iPod Giveaway #1: Make a Meatspace Shuffle

Did you play with your food as a kid or perhaps as an immature adult? If so, you’re in luck, because the first episode of the Mike Industries iPod-A-Month Creativity Competition™ starts today, and it involves perhaps the least appreciated of the culinary arts: recreational food sculpture.

Conceived by Jason Anderson of Columbus, Ohio, this first competition involves the construction of an iPod Shuffle using nothing but food. Jason wins one Shuffle for thinking of the idea, and whoever posts the best photo of their shufflicious creation in the comments for this entry wins the other Shuffle. Jason’s idea was inspired by the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” where Roy Neary makes the Devils Tower out of mashed potatoes.

Even though there are already plenty of great ideas (over 200!) for the iPod-A-Month competition, I will keep the submission pool open through the end of the year. I’m trying to do a good mix of design-related, photography-related, writing-related, and music-related competitions, so don’t feel bad if you don’t feel particularly suited for any given one.

Others will follow.

Also, it’s very possible that you’ve already submitted an idea for a contest and that I plan to use it… in which case, you’ve already won a Shuffle. I just can’t reveal that stuff in advance for fear of giving people a head start on preparing entries.

So here are the guidelines for this first contest:

  1. Entries must be made entirely out of food and then photographed. The term “food” may be used loosely, but it must have some legitimate nutritional value and not cause death or other debilitating injury when ingested.
  2. When submitting your entry, please do so via the comments. Please first list all ingredients, followed by a standard <img> tag pointing to an image measuring exactly 418 pixels by 418 pixels. If you don’t know how to do this, simply send me an e-mail and I’ll take care of it for you. The image must be your own creation, and all cheaters will be publicly shamed. I’m serious. I have a special domain reserved for the shaming. Don’t make me use it. :)
  3. Try not to get hung up on color. The average person only ingests a handful of foods which could be considered “white” and I’d rather not limit our pool of submissions to those ingredients. Pretend the Shuffle comes in a rainbow of colors… it probably will eventually. And if worst comes to worst and you just don’t feel right submitting a green Shuffle, just pour some powdered sugar on it before you take the photo and call it a day.
  4. The deadline for submissions is midnight April 30th.

Note: The technical name for this competition is “Best Interpretation of iPod Shuffle as Food”, so if people want to get super-creative with that and break all of the guidelines I’ve set forth above, go ahead. Nothing is out-of-bounds here. If your submission is creative enough, you might win.

138 comments on “iPod Giveaway #1: Make a Meatspace Shuffle”. Leave your own?
  1. Jeff Croft says:

    I feel this competition discriminates against the obsessive-compulsive among us who do not like to touch our food. I’m highly offended.

    (But that text wrap is hella-cool.)

    (Editor’s Note: Croftie, one word: tweezers)

  2. Mike P. says:

    I have a special domain reserved for the shaming. :)

    Oooh the suspense. This is gonna be fun!

  3. John Oxton says:

    What Jeff said, I am not sure I even want a shuffle but that text wrap — I am loving that! :-)

  4. Mark Wubben says:

    So, let’s say you win this competition, and also won for your idea: do you get two Shuffles?

  5. Matt says:

    XHTML purists are gonna hate you for that text wrap solution, aren’t they :-)

    (Editor’s Note: XML purists hate me for a lot more than that.)

  6. Turnip says:

    I might give this a go… but I want to know whether the quality of the photo has an effect on whether you win or not? See, all I have at the moment is a very bad quality Logitech webcam… so it won’t really produce a top notch photo. Will that be detrimental to my chance of winning?

  7. Brian says:

    That text wrap is indeed cool….

  8. Jason Beaird says:

    Hmm…<Looks in Lunch Bag> I’ve got some beans, taco flavored beef, tostada chips, lettuce strips, diced tomato, cheese, and a banana. Now what the hell do you expect me to do with THAT? I’ll think about it till lunch time…but no guarantees.

    So does this iPod giveaway have anything to do with your newly acquired, top-secret domain that you snatched?

  9. Mike D. says:

    Mark: Yep, you can win twice.

    Jason: Nope, has nothing to do with the domain I purchase. Take your time on the contest though. I’m giving everyone 3.5 weeks in case inspiration hits at a weird time.

