iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

Original photo by Norbert Ivanek.Ok, so it’s the day after Christmas and you didn’t get that iPod you wanted. Now’s your opportunity to take matters into your own hands and win one.

The theme of the final Mike Industries iPod Creativity Competition of 2005 is to design a movie poster featuring Steve Jobs. Like all competitions before it, the rules here are loose. Just feature the man we all know and love in a cinematic role, keep your image exactly 418 pixels wide, and insert your entry inline in the comments of this post. Please also give photo credit when appropriate.

There’s a decent chance The Steve will actually see this blog entry so please keep it clean and respectful. Anything overtly offensive will be removed.

This competition will remain open for exactly two weeks and will end at midnight, Sunday, January 8th. The winner will receive a 1GB iPod Shuffle from me, and so will Mike B., the genius who suggested this particular contest.

Remember to keep your images exactly 418 pixels wide (any height is fine) and under about 50k or so in file size. Insert your image into the comments below using code like so:

<img src="http://yoururl.jpg" />

283 comments on “iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster”:
  1. Merry Christmas everybody!

    #1 –

  2. Happy Holidays, everyone!


    anything with Heather Graham has GOT to win!

  3. Can’t compete with Kill Bill, though. If there ever was a movie for Steve Jobs to star…

  4. Steve Jobs says:

    Go ahead Bill – lets see what you got!
    Look out your window – bet you can’t beat them apples.

  5. Multiple entries from one person == disqualification?

  6. Mike D. says:

    Great entries so far!

    Lanny: Multiple entries are ok. I just updated the post.

  7. Yes, some excellent entries. Like the “iPod Father” so far.

  8. Daniel David says:
  9. Paul Seers says:

    Copyright Touchstone Pictures for the original movie.

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  10. Sharaf says:

    Steve Jobs as Harry Podder in “Harry Podder and the Half-Apple Prince”.

  11. Steve Jobs in “PodFellas” – Three Decades of Life in the Apple

    Mike, will the “multiple-entries” be capped? This could end up getting a bit out-of-hand. Just a thought. Or, you could leave it open and see just how creative your friends and peers are.

  12. Jurka says:

    In theaters January 9th.

  13. Man, when you lock in just on the eyes, nose and mouth, this Jobs photo looks like George Costanza =)

  14. Kat says:

    Well, I don’t have “mad skillz” but I tried.

  15. Daniel David says:
  16. “Love is a killer app.” If it was slogan contest, that should win hands down.

  17. John Whittet says:

    I was looking through the top 100 worst movies on IMDB and came across You Got Served. And wonder of wonders…

    Anyway, I have to do some more skin tone matching, levels, adjustments, blah blah, but I figured I’d post this as a work in progress of sorts. Gates looks great, though Woz doesn’t match his hands, and Steve’s light is all wrong. Bonus points to whoever knows who the guy on the far right is, though.

    Also, I’m trying to think of a way to interpret this contest in a way that means more than a 418x[…] JPEG. Flash? MPEG? Though “a movie poster” is pretty hard to bend the rules with. Ah well.

  18. Sean Liew says:

    The catch phrase is so perfect, there’s no need to change it ;)

  19. Andrew K says:

    ^ Bwaaaahahahaaaa.
    que ‘Steampod Mickey’ entry.

  20. Controversy … What Controversy?

  21. Collin says:

    There’s a decent chance The Steve will actually see this blog entry so please keep it clean and respectful. Anything overtly offensive will be removed.

    Hey, I’m not the one who made the Brokeback Mountain spoof. lol

  22. Quantity not quality I’m afraid. Still need some serious touching up.

  23. This has been really fun! Thanks, Mike!

  24. Chad Edge says:

    Oh man, the Apple Dumpling Gang? How can I compete with that? Well, I’ll keep the Disney theme going I guess:

  25. daniel says:

    How come there’s only been one original movie idea? Everything is just pasting Job’s head on another poster and placing Bill Gates somewhere in there. Good idea’s but they’re still only half of your idea put together with an existing one..

