iPod Giveaway #2: Great iPods in History

Picked up by the New York Times, Toronto Star, San Jose Mercury News, Kottke.org, Gizmodo, Boing Boing, and Popular Mechanics among others, the first installment of the Mike Industries iPod-A-Month Creativity Competition was a bigger-than-expected hullaballoo. Thanks again to all who entered.

For the second installment, we’re going with a nostaglic theme: Great iPods in History. As is the case with all of these competitions, the person who suggested the theme will win one iPod Shuffle, and the person who wins the actual contest will take home the other (suggestion pool still open through the end of the year). Congratulations to “Getmeparu” for suggesting this contest… as soon as I figure out who you are, a Shuffle will be forthcoming.

As is illustrated by the slightly modified 1945 Alfred Eisenstadt photo to the left, the aim of this contest is to place an iPod Shuffle into notable historical context. You can modify famous photos, upload audio narratives, shoot video, or even design a mini-site. I expect most of the entries to be altered photos, which works well for this particular contest, but I just wanted to remind everyone that rules can always be broken. You are free to submit anything you like, as long as it’s yours and it was created specifically for this contest.

This contest, along with the remaining seven, will run for two weeks. The deadline for entries is midnight, May 31st.

Submission rules are as follows, and cannot be broken:

  • If you’re submitting an image, it must be exactly 418 pixels by 418 pixels. Use a standard <img src="yourimage.jpg" /> tag to enter it into the comments section below. Please also keep your filesizes reasonable (as small as possible, but definitely under 80k or so).
  • Please submit any audio, video, or website entries as a standard link.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Nothing overtly offensive or in otherwise poor taste please. Mike Industries is a family establishment.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Please, it’s a very simple rule: 418 pixels by 418 pixels. Anything smaller or bigger will be deleted. Also, please keep images under about 80k. Thanks!

UPDATE #2: Maybe the big red exclamation mark will help here — all images must be EXACTLY 418 pixels tall by 418 pixels wide. Not 418×200. Not 500×500. It is not a “maximum width”. 418×418 please. The management thanks you.

UPDATE #3: iPodLounge.com has just offered to send a pair of $150 Etymotic ER-6i earbuds and a sportcase to the eventual winner. Thanks iPodLounge!

317 comments on “iPod Giveaway #2: Great iPods in History”. Leave your own?
  1. Chris says:

    Like I care it only took me 1 minute (and 40 seconds of that was the search)

  2. Stu Schaff says:

    This was the beginning of history, right?

  3. Stu Schaff says:

    I think I know now why they all sat on that side of the table: to listen in on J.C.’s rockin’ tunes!

  4. Stu Schaff says:

    Getting away from blasphemy for a moment, it now becomes clear why a young Bill Gates seems so blissful in this picture.

  5. Raj says:

    Trial #2 since I’m a spaz who forgets to read directions twice.

    One wonders what a person does while sitting for a portrait…

    Click the image for the highest resolution version. I have the full (non square) if anyone wants it in psd format. Nothing special in it though. More entries to come.

  6. chris says:

    ^^ it’s about a real as the other moon photos ^^

  7. Brian says:

    /Achilles, son of Peleus, king of Myrmidons

  8. Mikkel M says:

    Of course, the story of the iPod mini goes back to the times before any script language was founded – back to the earliest of days .. Nah…

  9. jarv says:

    Ludwig van Beethoven was using it too…

  10. jarv says:

    Albert Einstein – wondering what he was doing while thinking about his theories…

  11. Juna Duncan says:

    George couldn’t wait to open his and show it off. He still has the box on his desk.

  12. Seth Dimbert says:

    This one might be a stretch… let’s see if anyone else gets it.

  13. Mike Purvis says:

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

  14. matthew says:

    Who can forget one of the greatest illustrations of all time?

  15. Patrys says:

    iHenge: Just a random hack

  16. Emil says:

    Jarv: Wasn’t Beethoven like … you know, deaf?

  17. jarv says:

    sure. if you would listen all the time through your earbuds, won’t you be deaf too ? ;]

  18. Patrys says:

    Emil: People think so just because he kept his iPod on all the time ;).

  19. jarv says:

    Bush has one, JFK had one.

  20. jarv says:

    Matthew: It’s Loomis, isn’t it ?

  21. matthew says:

    Nope, its Norman Rockwell. He used to do the covers for the Evening Post. Amazing illustrator.