    Turnip: Tough call on the webcam. Not sure if you could make out much detail on that but you never know.

  10. dave says:

    Maybe we should mail our submissions to Mike. I think that would be the only fair way to judge this contest.
    I think you will love my submission, it’s mostly fish!

    Is 5-day, c.o.d., econo-delivery ok?

  11. Tony says:

    Will you accept multiple entries? Or is it one per person?

  12. Gary says:

    One question about the contest rules — is the contest limited to citizens of the USA, or can someone like me (from Canada) enter? I mean, should I assume you’re OK sending a shuffle to me when I win? ;)

  13. Mike D. says:

    Yep. Multiple entries are fine, as are international entries.

  14. Davin Risk says:

    Ingredients: Butter (goat butter to be specific)

  15. Mike P. says:

    “as are international entries”

    Whohooo! Now, where is that pigs cheek and bulls testicles we had around here?? **goes off to build shuffle**

  16. Ok, Majik Mike, here ya go…

    Over 300 “food” based images (Thanks Corbis!) conglobulate this iShuffle.

    You know where to ship the real iShuffle, bitch.


  17. Chris says:

    Thats not made of food it made of pictures of food?

    Anyone with Photoshop could do that.

    (Editor’s Note: Hence the italicized paragraph at the end of the contest description. Breaking rules in the name of creativity is always ok by me. It is my hope that most entries will be constructed with actual food, but the occasional rulebreaker is just fine as well. You can even submit video, sound, or text if your particular piece calls for it.)

  18. Kyle says:

    It would be creative, if he didn’t use an automated program to automatically grab images and put them together for him =/ I hope you don’t award that one to him. Great contest though!

  19. Mike D. says:

    Bah… don’t worry too much about it. It’s a perfect example of what I meant when I said that breaking the rules was ok, but that doesn’t mean it will be the most creative entry in the contest. I have a feeling that a true food entry will win, but you never know what crazy things people may come up with.

  20. Chris, believe it or not, it is composed of food images, and no, Kyle, it wasn’t an automated image collection process. I hand selected every single one of them from Corbis.

    Here are the steps I took:

    1. Went to “http://www.corbis.com.
    2. In the “Search” field I entered, “food”.
    3. Clicked “Search”
    4. It returned, 1000 image results (milk, noodles, toast, oysters, etc).
    5. I then “Save Image As” each photo to a folder.
    6. About 300+ times (on photos that had white and/or brown elements).
    7. Then I used a Mosaic generating software that analyzed the images and spit out a crude result.
    8. I had to tweak the settings a few times until I got what I wanted.
    9. Then I brought it into Photoshop, adjusted it some more.
    10. Saved for web, and uploaded.
    11. Posted entry.

    You can clearly see, that the process indeed took longer and took more work than you described.


  21. Ivar says:

    It seems to me that Danny forgot to list all of his ingredients… Milk, noodles, toast and oysters seems fair enough, but i can not help to think that the «etc» hides a large amount of unlisted food.

  22. Mike D. says:

    Bah! C’mon, it’s a rulebreaker. Listing ingredients is supposed to add to the folklore of your submission. Listing hundreds of them would be excessive.

  23. Andrew says:

    party poopers.

  24. Rebecca says:

    Does it have to be to scale?

  25. Jason3d says:

    I happened to see this photo over at iPodLounge. While not a shuffle it might give someone ideas.

  26. Mike D. says:

    Nice Jason. I like your goat butter creation better though… more precise.

  27. Davin Risk says:

    Here’s another one.

    Ingredients: Banana, Royal Gala Apple, and Spaghetti

  28. Tony C. says:

    Ingredients: Various (random) flavors of PEZ candy.

  29. Matt says:

    death or other debilitating injury

    I’ll say.

  30. Erik Simmler says:

    Ingredients: 100+ Altoids and a bit of Sharpie ink… nutritional value may be questionable, but it does say “non-toxic.”

  31. nick findley says:

    i’ve eaten white castle burgers with sharpie on the buns, and i’m fine.

  32. Satoshi-kun says:

    I suppose legitimate pictures aren’t allowed? ^_^

    (Editor’s Note: Uhh, that sarcasm is a little too thick for me to cut. What exactly do you mean?)