  26. Chad Edge says:

    Daniel -> I don’t get it, they all look like knock-offs to me. I think that’s part of the humor. Sure, some original ideas would be nice, but since so-far they’ve all be knock-offs, why cause a fuss? Perhaps Mike will pick the original (having a hard time picking the original from the jpg’s above – might you point it out?). Maybe someone will hit us with such an original idea that the rest of the knock-offs will pale in comparison. For now, however, I think the jpg’s posted are funny as all get-out.

  27. John Whittet says:

    I almost think the spoofs are the point of this contest. Or, certainly, seems like the best way to go. You could absolutely create an original movie idea (a feat in itself) starring Steve Jobs, but then it’s just a movie starring someone who probably shouldn’t be in a movie, Steve not being an actor and all. Or a documentary…

    Anyway, not to be a downer or anything. I said it in my post above, that people who think outside the box are the ones who win, and I’d bet that the winner of this contest is someone who creates something other than a photoshopped movie poster, though it’s fun just to see who’s got skills and who’s got original ideas (even if they are photoshopping something, there’s still a great deal of creativity in these). An original movie certainly would be another way to go, and one I didn’t think of.

  28. Jeff Martin says:

    Just one of those films I trually think they should produce. Yes, that’s Jobs in the bottom right :)

  29. Mike D. says:

    I would say that yes, a bad Photoshop paste-up job without a whole lot of thought probably won’t win this. If your execution is awesome, it can forgive some deficiency in concept (and vice versa), but you gotta do something well.

    Some of these are really great so far though.

  30. Max says:

    Mike – what if we wanted to make a QuickTime trailer for a Jobs movie? Any chance of amending the rules to allow that?

  31. that’s a good one right there … Enemy of Bill Gates … nice work.

    It’s tough to make someone “actually” look like Sasquatch.

  32. Anonymous Coward says:

    “It’s tough to make someone “actually” look like Sasquatch.”

    You’ve obviously never met my ex-wife.

  33. Jeff L says:

    Interesting contest!

  34. “It’s tough to make someone “actually” look like Sasquatch.”

    You’ve obviously never met my ex-wife.

    oh, burn!

  35. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Haha, some brilliant ones, and some amazing ones. Great job guys!

  36. Ryan Heneise says:

    This is fun! So far my favorites are “Enemy of Bill Gates”, “Lord of the iPods”, “Indiana Jobs”, and “The Podfather”. Good stuff. Here’s mine:

  37. J.P. Given says:

    Dang, Sean Liew has serious skills.

  38. J.P. Again says:

    By the way, they are all great….didn’t want to leave anyone out. =)

  39. Kevin Clark says:

    By the way, some really great stuff is showing up :) Enemy of Bill Gates has fantastic color matching and I’m loving the crosshair on the ipod silhouette.

    On mine make sure to try and find the obligatory Gates picture!

  40. Chris says:

    On mine make sure to try and find the obligatory Gates picture!

    Oh god… not that picture!!! Anything but that!

  41. Dragon says:

    Kevin: is it just me or are there thirteen [things] that Jobs is holding? Last time I checked, a dozen was twelve.. But umm, is Gates the little guy 4 up from the bottom?

  42. Kevin Clark says:

    Chris: Yes, really. That picture.

    Dragon: The movie poster apparently had pictures of the 12 children and the mother (13).. good catch! Yes, he’s 4th from the top.

  43. Kevin Clark says:

    Oh, and in retrospect, 12 apples, 1 Gates.

  44. Collin says:

    I have to agree with Kevin, Enemy of Bill Gates is great.. Sean Liew’s other submission “i, Pod” was nicely done as well.. Hard to compete with that quality.

  45. Have to agree. Some amazing talent show off over here. Some are of high quality, few rib tickling entries while some are unique in approach.
    Great work..simply great.


  46. Jeff says:

    I just wanted to compliment everyone on their jobs well done in this festive contest. May the best Photoshop job win.

  47. Jeff L says:

    While I obviously like my own entry(iMile) for the underlying underdog theme, Sean’s i,Pod and Enemy of the Gates entries are definitely my two favorites from among the competition. Very nicely done.

  48. Love the I,Pod one, great idea and great skills. Enemy of Bill Gates is nicely done, and the crosshair on the iPod-silhouette is a cool detail. Steve Of The Dead is very funny as well. I actually feel that way sometimes. Lots of iPod-Zombies in the street and on the subway.

    Btw. Happy New Year, everyone!