  22. Patrys says:

    Titian: Eve handing Adam the first Apple product

  23. Mikkel M says:

    Oh my god! Patrys’ is great! Hilariuos!

  24. Steve L says:

    Another Oswald shooting. Honestly, I didn’t see the officer Tibbs shot before I did this…… really. I think that Oswald was listening to “Back in Black” when he was shot.

  25. Brian says:

    Freebies if anyone wants them: Perfect photo of Che and also there’s Mount Rushmore.

  26. Tommy says:

    We all remember Rocky Balboa, Boxing has never been the same since.

  27. Patrys says:

    Mikkel M: nice to hear that you appreciate my wicked sense of humour. After all it all started with an Apple ;]

  28. Jeff Long says:


  29. Max Wheeler says:

    “Either this man is dead, or my iPod Shuffle has stopped”
    – Groucho Marx

  30. Mike Purvis says:

    There’s going to have to be a separate contest for “iPod Shuffle At The Movies”

    Anyhow, here’s another WWII one:

  31. ninetynine says:
  32. Kevinn says:

    Winston loves his Shuffle!

  33. Some thought the Phonograph was his final achievement, but he had one more invention up his sleeve…

  34. jarv says:

    Max: Groucho is awesome! ;]

  35. Adam Solove says:

    37apples’ Case Studies: the iPod Shuffle

    [And, before I get a barage of emails, it is deliberate satire and not reflective of my own leanings.]

  36. Amit Lamba says:

    Inspiration comes from within. Don’t go looking for it, it’ll find you.

  37. McAuliflower says:

    Dang, hope I’m not going to Beatles-hell for this…

  38. Myk says:

    World History: A Sequence of Immitative Poems.


    How to put a humanities education to good use.

    Creation: The Limericks
    The Shuffle in Genesis:
    (Found in appocryphal early printing)
    There was once a shuffler named God
    Who thought beauty in darkness was odd;
    How he made light is a myst’ry,
    But that Shuffle survived hist’ry,
    And comes to us now as iPod.

    The Shuffle in Evolution:
    Etched on the back of a large black monolith in orbit around Jupiter
    It was in an old film from Kubrick:
    A black iPod established a rubric –
    Mankind would grow hip,
    Shuffle stones for a ship,
    And go from dead monkey to lubric.

    The Shuffle Around the World
    The Shuffle in Heian Era Japan
    Haiku found in Murasaki Shikibu’s character notes
    Ordered songs are stale;
    Shuffled tunes are zen, unbound –
    Genji has iPod.

    The Shuffle in Ukraine
    Traditional Ukrainian Folk Song, Translated
    We are so poor
    We have no money
    We were great once
    I want an iPod
    But I cannot even afford food.
    (ed. note: It sounds better in the original, you really need to hear the rhythm)

    The Shuffle in Ancient Egypt
    Engraved in king tut’s tomb
    Bird shape, sun shape, iPod shape, bird shape, spear shape, river shape, another sun shape.
    (ed. note: Meaning is vague)

    Shuffle in British Literature
    Shakespeare’s Shuffle.
    (A Sonnet, discovered between the pages of the second folio, scribbled on a cod-piece wrapper)
    When I do sit alone and write blank verse,
    There are too many days when I cannot
    Come up with words to rhyme, it is my curse –
    Strive though I may no order comes from knots.
    What knots, you ask? You think I used that word
    Only to rhyme something to that “cannot”?
    My friend, that is entirely absurd –
    To end a line, for rhyming’s sake, with “knot?”
    Alright, it’s true, I am a useless fraud,
    And nothing that I ever write will work;
    I cannot rhyme, not e’en for king or god,
    Since I got this toy my life’s a
    But with my shuffle writings matters not,
    And random songs are better than no knot.
    (Scholars debating whether or not to just sort of hush this one up)

    Romantic Shuffle
    Found in an old collection of Byron’s letters
    “…And that damned Keats, always walking around with that device. I know you respect his work, Shelley, but sometimes I wonder if by some contrivance that thing is…I don’t know, putting ideas into his head? I mean, good god man, you and I, we get our ideas the old fashioned way – we have rampant drunken debauched orgies and then write while overcome with guilt and shame the next day from our Catholic upbringings – but I swear I saw him listening to those little pieces he puts into his ears (the…earpieces? if you will…) and jotting down what he heard! It isn’t natural, I tell you…”

    Modernist Shuffle
    Found in Finnegans Wake by James Joyce(honest!)
    You here nort farwellens rouster? Ashiffle ashuffle the wayve
    From Dancingtree till Suttonstone There’s lads no lie would
    filch a crown To mull their sack and brew their tay With wather
    parted from the say.