  33. Jason3d says:

    Make sure you don’t mistake your food creation for the real thing.

  34. Toby says:

    I sent this image out to friends the day of the conference. I was awestruck by how miniscule and awkwardly shaped it was. I know it’s not a food (I certainly hope not anyway) but I needed to find a good forum to post it.


  35. That’s just disgusting…


  36. Rick Moore says:


    • 1 piece of Winterfrost flavored Eclipse gum
    • a gel pen
    • my iPod Mini earbuds.

    I present to you, the iPod Shuffle Micro!

  37. Andrew says:


    Dear God man, you should die a slow and painful death (more painful than slow).

  38. Davin Risk says:

    Ingredients: Parsnip

  39. Davin Risk says:

    Ingredients: Tofu

  40. Jeff Wheeler says:

    The other entries are good, but they won’t make a complete meal. Mine however, is an entire chicken sandwich (plus lettuce) with gravy!

    Notice: the larger versions are huge. Completely un-scaled.

    (click for the big version)

    In this creation, there was:

    * Hard-boiled egg
    * Hot-dog Bun
    * Chicken
    * Lettuce
    * Spaghetti
    * Marshmallow
    * Gravy (flour, water, dye)

  41. Mike D. says:

    Jeff: That is by far and away the grossest looking gravy I’ve ever seen, but wow, I love the completeness of the meal! Nice work.

  42. Jeff Wheeler says:

    It might be gross, but quite tasty. It just has a bit of yellow and green (uh… how old is that) dye.

  43. Tim G says:

    Davin – parsnip??? Hey, the rules said that the entry had to be edible!!


  44. Jeff Wheeler says:

    And Tofu is editable? Hardly! :)

  45. Greg says:

    iEat (Breakfast)

    The following is a list of the high-quality ingredients:

    • Processed White Bread
    • Equally Fake Margrine


  46. Jason Beaird says:

    @Greg – Forget the contest. You need to sell that thing on Ebay …Pronto!

  47. Greg says:

    @jason – You know… I think I will! Good idea!

  48. Greg says:

    Well, here it is… on EBAY!

    (I hope someone is laughing… :c)

  49. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Um, isn’t it fake?

  50. Greg says:

    @ Jeff – No, it’s a real piece of toast! (With Land O’ Lakes Margarine.)


    I don’t expect anyone to actually buy it but I imagine (hope) it’ll make a few people laugh.

  51. Matt Dempsey says:

    LOL. Made me laugh!

    If it was available to the UK, I might have placed a bid for $0.99 or something, for a laugh!


  52. steve L says:

    Ingredients: Spam, Rosemary

  53. Jeff Wheeler says:

    What in the world were you actually doing with spam? I didn’t know anybody actually bought that stuff!

  54. steve L says:

    Ingredients: gelatin, cream, marshmallow, sugar, fresh mint.

  55. steve L says:


    I purchased the spam specially for this contest, but oh yes, people do indeed buy it. Spam is the state food of Hawaii.

  56. Jeff Wheeler says:

    I had a feeling that was the case. Amazing.

    You ought to take an enormous photo of the spam can, then send it to everyone that spams you. You might get a lot of returned and unsent messages though.

  57. Brad says:

    The good people at Apple should see this page, I have a feeling they’d get a kick out of it. My favorite is the spam one, cracks me up. It’s going to be hard for the next contest to live up to this one.

  58. Lester says:

    I really like the chicken sandwich with green gravy. I’ve gotta say it’s my favorite, merely because of the color green associated with all of the shuffle’s marketing.

  59. Anthony Yeung says:

    Hehe, Greg:

    This listing (5766670033) has been removed by eBay or is no longer available. Please make sure that you’ve entered the item number correctly..

  60. Mike D. says:

    Brad: I get quite a few hits from apple.com domains every day so I’d imagine at least some people at the company are aware of this competition. Perhaps not The Steve though.

    Greg: Damn! Why would eBay remove that? It’s legit in my book!

  61. Greg says:

    Well… I got an email from ebay and they removed the listing becuase it was “placed in the wrong catagory.” So, they refunded my listing fees. I’ll go back and see if I can find a “proper” catagory for it… :c) Somehow I don’t think I’m going to find an “iEat” catagory…

  62. steve L says:


    Try the Totally Bizarre category if you still care. I’m guessing that they aren’t too picky about that one.