  49. Andrew Boey says:

    Wow! You guys are right on! Sean’s entries are cool!
    Especially Enemy Of Bill Gates! The poster is GREAT, the meaning is definately there (not like some).

    If he does not win,…. watch where you park you car at night!

    I thought i participating, but after looking at Sean’s….. nah,… he can have the first prize!

  50. Thomas says:

    Wow, so many great entries .. I’m with Andrew: Sean, great job on your entries – although I like a few that are not his as well (the Incredible’s poster would have been really good if all the pictures had been cartoon/caricatured ;-P

    Too many good ones to consider trying to find time to make an entry for this contest.

  51. Wow, there is some very cool posters here. Fabolous work people!

    Here is mine…

  52. Kevin Clark says:

    This isn’t a real entry really, just thought it was really creepy. Inspired by the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster.

  53. Jared Lyon says:

    Is the rule that photo entries have to be 418 x 418 no longer in existance? In previous contests, entries not conforming to those dimensions would be eliminated.

    (Editor’s Note: 418 wide and a reasonable file size is all that is necessary for this contest)

  54. Reed Morse says:

    I believe it just specifies 418 pixels in width.

  55. Jared, it specifically states: “keep your images exactly 418 pixels wide (any height is fine)”.

  56. Arnaud Muller says:

    Here’s mine.
    Just had some fun to do it :-)

  57. Oliver Z. says:

    Arnaud’s Finding iPod entry made me laugh. That’s some photoshop skills.

  58. Jared Lyon says:

    Damn, it even says it in two places! Sorry guys, I’m an idiot. :)

  59. Sean Liew says:

    Great and really funny entries so far guys and thanks for the kind comments. Here’s another one, an “original” feature film. Can’t remember when’s the last time I had this much fun with Photoshop :) Happy New Year!

  60. Antonio says:

    Greetings from Sweden again..

  61. someone needs to do a “Freaky Friday” spoof

  62. Chris Franklin says:

    here’s my email if people want to email their responses or if i WIN lol. saturn89@gmail.com

  63. Chris Franklin says:

    does anyone know how to resize an image to under 50k and make it exactly 418 pixels wide? i’m confused because my image got deleted. HELP!

  64. So… I’m not the only one who has noticed that a young Steven Seagal looks somewhat like Steve Jobs on steroids.

  65. A high resolution version is also available.

  66. Alan Rhodes says:

    For what it’s worth.

  67. Chris Franklin says:
  68. Mark says:

    If Kill Bill or the iLife Aquatic doesn’t get it, there’s just no justice in the world…

  69. Peter says:

    Hi guys… what do you think of this?

  70. Mark says:

    If only I had the skills… …can someone make one with the movie “catch me if you can” with jobs as tom hanks :p

  71. olof says:

    “Catch me if you can”, shouldn’t that one star Bill Gates and the head of DOJ? :)

  72. Chris Franklin says:

    “mr and mrs. jobs should win.” that one’s really good and it’s funny lol. but who is the woman?

  73. Man, these are all (pretty much) really great! I’ve had a great time doing my own creations as well as seeing everyone else’s ideas.

    Nice job to everybody. This was/is fun!

  74. NX- says:

    A take off the Clint Eastwood film Absolute Power seen here [http://www.cinelove.com/cinelove/main/pds/poster/a/Absolute_Power.jpg]

    So far my personal favs are [in no order]
    You got Xserved| Being Steve Jobs | Gadget begins | enemy of bill gates | steve of the dead | iPod iRobot Cover | Fantastic 4 | Steve $1 Jobs | Incredibles | Them Apples

    Great work, everyone

  75. Peter says:

    “Chris Franklin writes:
    “mr and mrs. jobs should win.” that one’s really good and it’s funny lol. but who is the woman?”

    Thanks man! (c:

    The women is (off course) Steve’s wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. They got married march 18, 1991.

    Keep voting for me guys!


  76. Jonny O says:

    Who does the random face belong to in ‘Being Steve Jobs’ ?? Towards the back at the right.

  77. willy says:

    There are some really cool posters here. I wonder which one the pulic likes……..personally, isin_city

  78. Adam B. says:

    “It only takes the will to do so.”