    Yeah that’s all I got. I like the Kubrick one the best.

  39. Rick says:

    You stole the idea from my head, but not the exact idea :D

  40. Jonny Rocket says:

    Hi there,
    This competition is a great idea and should generate loads of interest.
    We run London’s Playlist club, and if anyone entering the competition would be happy for us to use the images you make as the main image on future Playlist Club flyers, please do let me know (jonny AT ipod-dj DOT com).

  41. Tommy says:

    Its the iDick

  42. Tommy says:

    It’s the iDick

  43. Pete says:

    I’m so pretty, watch me shuffle…

  44. Victoria says:

    Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for ipods…

  45. Hans says:

    Wow, you have a lot of work here Mike to find a winner. They’re all great!

    Hmm.. maybe I should try one also…

  46. Hans says:

    He looks to happy to not have a Shuffle!

    Also a good test to see how many of you who know your musical history…

  47. jzerger says:

    I think I’d feel more comfortable with religious blasphemy…

  48. Djenan says:

    Tada! At last

  49. Djenan says:

    Here’s another one just for the hell of it:

  50. Amit Lamba says:

    1,500 films – Forget history, that’s legendary.

  51. Chris Hopkins says:

    A bit obvious, but someone had to do it.

  52. Amit Lamba says:

    Hindu Goddess of Music – Saraswati Devi

  53. YaaL says:

    Look, they had their iPods in red… (:

  54. Brad says:

    Chris Hopkins: Wow!

    These are all looking really good, although you can definitely tell who use vectors for the cords. ;-)

  55. :)
    Good luck to everyone.

  56. Andrew says:

    “Debating for Dummies is a Rove Audiobook…”

  57. Daniel says:

    Wow… some of these are really good.

  58. Dan says:

    Excerpt from “The War of the Worlds” by H. G. Wells as performed by Orson Welles & the Mercury Theatre on the Air.

    Best experienced by listening to the audio while reading the transcript, so I suggest saving the audio offline first.

    Audio: ipod.mp3 (1.27 Mb)

    Transcript available here.

  59. MikkyX says:

    I’m hardly the best at this…. Some good entries so far but I’m going right back to the beginning:

    It was there at the beginning of everything, ya know.

  60. Leonardo says:
  61. Trevor says:

    American Shuffle

  62. Trevor says:

    Terminating Shuffle

  63. Leonardo says:
  64. Mikkel M says:

    Trevor: Haha, I get it – American Shuffle – well spotted!

  65. Sylva says:

    Wow, these are awesome. Guess this is a more popular contest than the last! I have laughed =)

  66. Anthony says:

    boy, some of these are very impressive, the einstien one is amazing!

  67. Jeff says:

    This is fast turning into a Fark Photoshop contest. Star Wars? Rocky? Fonz? Quick! Someone put an iPod shuffle on a DomoKun.

  68. optimus says:

    The original iPod.

  69. Hartless says:


    Alright, great concepts for this one so far. I’ll submit something, but there’s some stiff competition.

    So here’s an official suggestion for the next contest:

    Rejected iPod designs.

    Could be fun. Already have some ideas.
    Keep ’em coming.

  70. ninetynine says:
  71. pewtey says:

    “things weren’t really that bad.”

  72. Charlie D. says:

    Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions were far ahead of his time.

  73. Charlie D. says:

    Steve McCurry’s Pict, Steve Jobs’ Pod.

  74. History? Possibly the end of time…

  75. Jimmy Lee says:
  76. Patrys says:

    Wasn’t it supposed to be connected to history?

  77. Jimmy Lee says:
  78. Jimmy Lee says:

    I believe Star Wars was a historical moment…

  79. Rupak Das says:

    Found this in my Dad’s scrapbook.

  80. Adarsh Dilip says:

    I don’t think expressionist Edvard Munch was a big fan, or maybe, it was just not his kind of music :-)

  81. Jon says:

    …in retrospect if only I had listened to my people instead, things could have have been very different.

