, this is how to present yourself.
  • Unstealth! Get Ready for Newsvine — The inaugural blog post, unveiling Newsvine in 2005. Our company was acquired two years to the day after founding it, by NBC News.
  • DevEdge: The standards-based redesign — In redesigning with web standards, we became the first major media site to drop tables, font tags, and other outdated code in favor of CSS and other best practices. It was a controversial move at the time, dropping support for older browsers and concentrating on new technology, but it has paid off in droves.
  • The Design Authority: Producing a Reaction Through Design — Working on the web doesn’t have to mean abandoning print. Element K Magazine examines this designer’s origins in the analog world and how they still serve as an influence in current work.
  • Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly in Two Minutes — A technique for making a freestanding mobile version of your web site with only a few lines of PHP.
  • sIFR 2.0 — The official release of sIFR 2.0, a typographic technique I co-invented. In use on such sites as ABCNews, MSNBC, AT&T, Nike, and The U.S. Navy.
  • Can We Speed Up Browser Evolution? — An in-depth look at why web standards take so long to evolve and what we can do to help speed the progress.
  • A Good Problem to Have — A look back at Apple’s past, its rise to power, and how lucky we are that things turned out the way they did.

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