  79. Joshua Kendall says:
  80. Joshua Kendall says:

    Jobs Photo – “Newsweek”
    New York Map – “www.rootsweb.com”

  81. Counterfit says:

    Am I the only one to see part of a smiley face inside the cross hairs on “Enemy of Bill Gates”?
    My favorites (no special order): Byte Me, 21 Grams, Being Steve Jobs, American History OS X, Them Apples, iPod (iRobot spoof), iPod (iPod Invisa spoof), and Dirty Steve is really well done.

    Taking the LoTR theme another step (forward/backward/to the side), how about Return of the King, in reference to his return as CEO?

  82. Trevor Inkpen says:
  83. Johnny O: (In response to the “Being Steve Jobs” question)

    In the original “Being John Malkovich” poster there is not an imposter. Click the link below, and see if you can find him.

    Being John Malkovich

  84. Contest & Arnaud Muller’s “Finding iPod” featured in the The Guardian. Pretty cool.


  85. Daniel Foley says:

    Just lookin at the TrackBack sites and was surprised to find one my my designs displayed. Made me happy.

    I think everyone here has done a great Jobs.. I mean job. I like my own entries (obviously) and I deffinately think there is some great work goin on (i,pod, Dirty Steve, etc).

  86. Josh Byers says:

    I have to agree with Sean Liew in that this is the most fun I have had with PS in a long time! Awesome work everyone!

  87. Macaholic says:

    So many awesome ones, people! I pity the soul who has to decide on the winner — and we’re STILL a week out from that decision.

    Dude, Where’s My Pod, Steve of The Dead, iLife Aquatic, i,Pod and many others are excellent. But, to me so far the most insightful and yet “out there” one is Being Steve Jobs. It doesn’t get much better than that one… or, WILL IT??

  88. Riddick says:

    here’s mine I dont expect to win with this but I figured I would make one for fun. Hopefully you guys find it funny.

    and make sure you search for iDiaper in eBay (its pretty funny)

  89. DarknEzZ says:

    “Byte me” is great, really had a good laugh at it!

  90. Konstantin Winter says:

    i think now it’s ok ;)

  91. Brutherford says:
  92. Derek Cooper says:

    They come from outer space. They have only one mission. To take over planet earth. The Pod People are controlled by white wires attached to their ears and appear to hear commands from an alien podcast. They’re all around you. They’re your neighbors, your librarian, and if your not scared yet, your next! The Pod People will not give up until everyone on earth is one of them. Starring Steve Jobs, “Invasion of the Pod People” is the movie of the year.

    Ebert and Roeper gives “Invasion of the Pod People” 4.5 stars.

    Coming Summer 2006!

    The Official Invasion of the Pod People Website complete with a flash intro.

    Apple.com (Steve Jobs Bio Photo)
    Google Image Search “Alien” (Alien Picture)
    I used his bio photo to put the glasses on the alien. :)

  93. Derek Cooper says:

    Sorry the website isn’t InvasionOfThePodPeople.com, the site that it was suppose to link to was http://ductu.com/podpeople.html

    I made a flash intro for the movie.

  94. Cherum says:

    the look is some kind of cheap, but hey thats life~

  95. Andrew Danks says:

    My favourites are “Finding iPod”, “Steve of the Dead”, “Steve Jobs and the iPod Factory”, and most of all: “Enemy of Bill Gates”. Regardles of my favourite ones, all of these posters are very well done. Good job.

  96. Tania says:

    Too many good ones to list… What an amusing competition.
    Waiting in anticipation to see who wins it!

  97. Stumpy says:

    The glasses in the passion of the christ are well integrated. The biblical reference is clever. And jesus looks remarkebly like Jobs. Woah.

  98. I could be wrong, but I believe that when he said that multiple entries were okay, he meant multiple different entries.

  99. Riddick says:

    All of these are pretty good but clearly the best one is obviously iTrip.

  100. Daniel Foley says:

    Just some more sites that are linking to this contest. See if other people like your poster:

  101. Counterfit says:

    Wow, mac and me. I haven’t even seen a reference to that movie in forever. I think my parents taped it off HBO way back in the day. iTrip is awesome, the forehead blending is amazing. Jobs Park is cool, and Passion of the Christ (should it be “iPod of the Christ”? or “Passion of the Jobs”?) is kinda creepy…
    Also, Delivernce has some nice touches.