    (I think the earrings definitely fooled them though).

  82. Trevor says:

    I was thinking Art, Music, or Movie History could work…

  83. Amit Lamba says:

    I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about you
    I touch myself
    I don’t want anybody else
    Oh no, oh no, oh no

  84. Kurt Schneider says:

    Yet another Napoleon!

  85. Paul says:

    So this is how it works. Time to finish this and head to my own dock for some recharging.

  86. Paul says:

    The gateway to an infinity of music.

  87. Magic Rabbits says:

    iMagine there’s no iPod.

  88. Adarsh Dilip says:

    All men by nature desire an iPod.


  89. I know Apple used this image before .. but it looks great with the iPod.

  90. pewtey says:

    Ickey + Shuffle

  91. Seems like the Sovjets aren’t that afraid of American goods, afterall.

  92. Charlie D. says:

    Egyptian royalty had its perks.

  93. Djenan says:

    The glorious evolution of man

  94. Jacob says:

    “Open the iPod bay door, Hal.”

  95. Puck says:

    George Washington once said:
    To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.

    Clearly he was also prepared to RAWK

    (ps. the ipod bay door is awesome)

  96. Adarsh Dilip says:

    Wow… over a 100 entries in just three days!
    This is going to be one hard one to judge.

    Days remaining – 12
    Avg. entry per day – 25
    Total predicted entries – (doing the math) : 400 +/-

    Impressive !

  97. Jason Brown says:

    Cape Kennedy, FL, 1966
    Shining stars: Astronauts Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr., (right) and co- pilot James E. Lovell, Jr., back on earth after a successful Gemini 12 flight

    Original Picture: http://www.life.com/Life/classicpictures/nasa/3.html

  98. Jess says:


  99. Puck says:

    I knew it had to be a myth…

  100. Tommy says:

    Everyone remembers what REALLY scared little Elian Gonzalez?

  101. Tommy says:

    It wasnt the SWAT guy that scared the kid It was the sounds of Yanni coming from the Headphones.

  102. There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between is the iPod.

  103. Jeff says:

    The fall of iRaq.

  104. Jeff says:

    I would imagine from the look on his face, he’s listening to Unforgiven or Blackened by Metallica.

  105. Jeff says:

    "Let them iPod"

  106. Hmmm… try again

    “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between is the iPod.”

  107. Puck says:

    NUMBER: 816

    QUOTATION: If music be the food of love, play on

    ATTRIBUTION: Twelfth Night. Act i. Sc. 1. [text]
    BIOGRAPHY: Columbia Encyclopedia.
    WORKS: William Shakespeare Collection.

    NUMBER: 1122

    QUOTATION: A shuffle! a shuffle! my kingdom for a shuffle!

    ATTRIBUTION: King Richard III. Act v. Sc. 4. [text]
    BIOGRAPHY: Columbia Encyclopedia.
    WORKS: William Shakespeare Collection.

  108. Rob McMurray says:

    What? It’s just Martin Luther nailing his 95 playlists to the door of the church! :)

  109. Hannah Zix says:

    Here it is again in the correct size (I had technical difficulties earlier)…

  110. Doc says:

    One more go…

  111. giuseppe says:
  112. zach says:

    /pops to full version

  113. Charlie D. says:

    In exchange for Orville getting the first flight, Wilbur gets the iPod shuffle.

  114. Charlie D. says:

    The Wright Brothers gave chance a chance, and secured their place in history.

  115. Duane Deal says:

    A little “BLUES” history

  116. Charlie D. says:

    The Birth of Cool.

  117. Arthur says:

    Birth of an iPod

    Sorry about the triple posting, I didn’t read the directions the first two times. D’OH!

    (Editor’s Note: Or the third time apparently. You’re disqualified.)

  118. Josh Byers says:

    NOW, I’m the King of the World!

  119. Josh Byers says:

    Who needs teamwork when you have an iPod???

  120. jarv says:

    John – you’re reading my mind, or what ? Iwas thinking about the same idea – with Flip and Flap… ;) It is absolutely perfect…. ;)

  121. Geoff says:

    If thy iPod offends thee…

  122. Contest is over ladies and gentlemen!

  123. · says:

    pretty sad how people dont think we landed on the moon.

  124. slight variation on “Shuffle Out West”…


  125. ben says:

    A parody of one of the most powerful image branding in music.