  63. Pearl says:

    Sadness, I wanted to bid on the toast!

  64. Juna Duncan says:

    One cream filled donut log with white, pink and green frosting.

    Not the best picture, but it is the best tasting out of all the other shuffles.
    Filled with good stuff like an iPod shuffle should be.
    Mmmm. Yummy.

  65. Greg says:

    @ Steve – Thanks for the catagory suggestion! It’s now there. :c)

    The Incredible Edible iPod Toast is back on ebay! Oh, there’s a better picture of the scroll wheel (taste-wheel) on ebay.

    Enjoy a laugh, forward it to a friend.

  66. Luke says:

    thats not even a real food picture, you photoshopped that Juna, you aint foolin nobody!!!

  67. Ryan says:


    I can’t believe you are not even offering Shipping Insurance on the iEat! There is my bid out of the window!

    Keep up the good work guys. ;)

  68. Mike Purvis says:

    Okay, here’s my masterful entry:


    • Cooked Basmati Rice
    • Baby Carrots
    • Havarti Cheese
    • 1 Bacon Dipper cracker

    I thought about baking an ipod-shuffle-cake or something, but that will have to wait…

  69. Jeff says:

    Is it possible to submit multiple entries? I have a two ideas but am not sure wich one is the best…

  70. Juna Duncan says:

    Jeff you are right, I did photoshop the donut. You got me. But I had this idea and I didn’t have a camera handy. When I find the right donut and a camera I will snap a picture of it.

  71. Andy says:

    I can’t take any credit for the following shuffle… but its an ipod shuffle cake I found on Gizmondo.

    I thought it was pretty impressive… maybe it’ll inspire some more creations…

  72. Alex Heaton says:

    My mums gotta get me some ingrediants from work (im extrememly pedantic)! so my ipod piece is gonna take another few days, but my sister had a go anyway and so i thought id put hers up for her(seeing as shes only 7 – to her the internet is where bad men live :P)

    The idea was its an Apple iPod because its made from apple :P, which i was quite impressed with, seeing as she also has no interest in the shuffle :D

  73. Greg says:

    Hey Alex… looks like you mis-typed the address… I found it though, good idea. “Apple” iPod…

    Correct link is http://www.evoke.nildram.co.uk/Apple.jpg


    (Editor’s Note: Thanks Greg. Corrected now…)

  74. Sylva says:

    Introducing the Good Morning America iPod Shuffle…
    Consisting of egg, pepperoni, orange, and rosemary garnish.

    Start your day right!!

    salt and pepper optional.

    it’s even good a day old, when you can get clearer images!!

  75. Andrew Waks says:

    Looks like Jeff has some competition as far as complete meals go!

  76. Jeff Wheeler says:

    I haven’t yet submitted my second entry. Don’t you worry.

  77. Jarek says:

    I don’t know if she knows about your contest, but there’s been a cool Shuffle Cake posted on Gizmodo today. Does it qualify as an entry? ;)


    PS I am not any kind of relative…

  78. Jarek says:

    Ooops, sorry… The link:
    The Shuffe Cake


  79. Chris Forbes says:

    This mock iPod shuffle is made entirely from Crisco (vegetable shortening) and poppy seeds!

    I got the idea when looking in the cupboard for ingredients. I saw some Crisco. I thought it would be good considering Crisco is white and has a glossy look to it.

    I first modeled the shape. That wasn’t too hard. Then I found some poppy seeds. Initially, I had trouble placing each individual poppy seed onto the body of the Crisco iPod shuffle. I eventually figured out that tweezers work the best. There are a total of 113 poppy seeds on the Crisco iPod shuffle. (If you are counting, please not that a couple poppy seeds are underneath other poppy seeds because I sometimes pushed the poppy seed in to far.)

    To make this replica, it only took me about an hour. However, it was very tedious placing 113 poppy seeds with a very blunt pair of tweezers. I would only reccomend this project to people who are surgens or soon to be surgens!

  80. Chris Etling says:

    Ok, here is my take on it. This is my breakfast… ok just one of five.. I love these things.