  102. Peter says:

    Okay folks… here’s my second contribution.

    I had big expectations with this idea, but I soon realized my skills aren’t good enough. Still… here you go.


    (Here’s the original poster: http://www.impawards.com/2005/lord_of_war_ver2.html)

  103. Vladimir Å agadin says:
  104. Vladimir Å agadin says:
  105. Steve Jobs says:

    Not Bad Not Bad….

  106. Paul Santolaria says:

    Just can say…: lots of great entries!

    Here’s mine, hope you like it!

  107. All I can say is, “SHUT THE F#@K UP, DONNY!”

  108. Peter says:


    This idea was so stupid that I had to try it. It’s a Steve poster from the movie “Schindler’s list”.


    (Here’s the original poster: http://www.impawards.com/1993/schindlers_list.html)

  109. Fred says:

    Great concept for the contest! Some of these are excellent.

    My vote for winner at this point: ITRIP

  110. Dave says:

    I’m all for the Big Woznowski at this point.

  111. Ramesh says:

    I just loved Kill Bill and Enemy of Bill Gates. Others are also good.

  112. Counterfit says:

    What can I say, I’m a sucker for classics. Citizen Jobs and Steve Jobs (Amadeus) are great. The Big Woznowski and iToy Story are good too. This is starting to remind me a bit of Photoshop Phridays on Something Awful.

  113. This is my least favorite that I’ve done so far, but it’s not terrible.

  114. foo says:



  115. I agree. I’m sorry for the Dylan one, it was a decent idea but not an excessively clever title to say the least. Take a look at The Big Woznowski and the Passion of the Christ for some of my better work.

  116. Cherum says:

    ok ok i forgot the filesize thing~

  117. Hi there! i Just saw this movie! i thought it would be funny to put king kong wantin gto be steve job’s friend and climbing to the top on the empire state building to listen to his itunes in peace.

  118. oh yes and the credits:

    Steve Jobs photos from : “Steve Jobs Information Site” http://www.geocities.com/franktau/index.html

    and the King Kong background from : “The Official King Kong site”

    and the I-Pod graphics from:”The Official Apple Site”

  119. Thomas Meyer says:

    Here is the german version

  120. Steve Sedlock says:

    Well, I think the problems of too big file size or too wide/narrow are resolved. Enjoy.

  121. Steve Sedlock says:
  122. ieatrulers says:

    hope you guys like it

  123. mike says:

    slapped this together the other day…

  124. Sean Liew says:

    Oops sorry. Here it is:

  125. like OSX, somebody else has been living a double life!

  126. if double post sorry — again…

  127. Macaholic says:

    LOL! Very good, craig grunemeyer!

    BTW, we’re also linkng to this wnderful bucket of fun way up in Canada, eh!


  128. Jesus says:

    You need to leave the qutoes in

  129. Matt says:

    Chris Franklin writes:

    “mr and mrs. jobs should win.” that one’s really good and it’s funny lol. but who is the woman?

    Were you serious? I hope not.

    Chris Franklin writes:

    here’s my email if people want to email their responses or if i WIN lol. saturn89@gmail.com

    I think you need to look around more. Under the comment box, theres a check box that says the following: “Notify me via e-mail of new comments to this entry.”

    Jared Lyon writes:
    Damn, it even says it in two places! Sorry guys, I’m an idiot. :)

    Yep. Hehe.

    Some really amazing posters, my favorites are I,Pod | Finding iPod | Enemy of Bill Gates. Hopefully there will be some original posters also. Good work all!

  130. “Ma-ma-ma-mamma said, ma-ma-mamma-mamma, ma-ma-mamma said …” Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler)

    “My momma once told me NOT to get a tatoo of Roy Orbison, but what mamma don’t know … ” Mr. Coach Klein (Henry Winkler)

  131. Jeff Martin says:

    Well, from all the ones I’ve seen – Pirates of the Valley gets first, Byte Me comes second for it’s pure quality in itself, Finding Ipod (Nemo) comes in third for it’s pure creativity and success in pulling it off. Many of these are just Photoshop chop jobs and I don’t believe that’s what this contest is about. Good job anyway everybody, and may the best one win!