  126. Brian says:

    Time for relaxing and time for jammin

  127. Brian says:

    Time for relaxing and time for jammin

  128. karate says:

    ” We will ROCK you! “

  129. Amber says:

    Does art history qualify?

  130. Sylva says:

    the campbell soup is such an icon! i like.

  131. mark says:

    Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary prepare to conquer Mount Everest in 1953.

  132. mark says:

    Tenzing and Hillary prepare for the final assault on Everest.

  133. Mike Shear says:

    I had a bit of trouble with the end of the movie, but you get the idea…

  134. Mike Shear says:

    Oops. I thought the url would be added automatically.
    Here it is…


  135. ben says:

    Another variation on this old music icon.

  136. James White says:

    Opps ; )

  137. mark says:

    The incandescent light bulb, the phonograph . . . what next?

  138. mark says:

    The birth of a . . .

  139. Miko Walczuk says:

    All Pods come standard equipped with a shuffle.

  140. Miko Walczuk says:

    John, the Shuffle Out West is great!

  141. jason says:

    nice designs, everyone

  142. mark says:

    “Watson, come quickly, you have to hear this!”

  143. I found this primitive art at the British Museum.

  144. – Murphy, we’ve…

    – Excuse me, Lewis, first I need to get more albums…

    The first ‘build in’ Ipod ever… :-P

  145. Djenan says:

    -The T1000 had a few “special” features

  146. Joe says:

    I’m not very good with photoshop as you can tell, but it was still fun.

  147. frittula&Giusi says:

    Lo Shuffle contaggia anche il nostro Homer. Peccato che non abbia capito bene l’uso!!!!!!!!!

  148. Lo Shuffle contaggia anche il nostro Homer. Peccato che non abbia capito bene l’uso!!!!!!!!!

  149. omer says:

    Picasso with iPod Suffle :)

  150. Travis says:

    Manet’s Lunch Picnic with men and iPod

  151. mark says:

    With the proud parents looking on . . . Bell marvels at their handiwork.

  152. “We were going to let you all live when we found these cool shuffle things. Then they shuffled Hanson’s Mmmbop into our minds and made us mad. Now you all must DIE!”

  153. “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.”

  154. I can’t resist adding just one more.

  155. Charlie says:

    I’m so going to hell for this!

    Jesus was safe in the knowledge that, like Tupac, he too would have a career from beyond the grave.

  156. Arnold Michael grooving to Hassel the Hoff thanks to Kitt’s previously unknown feature.

  157. Nathan says:

    Join up at your nearest Apple Store.

  158. Brian Manning says:

    finaly freedom

  159. Josh Byers says:

    Movie Collection #1

  160. Josh Byers says:

    Movie Collection #2

  161. Josh Byers says:

    Movie Collection #3

  162. leeann says:

    The lovely Bessie Smith…

  163. leeann says:

    ok, if I could actually get it together…

  164. leeann says:

    and another…

  165. Dominique says:
  166. mark says:

    Great iPod Shuffle’s in history.

    29 May 1953: New Zealander Edmund Hillary, and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, relax on their return from reaching the summit of Mount Everest on the Nepal-Tibet border.

  167. Andy Myers says:

    I made this webpage for the contest (or rather heavily modified a page from whitehousekids.gov):

    The Berlin iPod Bomber

  168. Brade says:

    the best way to help yourself think:

  169. Hanako says:

    Sorry about the above… Please delete it.

  170. Charlie D. says:

    Oh, the humanity!

  171. leeann says:

    Another WW II one…

  172. Charlie says:




    (Mike, Sorry about re-posting Clinton, I didn’t get your first two e-mails. I’m glad I’m not you, there’s so many images here (220+)! Judging will be a nightmare!)

  173. Diego says:

    Work is hard

  174. pewtey says:

    “do the shuffle”

  175. Trailhead says:

    Bigfoot Shuffle Sighting! Advances in digital technology reveal new findings in 1960’s 16mm Bigfoot sighting film.
    Watch now!


  176. zarpita says:

    This one is a historical moment for the spanish population, the wedding of the Prince Felipe, inheritor of the spanish royalty, and the Princess Leticia

  177. Puck says:

    Guglielmo Marconi,
    Inventor of wireless radio transmission secretly loved the little white cables of his ipod shuffle…

  178. Miko Walczuk says:

    Maybe that’s why we get the same song stuck in our head: Shuffle is on “Repeat.”