    This is a donut. duh huh. :)

  81. Eric Crouch says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEES! Finally, a clever entry! This epicurean depiction of a Shuffle would make Homer J. proud! Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts put your ear to the rail and listen! The masses are raising their voices one faint whisper here and another there. Soon it’ll be a deafening roar; “We want our pastries shaped like IPod Shuffles”!

  82. Alex Heaton says:

    Ok, here we now have my amazing entry (even if i say so myself).
    I was going to post this a few days ago but needed some extra stuff to make it fit the rules :P explained further down.
    first off… heres the video i took :) (pictures couldnt describe) – turn your sound on please.
    Ok, made entirely of thai fragrant rice, the colouring is japanese octupus ink! As you also may have noticed, the item plays music as well due to cleverly hidden (pfft) electrical components (my mums ipod shuffle!). And like i said, to stick with the rules my mum got me some dodgey gel tape stuff (shes a gp) that would encase it and lubricate it through a digestive tract :P thus making it safe to swallow.

    Hope you like,

  83. Jake Isbill says:

    I am not to daring when it comes to HTML so I uploaded my images with descriptions on FLICKR. I hope you enfoy the

    iCrabCake Shuffle
    iKabob Shuffle RAID Array.



  84. V says:

    Can anyone join in? :o)

    I’d like to offer…


    kiwi fruit (fruit and skin)



    Hope that works! I’ve been a lurker round here for a while but never joined in before…

  85. Michael Watts says:

    That second one is pure class V!!!

  86. Matthew Welborn says:


    Virgen Mary Cheese Toast Photo
    Photoshop w/ a sprig of burn tool
    Cooked in a PowerMac G4 Until Golden Brown

  87. Pearl says:

    So I finally carved out an entry for this ipod contest, though I have an alternate idea which I think would be fabulous and original. However,
    I haven’t exactly had time to get groceries…so this’ll have to do!

    Unless…, Two entries are permissible?

    Anyways, here goes,

    1 Ghiradelli White Chocolate Baking Bar
    (hope that’s spelled right?)

    Paring knife

    (Editor’s Note: Very nice Pearl! And yeah, multiple entries are permitted.)

  88. Sylva says:

    mmmm…. chocolate!

  89. Amber says:

    :o Nooo!
    Pearl beat me to it… that’s what get for procrastinating!
    Very nice work :).

  90. Pearl says:

    I was thinking my ipodchocolate entry was a bit elogated compared
    with the other entries.

    But then I sat next to this woman on the train to work this morning, and hey it really IS that slender and longish.

    I think, I should at least win one for being the closest in proportion
    to an actual ipod.

    Or read my contest idea submission #223

  91. Jake Isbill says:

    Hey Pearl that is a great picture. People Please check out my two entries. Please check it out and tell me what you think.
    Thanks Jake


  92. Dalibor says:

    Introducing the iBiscuit Shuffle.

    The biscuit was made with 3 eggs, one cup of milk, and two cups of flour. That was then mixed and baked at 370 degrees for 30 minutes. The top of the “iBiscuit” Shuffle is comprised of a rich chocolate doughnut and on top of that are Smarties candies which make up the navigation of the Shuffle.

    The little groove on the bottom is a strip of chocolate. Lastly, the ear buds are comprised of half a doughnut each with chocolate wires.

    Below are three variations of the iBiscuit Shuffle:




    Furthermore, you may see larger views of each picture at flickr.com/photos/dalibordvorski.

  93. My iPod shuffle arrived yesterday, thanks again Mike!
    See it here. Keep up all the great entries everyone, they look great!

  94. Delicious Shuffle, here it is:

    (some of the ) Ingredients: flour, baking soda, vanilla cream, sugar powder, chocolate and coconut flakes. Entirely eatable.
    PS: when I saw the contest the first time, I smiled because in Romanian, my native language, amesteca means to shuffle and mesteca means to chew. So happy chewing the Shuffle!

  95. ChrisJ says:

    Ingredients: Haribo Gold Bears.

  96. Simone Merli says:

    Ingredients: fried cod, bread and water



    iFish specs

    • size (in inches) 3.3 x 0.98 x 0.33
    • Weight .78 ounce
  97. Sylva says:

    Simone, what did you use for the white stuff?

  98. Simone Merli says:

    I use bread with water. It’s simple and easy for building everything you want!