  132. Many of these are just Photoshop chop jobs and I don’t believe that’s what this contest is about.
    – Jeff Martin

    all the contest states is:

    “Just feature the man we all know and love in a cinematic role”

    it doesn’t talk about being an original idea or even how the contest will be judged (though we assume it will be on some sort of quality + creativity scale) … heck, this thing is the Mike D. and Mike B. show, so it really looks like they’re the ones calling the shots, and determining how the winner will be “chosen.” as much as i’d like to win, i’ve just had a great time doing my own and checking out what everyone else has come up with.

    on a side note, I see many, many of these images that have been nicely done and very funny as the case may be.
    nice job everybody … even if they are Photoshop chop (steve) jobs! =)

  133. Derek Cooper says:

    It didn’t turn out as well as I wanted it to. But It looks OK I guess. But I didn’t notice till I was putting Steve’s photo on the poster when I saw that the poster says “Size Matters”, so I think it works good for the Ipod nano so I stuck that on there.

    Steve Jobs Photo – Apple.com
    Ipod Nano & Shuffle – Ipod.com
    Godzilla Poster – movies.yahoo.com

  134. Steve Sedlock says:
  135. Macaholic says:

    Cherum, on the Pirtaes poster, you should bill the girl as Lisa Jobs! ;)

  136. grissom Lau says:

    so good so fun
    i love this.
    i love macintoch

  137. eyecandy says:

    my favs are i,pod / the enemy of bill gates / pirates of silicon valley.

    you did a nice job(s), guys!!!

  138. Sean Liew says:

    Noel Godin (bottom center) is the guy who lead the gang who threw pies at Bill.

  139. Jack says:

    not that I’d know anything about Steve Job’s dancing abilities :]

  140. Murks says:

    Here is my image:

  141. David says:

    I want to create a movie-spoof poster for a guy at work.

    How do you manage to recreate the actual type-faces used in various posters – can you give me some hints, or a web-link. I have googled and I ended up here! Thanks!

  142. Cherum says:

    For some movie type faces, there are fonts out there that are created based on the original. just look for “name of the movie + font + download”
    if you cant find a font this way you just have to search for a similar font, change an existing font or just delete anything written so nobody will recognize that you didnt use the right font ;)

    btw thanks for the lisa jobs thing macaholic ;)

  143. David says:

    Themed fonts can be found here:


  144. Tom Waters says:

    Pretty self-explanatory eh?

  145. Josh Byers says:

    I can’t believe this one hasn’t been done yet…

  146. Daryl Cheng says:

    My stab… must say the tag line isn’t the best, but there you go.

  147. delorean says:

    (whoops! made the image too big before, RTFM i know! sorry!)

    This is my entry. Some great entries in this fun competition. Well done to all!

  148. Jose Capeli says:

    So, here’s mine…

  149. Sandra Mause says:

    So, you’re wondering where those scratches on your iPod Nano really come from? ;)

  150. Mike Cousart says:

    I finally figured it out. here’s mine:

  151. Collin says:

    You all did some awesome posters so far.. I wanted to abandon this one and do a better poster but have been way to busy. So here is my poster. (Which someone already attempted, btw.)

  152. Daniel Foley says:

    Technically, if you’re gunna put Steve Jobs as WIlly WOnka, then you should be using the old movie’s posters. The new one was charlie and the chocolate factory, so “Steve and the iPod Factory” would technically put STeve as the child. Just a thought

  153. Mile J. says:

    I used more than a few stock photos from http://www.sxc.hu ..
    Hope you like it :)

  154. ieatrulers says:

    that one is just…awesome. it would be a ton better if not for teh blurriness

  155. Mile J. says:

    Thanks :)
    I had to blur so that apple can come to life.. see.

  156. I agree with Mike, the blur makes it a ton better!

  157. Daniel David says:

    Here is my last and only original entry. I appologize to Steve lovers who find this offensive. It is presented entirely in jest.

  158. Derek Cooper says:

    I forgot to mention credit for the pink ipod – http://www.theplaceforitall.com

  159. Mike Stuart says:

    I got the image from http://www.didis-life.de via google images page 9 on “steve jobs”
    Great idea for a contest!