    Or, that’s where the robots get their power source to recharge their shuffles.

  179. Josh Byers says:

    With a careful eye, one can still see the culmination of the egyptian civilization

  180. Richard says:

    Evander Holyfield, 6/28/97. Photo by Jed Jacobsohn.

  181. mark says:

    Great iPod Shuffles in History:

    As Bell marvels at the sound quality, the proud parents look on.

  182. Katherina Lopez says:

    What keeps economy going on…

  183. Donald Trump unveils his new vision (with backing from Steve Jobs).

  184. nicomo says:

    the human rights declaration, slightly adapted ;-)


    ciao, n

  185. Neeraj Tikku says:
  186. Neeraj Tikku says:


  187. Katers says:

    What keeps economy going on…

  188. trailhead says:
  189. Andy Myers says:

    For some reason this link didn’t work before, so I’ll post the url as well:

    The Berlin iPod Bomber


  190. supbra says:

    Only some good music could motivate you to work out this hard!

  191. bec says:

    or somebody else’s idea…..

  192. d says:

    the iwo jima ipod is the best so far.

    but there are some seriously terrible images here.

  193. supbra says:

    So someone thought I stole the idea from my last one, since I posted it after the same thing ;(
    Here is one to show I am creative :)

  194. Josh Byers says:

    The Leaning Tower of Podsa

  195. ah-yen says:

    little red pod

  196. Gary Rychter says:

    If Michealangelo was alive today….

  197. Puck says:

    They say, after Mary’s head dropped, her shuffle played on for 10 hours…

  198. trailhead says:

    “Make iPODs not war”

  199. Puck says:

    The thing about the z-boys is… you may see them and THINK ‘wow, they were way ahead of their time’ but the fact is… you will never really know… really understand… just how ahead of their time they really were… until time catches up with them…

    (photo credited as being Jay Adams – looks more like Tony to me.)

  200. Nejo Rios says:

    “I will answer your question… just after this song…”

  201. Jason says:

    Impressive PS skills you three:
    John Foerster

    Chris Hopkins

  202. Jennifer says:

    I think the good ones are :
    Adarsh Dilip
    John Foerster

    Nevertheless, a hard competition to judge.

  203. Bilbo-B says:

    The inspiration of Picasso (a la tercera va la vencida)

  204. Charlie D. says:

    Commemorating Hans Christian Andersen’s 200th birthday.

  205. John Athayde says:

    It’s amazing what a little Shake lovin can do for you. Technically, the light bloom is allw rong and stuff but whatever.

    The original image here:


    and my full sized “work” here:


    Co-credit to .sara for the initial idea. Takes on a whole new meaning when Dave Bowman says “My God… it’s full of Stars“… Arthur C. Clarke, so ahead of his time…

  206. Dan says:

    iPods in History
    A little project called the World Wide Web: TheProject.html

  207. matthew says:


    There it is, I finally did it.

  208. I know this isn’t a vote, but I have to say the civil war soldiers and the Caravaggio (? I’m not an art student, but I’m pretty sure that’s his) are the best by far.

  209. “… there was some form of electromagnetic resonance vibrating out from the actual crop formation.”

  210. chris says:

    I think a lot of people has missed the point of this competition.

  211. Adarsh Dilip says:

    Although Medusa was shocked and appalled that they would cut off her iPod shuffle, she was relieved that they would atleast let her keep her Etymotic ER-6i earbuds….

  212. Adarsh Dilip says:

    Great iPods in history – it all began with the stars….

  213. pewtey says:

    steve jobs’ baby crib

  214. matthew says:

    Maybe one or two more?
    Shuffleography Updated with Benjamin Franklin.

  215. “Gentlemen, I believe I’m beginning to enjoy uncertainty.”

  216. Katherina Lopez says:

    “Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.” — Albert

  217. matthew says:

    Thoreau’s iPod has seen plenty of rugged days on Walden

  218. KevinN says:

    Elvis came back and says he likes it too!

  219. Think different.

  220. cindreta says:

    This is how i see iPOD is the forbiden fruit :) here is my picture…
    btw i am realy sorry but this is a portrait format of the page and the size couldn’t be 418×418 it’s a little bigger!


  221. Nathan says:

    The iApollo 11 is launched.

  222. Brian D. Corbin says:

    Why the Cartwrights were Soooooo rich….

