Oh, Minty Day!

A few minutes ago, The Wolf released version 2.0 of his highly successful and highly awesome stat package, Mint.

I’ve been beta testing it for several months now. It’s good. You should get it.

(Shaun also launched a new version of Shauninman.com because the paint was starting to dry on the “old” one, but we’ll ignore that for now.)

The Wolf has also figured out something Alan Greenspan never could: how to buck inflation. The price of Mint is still $30 and existing users can upgrade for a mere Jackson.

Anyway, that’s it. It’s a nice upgrade. My only beef is that the interface is de-Mint-ified a bit by default, but by throwing this hack at the end of your /mint/app/styles/vanilla_mint/style.css file, you can get green again:


.display table.striped tr.alt td,
.display table.visits table.striped tr.alt td
background-color: #F0F7E2;
border-top: 1px solid #E7F0D0;
border-bottom: 1px solid #E7F0D0;

.display table tr:hover td,
.display table.visits td tr:hover td
background-color: #F0F7E2;

.display table.striped tr:hover td,
.display table.visits table.striped tr:hover td,
.display table.striped tr.alt:hover td,
.display table.visits table.striped tr.alt:hover td
background-color: #cde9a7;


At the request of Chris, here is a sample of what the mod looks like:

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  1. Paul Mayne says:

    I’m upgrading now… Thanks for the mintyness Mike.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Mike. I will upgrade today (if I can find the time)…

    I hope all/most of the peppers will still work with the new mint version.
    (not counting on it… yet ;) )

  3. Adrian says:

    all the peppers I had installed worked fine when I upgraded.

    the new pepper for tracking feeds is great, something I wish I had from day one of launching my site.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to go through the CSS Mike.

  5. BigA says:

    excellent. I can’t wait to test Mint2 and I defintely want to keep that Minty Mint look.

  6. Ronald Heft says:

    Beautiful. This is exactly what I needed to get my Mint feeling Minty again. Thanks Mike!

  7. Don says:

    I really must give it a try to see what all it does. We continue to offer the no cost and the $10 version of our counter over at http://htmlfixit.com/free.php

    I wonder if we need a catchy name …. hmmm, we just called it counter …

  8. Chris says:

    Any chance of a screenshot of what the CSS does?

    (Editor’s Note: Good idea. Done!)

  9. I’m not sure who was there first, but Inman’s Mint always puts me in mind of these adverts… http://www.reginaldpike.com/tpb_mintChin.html

    My my, clever mint ;)

  10. Eli says:

    Thanks Mike, now the minty green feeling is back in my Mint v2.

  11. John says:

    Does Mint better than google analytics?

  12. Any chance of linking the preview through to a full size/browser screenshot, showing the top part of Mint? :D

  13. Mint is great and all, but there are some analytics plugins/packages/programs out available these days that are free. I’d like to try Mint again, but I’m getting essentially what I would from it, with my current analytics dealio at 30 bucks less :-)

  14. I think the main appeal of Mint is largely its UI, as in how everything is laid out. While solutions like Google Analytics and FeedBurner StandardStats provide pretty great tracking, actually quickly sifting through them is a bit of an ordeal.

    There’s also the functionality provided by certain parts of Mint, such as now linking WordPress comment names to IPs in the stats automatically, and also showing WordPress local searches on your site — the kind of specialised stats you don’t tend to get in the free solutions.

    I still don’t think charging people out the arse hole for each upgrade is a good move though.

  15. Chet says:

    It’s definitely his UI that sets him appart from the rest of the stat web apps. Essentially, no matter what application you use, you’re using the same underlying data – so they took it step farther and made it easy on the eyes, and easy to navigate your stats :) It’s all about the Ease… because the data is just data ;)

  16. Alan H says:

    Glad you brought it up! I’ve been lusting on their demo for a few weeks now. http://designologue.com/mint/ … Me LOVES how this collapses; so brilliant!

  17. RUDEWORKS says:

    […] Hace ya bastante que compré una licencia de Mint, el gestor de estadísticas creado por Shaun Inman (que, por cierto, ha vuelto a rediseñar). Hoy mismo se ha publicado su nueva versión, Mint 2, trae una serie de novedades que aun no he podido comprobar (estoy a la espera de que me envíen la renovación de mi licencia), pero lo que sí puedo comprobar es que gráficamente ha cambiado y eso es algo que no le ha gustado demasiado a Mike Davidson. […]

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