Make Your Twitter Stream More Interesting with the Stellar Tweetbot

If you’re like me, you’re both particular about who you follow on Twitter and perpetually in search of more entertainment in your feed. The problem with following everyone who belches out a random good tweet is that you then have ten more ho-dum tweets a day from them in your feed. The disincentive to follow people on Twitter has never been higher than it is now, despite the fact that the service hosts more great content than it ever has.

I have a few ideas for fixing this problem, but one of them came to me a few months ago as I was using Jason Kottke’s excellent service (pronounced “Ste-LAH-ree-oh” by everyone except Jason). is a fantastic web-based service that lets you follow interesting people and receive a feed of all the tweets, Flickr images, YouTube videos, and other content they have faved on other services. In Twitter terms, imagine a feed that doesn’t contain your friends’ tweets, but rather the tweets that your friends have faved. In other words, one degree of separation away from your current Twitter stream.

Stellar is a great way to assemble this sort of feed, but if you’re like me, you’d rather see its output merged into your existing Twitter stream. To put it differently, when I open up my Twitter client, I want to see tweets from the few people I follow (as I do currently) and tweets from people I don’t follow which have been marked as favorites from people I do follow. Have I lost you yet?

To create this experience, I wrote a PHP script I call Stellar Tweetbot which runs every 5 minutes via a cronjob that checks my Stellar account for new faved tweets, and then retweets any new tweets to my zombie Twitter account @mike_stellar. Then, I follow @mike_stellar from my normal Twitter account @mikeindustries and I magically have a more interesting Twitter stream.

To see what sorts of things now appear in my Twitter feed, without having to follow any new people, peep the image below (or just follow @mike_stellar):

The first tweet is Rob Delaney making sure a can of Pepsi gets home safe. I don’t follow Rob so I would have normally missed this tweet. However, since I follow some people who faved it, I now see it in my Twitter stream.

The second tweet is to a really interesting article tweeted by Rob Pegoraro. I don’t follow Rob, but I do follow the person who faved it: Tim Carmody (not to be confused with Tom Carmony, who I also follow, but let’s not even get into that).

The third tweet is by the funniest person on Twitter, Ken Jennings. Since I already follow him, I won’t see this as a dupe in my feed. Magic.

So that’s it. The Stellar Tweetbot. I’ve opened sourced it on GitHub, and it’s the ugliest designer-written PHP code you’ve likely ever seen, but it works, yo! If you’re one of those propeller heads who writes much better PHP, feel free to rewrite it, and merge it into the GitHub Branch Repository Chamber Fork Commitment Thingamajigger.

Otherwise, feel free to do what I do and just use it. It will make your Twitter feed more interesting.

8 comments on “Make Your Twitter Stream More Interesting with the Stellar Tweetbot”. Leave your own?
  1. Brian says:

    Such a great idea Mike. I just requested an invite over there so hopefully we’ll see that come through soon.

  2. Mike D. says:

    Oh crap, I forgot that Stellar was still invite-only. I’ll send you an invite.

  3. Ted says:


    How were you affected by the Microsoft / NBC split?

  4. Mike D. says:

    Ted: Not much really. We’ve been working with the NBC News folks this whole time anyway, and we already work off of Microsoft’s campus. It’s all good.

  5. Axel says:

    I’ve tried & am pretty sure I’ve got everything perfect for this to work…but it just isn’t working.

    Would there be any kind of error if things were not set up correctly?

  6. Andrew says:

    Love it. I am new to PHP scripts, and having some difficulty. Any recommendations on where to learn how to do so?

  7. Mike D. says:

    Axel: Not sure what’s going on. You aren’t getting any PHP errors or anything?

    Andrew: Unfortunately no. You shouldn’t really have to write any PHP though… it’s all written for you.

  8. Jim Robinson says:

    Great idea, Mike. I’d love to try out Stellar Tweetbot. Any chance you’ve got a spare invite for Stellar? Thanks!

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