  223. Andy Myers says:

    Last one from me.

  224. Josh says:

    Where’s iPod?

  225. Reed says:

    Just for kicks

  226. jarv says:

    ok, off the competition – final post – for a round 300 comments count.

    Hey – they allready had it in 1975 !

    good luck in selection – and good luck everyone.

  227. Hah hAh! Jarve, I love it! Great work on all your posts – wish you’d made this last one by the end of the month… it’s my favorite, I think.

    Oh, shoot… I messed up the perfect 300.

  228. jarv says:

    thanks John, really love your work too – Groucho, and Flip&Flap are my favourites.

  229. matthew says:

    Indeed good work both of you..I really enjoyed your submissions.

  230. You too, Matthew – great stuff. A website even, and Thoreau! Congratulations… I for one have really had fun and am ready for the next challenge. Hopefully it’s not ice sculpture or something….

  231. Adarsh says:

    I think all you guys did exceptionally well… it was fun while it lasted!

  232. Josh Byers says:

    John, wow, every design of yours was exceptionally clean and seamless. Nice job.

    Does anyone know when the winner will be announced?

  233. Great choice on the winner! Both entries were very creative and innovative, especially Big Foot. Can’t wait to see what the next objective is, and hope y’all are planning on taking part.

  234. jarv says:

    as far as it takes to graphics – i’m not a good chef… ;]

  235. sybil sy says:

    iPod rulez!…for me iPod these days are a big help to every one espicially to those music lovers out there like me!..you can cary it with you anywhere you want to go!

  236. Jasmine says:

    huh what about ipods ?

  237. jessica thompson says:

    my name is jessica thompson, im not here to give you a sob story about, how my parents are poor and can afford to buy me a ipod. you probly get thoes every day. so im basicaly asking, not begging, but wanting one. I understand that there are billions of these letters you get a day, so if i dont get a free ipod i understand.
    thats all i have to say, keeping it short and sweet.
    thank you, jessica thompson!

  238. Mike Has Done It Again!

    Hey everyone… if you want to see some really nice Photoshop work, head over to Mike Industries. Right now, he’s giving away his 2nd iPod Shuffle with a contest entitled “Great iPods in History.” You can view the entries in…

  239. amiri.info says:

    iPod Found in History and some Food Items!!

    Mike Davidson at Mike Industries is giving away an iPod each month for each winner in his monthly competition. Last months theme was: “interpretations of iPod Shuffle as food”, this months theme is “Great iPods in History”. S…

  240. miriland says:

    Great iPods in History

    Mike Davidson is giving away iPod shuttles. Who is that? I really don’t know but he has an interesting blog worth checking out. The entries for his second shuttle giveaway (Great iPods in History) has inspired some great entries. Browse through them an…

  241. iPods Are Old School. (Pictures prove it)

    I’m a big fan of Photoshop Phriday over at somethingawful.com, especially the movie posters. Mike Davidson started something similar. The second installment of the Mike Industries iPod-A-Month Creativity Competition proves that iPods have been…

  242. iPods Are Old School. (Pictures can prove it)

    I’m a big fan of Photoshop Phriday over at somethingawful.com, especially the movie posters. Mike Davidson started something similar. The second installment of the Mike Industries iPod-A-Month Creativity Competition proves that iPods have been…

  243. konkurs Mike’a

    w maju wzialem udzial w konkursie, organizowanym przez Mike’a Davidson’a. Mike co miesiac urzadza konkurs, ktorego tematyka kreci sie wokol Ipod’a Shuffle. temat konkursu wybierany jest co miesiac sposrod nadeslanych propozycji – wyb…

  244. […] Mike from Mikeindustries has launched his second iPod Giveaway. […]

  245. […] tot navegant per Internet, vaig trobar un concurs bastant curiós. Es tracta de situar iPods a la història. Són fotomontatges, és clar, però […]

  246. […] video evidence to the contrary. Craig’s Bigfoot video is the winner of the Mike Industries “Great iPods in History” competition, overtaking the rest of the field with a combination of original concept and fitting execution. I […]

  247. […] I agree with Jason and his reasoning is part of why I haven’t redesigned Mike Industries since launching it almost five years ago: I don’t like the idea of changing the visual context of past entries or having to make a new design backwards-compatible, especially with with some of the more visually complex entries that have appeared from time to time. […]

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