Month: June 2016

Interview: The Redesign

Interviewer: Eric A. Meyer, for Netscape Communications, the online sister of the ESPN cable networks, serves up more than half a billion page views every month, so when the home page of the site dropped all layout tables in favor of structural markup and CSS-driven layout, the Web design community took notice. To add to the intrigue, the site’s design is (as of this writing) being adjusted over time, so that the site is in effect making the latter stages of its redesign process public. For a personal site to do such a thing is rare enough; for a major commercial site to do it would have been almost unimaginable.

The DevEdge team was as fascinated as everyone else, so we asked Associate Art Director Mike Davidson a series of interview questions via e-mail. We were so thrilled by his detailed answers, we decided to to split the interview into two parts rather than be forced to make major cuts for length. In this first part, Mike talks about the benefits of the new design, selling management on the move, browser testing, the ethics of upgrade requirements, and more.

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