  160. harrington kaviza says:

    well it seems the competition is tight, check mine soon, straight out from zimbabwe. cheers every one


    p/s i want a i pod as well

  161. d33p says:

    hi there !

    here is my small contribution :

  162. Alessandro says:
  163. Alan Rhodes says:

    For what it’s worth yet again.

  164. BryanBrutherford says:
  165. Sandra Mause says:

    Among all the photo-chops (including mine) I think Jack’s “The Man Can’t Dance” is really special. Clean mac-ish looks, nice typography and a funny tag line (“When thinking different goes too far…”). Got a good laugh out of that. :)

  166. Mike Cousart says:


  167. My third and final entry. Steve would be the only one to get away without a pic of himself & a title :)

  168. Chuck Gratti says:

    My contribution:

  169. Ryan Aida says:

    Well I hope that this post sticks.
    I had so much fun doing my first poster the other day that I had to do this one last night. It’s just so obvious and noboday has done it.
    This one is dedicated to Jen at Switch Designlab here in Toronto

  170. Ryan Aida says:

    Paulo André Chagas

    Check your image size. I think my posts may have been taken off because of this. I sized my image for 418 px wide before saving it but when I took the image back into PS it said that it was 419. I recropped it and now everything is fine.

  171. Ryan Aida says:

    Paulo André Chagas

    Check your image size. I think my posts may have been taken off because of this. I sized my image for 418 px wide before saving it but when I took the image back into PS it said that it was 419. I recropped it and now everything is fine.

  172. AngelSamea says:

    without big words:

  173. is it fair to assume this ends midnight pacific time?

  174. ieatrulers says:

    hahahaha. iTanic and podzilla vs p-sea monster are my favorite

  175. Veracon says:

    Ok, a lot smaller now.

  176. I’m amazed nobody’s done ‘Pirates of Cupertino’ yet…

  177. Macaholic says:

    James AkaXakA, dude, someone did an awesome “Pirates of Silicon Valley”

    which is not only well done (love the Windows logo on the zombie pirates! :D ), but is an xcellent refernce to the actual TV movie done several years ago, called “Pirates of Silicon Valley”:

  178. Macaholic, dude, “Pirates of Silicon Valley” is not “Pirates of Cupertino”. I was thinking of the 2nd teaser poster with the skeleton…so many possibilities.

  179. Macaholic says:

    Whatever. It’s been done.

  180. Matt Butler says:

    I just came across this website yesterday and I thought this contest was a great idea. It seems someone beat me to the ‘Podzilla’ idea though!
    I must admit, I had fun putting this together, and I hope Steve Jobs gets a chance to see all of these posters—I’m sure he’d get a kick out of them.

  181. The perfect Adam and Eve poster children.

  182. Robert says:


  183. Macaholic says:

    Just copy+paste the HTML code offered at the top of this page. Then, copy+paste your URL in, replacing the sample URL in between the quotes (but KEEP the quotes)

  184. Paste your URL in the XTML formula:

    I recommend that you follow all the specifications (pixels, KB, etc.) as posted in the rules (as you can find the formula).

    Oh and stop screaming!!

  185. Robert says:

    ughhh finally. this ones really mine

  186. Mile J. says:

    OK, here are my favorites so far (in no special order, from last posted):

    • Applecalypse Now (by Ryan Aida) – for title and ideas used
    • A Nightmare (by Sandra Mause) – for composition and clever ‘nano scratches’ idea
    • Pirates of silicon valley (by Cherum) – for idea and composition
    • Byte Me (by Alan Rhodes) – for everything, great work :)
    • Finding iPod (by Arnaud Muller) – for idea and blending in Bill’s face – LOL :)
    • Enemy of Bill Gates (by Sean Liew) – for everything
    • Steve of the dead (by Sean Liew) – for idea
    • I, Pod (by Sean Liew) – for everything, also great work
    • Indiana Jobs (by Josh Byers) – for composition and blending

    @Brian Flanagan: Thanks! (note on my name – it’s Mile, not Mike :))
    @Josh Byers: good idea about displaying the originals used, here’s mine:

  187. Ken Westphal says:


    OK, here’s the original for my PodZilla parody.

  188. Derek Cooper says:


  189. Derek Cooper says:


  190. LittleBoy says:

    Think Different!

