Dave Chappelle on Newsvine!

Something happened on Newsvine’s opening day that really validated to us where this whole project is going. It had nothing to do with the traffic, the kind reviews, or the reports about us being acquired. It was a simple post by Newsvine member Corey Spring.

Corey is a senior at Thee Ohio State University, and when he’s not partying it up with the Buckeye coeds, he works at the local college TV station. It so happens that Corey was invited to Dayton, Ohio for the premiere of Dave Chappelle’s new movie “Block Party”.

Corey somehow managed to steal Chappelle away for a few minutes and conducted an impromptu interview with him. Then he posted the interview to Newsvine, tagged it accordingly, and bam, an exclusive Dave Chappelle interview for the world to see.

It doesn’t stop there though. Immediately upon posting, the Newsvine Doppelganger™ kicked in and automatically added a link to an Associated Press story from that same day about Dave Chappelle’s dispute with Comedy Central. So now the AP story is linked from the bottom of Corey’s interview, and Corey’s interview is linked from the bottom of the AP story.

Some hard-core citizen journalist types have asked us why we use Associated Press stories at all. There are hundreds of reasons, but this is a perfect example. You can read that Dave Chappelle AP story on many other popular news sites, but only on Newsvine would you spontaneously discover Corey’s interview in the course of reading it. That is pretty magical to me. People have also questioned whether “citizens” are qualified, in general, to be journalists. Well this is a textbook example of the concept in action. Journalism doesn’t always mean investigating scandals in the White House. Sometimes it’s simply about distilling stories from everyday life.

Make sure to head on over to Corey’s column and add him to your watchlist today. As soon as we turn on support for audio, polls, and other rich elements, these sorts of interviews will only get better.

Some other people to watch as well:

Carl Howe — Carl is considered by many as the Dean of the Vine, posting well-organized thoughts about marketing, technology, and where new media is going.

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The Anna Log — Benevolent lightning rod and perpetual catalyst for interesting political discussions on the Vine.

Mike Dojc — Sports and entertainment news from a guy who knows his stuff. Mike’s written for Maxim, Nike, The Toronto Star and many other properties.

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Dave Sheldon — Dave’s day job as an ESPN Hockey analyst and play-by-play guy gives him an inside perspective into the sports world.

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14 comments on “Dave Chappelle on Newsvine!”. Leave your own?
  1. sean coon says:


    corey, his peers and the kids coming up behind him are going to flip journalism on it’s head. but don’t be modest, mike. without a service like newsvine — taking advantage of both old school journalism (AP) and the enablers of the web — corey would be stuck trying to wedge his way into the puppet master domain.

    great job.

  2. Zack says:

    That’s pretty amazing. And you’re right. That’s where Newsvine stands apart from all the others. Congrats, Mike. You have made an amazing tool. I’ve always looked forward to seeing what you come up with and will continue to, even if you do get bought by Mr. Murdock. ;) Keep up the great work.

  3. sean coon says:

    mike… i’ll have a friggin’ heart attack if you *ever* sell this.

    this is the new arms race.

  4. Reed Morse says:

    Oh, I would be very disappointed if Newsvine was sold to FOX…

  5. Sean Sperte says:

    How the heck did I miss the Chappelle interview? I must’ve been too caught up in the excitement of the launch. Anyway, you’re absolutely right that it’s this sort of thing that really validates Newsvine and makes it such a (potential) threat to the current news medium.

    And yes, I believe it is a medium.

  6. Daniel David says:


    I only wish there were more places on the web that integrated traditional with cutting-edge. The new web is all about aggregation, putting together all the disparate pieces of information on a topic you find relevant.

    Cheers to Newsvine for heeding the call.

  7. Corey Spring says:

    Hey Mike, nice article! =)

    You and your team have created a truly revolutionary tool in Newsvine, and I heartily believe it will change the way we get and experience our news. Mine is just one of many, many more examples to come from the entire community at the Vine.


  8. Dave says:

    Would be a sad day indeed if newsvine was bought out by the fox corporation,

  9. Sean Sperte says:

    Another example of Newsvine’s speed was last night’s AP article about Shaun Alexander signing an 8-year contract with the Seahawks. It was on Newsvine almost an hour before any other news source—including SeattleTimes.com and ESPN.com.

    Way to go, Newsvine!

  10. Fred says:

    Newsvine is the ONLY site I check for news now. I am sure some major news player will eventually offer some serious cash for it though.

  11. Fred says:

    Oh yeah…. I forgot to say in my last post:

    I’m Rick James bitch!

    The Chappelle interview was very cool.

  12. Brandon says:

    I second the nod to The Anna Log and love to complement her writings with the biting and oftentimes humorous commentary of Mike Rupert.

    So much of the site’s content is tech- and sports-driven, and it’s wonderful to see the gates open up for all sorts of original writing.

  13. Dennis says:

    Mike I have noticed the Doppelgangerâ„¢ at work and it is very impressive. How did you come up with the name. I am sure its a good story.

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