    All the iFish is eatable!!! I eat it for lunch!! :)

  99. tinkle bell says:

    hi guys…

    2 more iShuffles to be given away here:

    love is in the air project

    bitched up project

  100. Kate says:

    Hey- why’d my iPickle get dumped?

  101. Kate says:

    Well, here it is again. iPICKLE Created from a few picnic left overs.

    dill sandwich stacker
    lemon (wheel and earbuds)
    lime zest (control symbols)
    deli meat (earbud cord)

  102. Arnaud says:

    OK, here is my entry: the iCake Shuffle.

    You’ll need 1 iChocolate Shuffle, 2 iChocolate Shuffle U2 limited edition, 1 ibutter:

    You’ll also need some iSugar:

    and some iFlour with some baking iPowder:

    And don’t forget the iMilk:

    Put everything in a pan, shuffle and pour in an oven iDish:

    get it out of the oven after 40-45 minutes, let it cool down in your iFridge

    and finally put the icing and a bit of coconut:


  103. Well, this is my first crack at both ‘food art’ and web hosting of a photo, so here goes….

    This is my ipod banana bread (flour, sugar, milk, bananas, pecans, egg, oil, vanilla, baking powder, salt) decorated with a slice of orange, a cinnamon stick, and some cloves. Good enough to eat!

  104. Well, this is my first crack at both ‘food art’ and web hosting of a photo, so here goes…. second attempt

    This is my ipod banana bread (flour, sugar, milk, bananas, pecans, egg, oil, vanilla, baking powder, salt) decorated with a slice of orange, a cinnamon stick, and some cloves. Good enough to eat!


  105. Amber says:

    Alright, at the beginning of the contest I knew I wanted to make a chocolate shuffle. Someone else beat me to it. Then yesterday, I realized all was not lost; I could make a U2 shuffle. No one else would do that, right?
    I see the entry above has a U2 shuffle…
    Since I’ve been working on this since last night, I’m going to post mine anyway :)

  106. Amber says:

    Oops, forgot to list the ingredients.
    I used dark chocolate, red icing, and marshmallow cream (which I took from a pint of One Sweet Whirled ice cream).
    Sorry about that :).

  107. Julie Nusbaum says:

    Julie Nusbaum writes:
    Well, this is my first crack at both ‘food art’ and web hosting of a photo, so here goes…. third attempt (sorry guys!)

    This is my ipod banana bread (flour, sugar, milk, bananas, pecans, egg, oil, vanilla, baking powder, salt) decorated with a slice of orange, a cinnamon stick, and some cloves. Good enough to eat!

    [URL=http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/scottjulienusbaum/detail?.dir=d150&.dnm=b1e4.jpg&.src=ph]My Ipod[/URL]


  108. ingredients:

    miracle whip
    pickle juice

    garnished with:
    pickle skin

  109. brandon says:

    one Twinkie (Imported from New York)
    chocolate sprinkles
    two pieces of parsley (to make it more nutritionally sound)
    cream filling scooped out from inside the Twinkie

    While one may question their safety of eat a Twinkie, I survived to submit this entry. But I may not be around to collect the prize. Hah.

  110. Me again. Inspired by my sister making some.. I made one. Will be sold tomorrow, if not eatened, at a bake sale for my sister’s club.

    rice krispies

    readi whip (squeezed into a bag and from the bag onto the krispies)

    I think I didn’t have enough marshmellowy mix. :(

  111. Ed Pas says:

    sushiPod Shuffle

    sushi rice
    black sesame
    pickled ginger
    bamboo leaf

  112. Greg says:

    That’s neat! WOW!! Ed, That’s the first one that has actually made me hungry!! Ohhh I want sushi…

    *leaves computer in search of sushi*

  113. Nikki Sevcik says:

    Morning Shuffle – A Sweet way to start the day

    Hot Cocoa
    Whip Cream
    Wafer Cookie
    Marshmallow Cream

    Please go to this link if its not already posted :

  114. Nikki Sevcik says:

    Morning Shuffle Photo, to go with my last post.
    Learing is Fun! (photo placement that is)

  115. Dalibor says:

    So who’s the big winner, Mike?

  116. Mike Purvis says:

    Wow, these are really terrific. It’s not hard to tell that the necessary skill is in photography, rather than food-sculpting.