  191. Sandra Mause says:

    @Derek Cooper: If Steve Jobs invented a day with 86400 minutes I’d buy one. ;)

  192. Macaholic says:

    @Sandra: Too expensive. Can you imagine Apple’s profit margin applied to a 60 day DAY?? :D I could build that day out of a pot of coffee and gram of cocaine for WAY less! Apple’s are too expnesive ;)

  193. ken Westphal says:

    re-entry mistake. after the originals were deleted, my browswer had truncated entries and I thought this entry had also be deleted. my apologies for a second posting. Safari has been doing some weird things lately, unable to access some sites that Mozilla has no trouble accessing.

  194. Chris says:

    Wow these are fantastic! Great “Jobs” everyone!

  195. Derek Cooper says:

    Sandra Mause – Opps, lol, I meant seconds. lol

  196. Lars Andersen says:

    My contribution… :-)

    Not much, but fun to make.

  197. Lars – it’s fun to see too! Love the red eyes.

  198. Paulo André Chagas says:

    Sorry about the other posts, and thanks Mike!

  199. Derek Cooper says:

    Can’t wait to see who wins. Good luck everyone. BTW, when will the winner be announced?

  200. Ken Westphal says:

    “What About Bill?” and “Catch Me if You Can” make me chuckle each time I scroll through all these.

  201. Ken Westphal says:

    Someone (OK, a couple of someones) referred to the posters as “Knock-offs”. It’s called parody, gentlemen; a long and time honored form of satire.

  202. Macaholic says:


    WHAT??! Some people are dissing the parodies?? Morons! They’re what put the “fun” in funny! It’s the relationship of the meaning or identity of the original, spun out in a humorous way to relate to the subject matter: Steve Jobs. Cripes I don’t believe some people don’t “get” such a pervasive comedic device.

    i.e.: My favourite parodies are What About Bill, signifying the fact that Bill and Steve behave civilly in public, yet Steve probably hates Bill. Get it? HA-HA!

    Or, “Steve of The Dead”, because of the massive popularity of the iPod has reduced mass commuters to zombies, oblivious to the outside world. Get it? HA-HA!

    Frankly, almost every “original” movie title entry here has sucked — HARD. Get a clue, folks!


  203. ken Westphal says:

    Exactly! Parody is a high form of comedy. Of course, it can be badly done, but there’s some brilliance here!

  204. “Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … while mockery is the sincerest form of mockery!” – Tony Kornheiser

  205. Josh Byers says:

    Oh, one last entry…

  206. Homage Fest

    Mike Davidson: iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster [via Creating Passionate Users] So, the entries in this…

  207. Takk Gud for at folk har for mye fritid: Steve Jobs filmplakater

    Dette må vel sies å være off topic i forhold til hva jeg vanligvis skriver om her, men av og til er det artig å konstantere at kreativitet kanskje kommer av for mye fritid. Hvis du synes Steve Jobs

  208. Win a free iPod from Mike Davidson

    While looking through my feeds yesterday, I came across a link posted by Kathy Sierra of Creating Passionate Users to a the entries in a contest being hosted by Mike Davidson of Newsvine. Mike’s…

  209. g. says:

    Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

    A very funny collection of movie poster spoofs. It looks like the grand prize is iPod.
    Mike Davidson: iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster

  210. Ipod poster contest

    So, Mike over at Mike Industries is giving away an Ipod Suffle. Basically, parody a movie poster with Steve Jobs, the best one wins. So, I figured I’d try my hand at it. And, when I thought of Ipod and Steve Jobs, I thought “Million Dollar …

  211. I designed a Steve Jobs Movie Poster (Well Alright, Three)

    Mike Davidson has just anounced the final Mike Industries iPod Creativity Competition: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster. I’ve posted the following three entries…I’m up against some terrific competition, so fingers crossed!

    My fir…

  212. Steve Jobs e Bill Gates come non li avete mai visti

    Su questo blog alcune delle più divertenti parodie photoshoppate di Jobs e Gates.Link: Mike Davidson: iPod Giveaway #7: Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster via Rubel

  213. Steve Jobs (Movie) posters

    Going through my feeds today, and I saw a pretty cool post by Steve Rubel.  He talked about a blog,…

  214. […] 更多有趣的海報請見 Mike Industries iPod Creativity Competition of 2005 […]

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