    All in the presentation, all in the presentation.

  117. Alex Heaton says:

    Cmon Mike! The suspense is killing us!

  118. Mike D. says:

    Alex: Uhhh, ooops, yeah, I probably should have posted an update at this URL. The winning entry and explanation can be found here.

    I always just assume everyone has subscribed to my feed or checks my front page every so often. Bad assumption! Sorry.

  119. shelby says:

    that is nasty

  120. Tangela says:

    That was a very funny,interesting , nasty did i forget to say funny to.

  121. brittany says:

    that was very weird and awkward. the last one i wanted to eat though but the sushi thingy is dumb sorry but it is.

  122. Daily Digest: Lucky Us

    Coldplay album news: NME has the tracklist and Stereogum reports the cover art (pictured) reveals some wacky hidden message. Now that the Newlyweds is off the air, we need…

  123. make an iPod shuffle out of food

    Make a Meatspace Shuffle. Construct an iPod shuffle out of food for the chance to win an iPod shuffle! I like the word “shufflicious”. Mmm…shufflicious…mmm… I can’t wait to see all the entries for this….

  124. NSLog(); says:

    CSS Text Wrap

    Easy! <div style=”height:17px; width: 270px; float: left; clear: left”><span></span></div> <div style=”height:17px; width: 278px; float: left; clear: left”><span></span></div> <div style=”height:17px; …

  125. JD on MX says:

    Butter iPod

    Butter iPod: Mike Davidson is giving away an Apple iPod Shuffle for “Best Interpretation of iPod Shuffle as Food”. There is wide chromatic tolerance — entries don’t need to be pure-white to win, although powdered sugar can be used for last-minute touc…

  126. It had to come to this.

    Those crazy foodbloggers will be all over this like white on rice…or an iPod.

  127. links for 2005-04-13

    Carat Starts Blog Initiative If you’re TiVo, you pay Carat to learn how to talk to me, or y’know, just call me up and save your money. (tags: blogs marketing blogbuzz) Home | Round Two A firefox extension company?…

  128. Eat more shuffle

    I reckon some would write: “Why I love the internet”….

  129. DiVERSiONZ says:

    How should Bush fill his iPod?

    ::ON A PERSONAL NOTE:: Vicodin is our friend. Always remember that. Long live Hydrocodone. Actually, my mouth doesn’t hurt that bad considering I have 4 large holes at the back of it. But Vicodin makes life better anyway. After last…

  130. “Best Interpretation of iPod Shuffle as Food”

    Mike Davidson hat ein interessantes Experiment laufen – man schaffe einen Ipod Shuffle aus Nahrungsmitteln. Das beste (in den Kommentaren hinterlassene) Foto gewinnt.

    Spannend, was da schon abgebildet wurde. :)

  131. Googlahoo!!

    Look familiar? I smell another mega-merger on the horizon. Perhaps we should have a contest, yeh…a contest. Come up with a name for the new search behemoth and win an ipo… No, never mind. Contests like that have been…

  132. Googlahoo!!

    Look familiar? I smell another mega-merger on the horizon. Perhaps we should have a contest, yeh…a contest. Come up with a name for the new search behemoth and win an ipo… No, never mind. Contests like that have been…

  133. ChasingDaisy says:

    Giddy up

    I keep wandering off to read all your stuff and forgetting to post. So a quick splurge of a few things hovering in the “to be posted” file and I’m off to try and get some sleep. A video to

  134. Screenhead says:

    Quick Hits

    ·1840 by The Mad Turtleneck [Flash] ·Defender of the Supermart [Flash] ·You da Sperm [Flash game] ·Minty Ass ·So far, the largest collection of Moshzilla that we’ve seen. ·Interesting iPod…

  135. Mike Davidson: iPod Giveaway #1: Make a Meatspace Shuffle

    Mike Davidson: iPod Giveaway #1: Make a Meatspace Shuffle. Did you play with your food as a kid or perhaps as an immature adult? If so, you’re in luck, because the first episode of the Mike Industries iPod-A-Month Creativity

  136. […] arrived only hours after the contest began and set the pace for a field of over 40 excellent “interpretations of iPod Shuffle as food”. Davin followed up his well received goat butter creation with a Parsnip Shuffle, a Tofu Shuffle, […]

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