Heading to Frisco

Just a quick note to let anybody who’s interested know that I’m going to be in San Francisco for the Blog Business Summit from Wednesday until Friday and then Foo Camp in Sebastopol over the weekend. If you’re going to be at either event, feel free to come say hi.

I love going to San Francisco because it’s my second favorite U.S. city behind Seattle, and it’s home to many great designers like Michael Schwab (work pictured at right), and Doug Bowman. I also can’t wait to get my hands on about twenty In-N-Out burgers… a delicacy not available in the Great Northwest.

The Blog Business Summit should be an entertaining affair with plenty of great speakers, not to mention a pinch of Scrivs as well. Those of you who thought the kid’s head couldn’t get any bigger are about to be wrong. :)

If you’re going to be in the area and haven’t purchased a ticket to the conference yet, I believe some are still available.

As for Foo Camp, well, I really don’t know what to expect at all from it, but I’ve heard spectacular things. I haven’t been to Sebastopol since I was about 10, but I do remember they have the world’s best apple juice. The opportunity to camp, do keg-stands, and talk shop with some of the best minds in the industry sounds like a good time… I can’t wait.

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  1. Alexis says:

    mmm In-N-Out, I always tell my brother that I am going out to SF to see him, but really its all about the burgers (and the milkshake).

  2. Fazal Majid says:

    To quote Ogden Nash:

    May I be boiled in oil
    And fried in Crisco
    If I ever call
    San Francisco, “Frisco”

  3. Mike D. says:

    Fazal: Yeah, bad habit I picked up around 6th grade. :)

  4. Brian Fox says:

    Finally an event in SF. (though I wouldnt call it frisco). I may attend, if so Ill see you there. ;-)

  5. Geoff says:

    You may not have In-N-Out, but Dick’s rare grease is right there.
    So good.


  6. Mike D. says:

    Geoff: I dunno… Dick’s is alright for the 1am burger missions, but In-N-Out is high quality stuff. I think the closest thing we have to it here is probably Fatburger.

  7. Geoff Moller says:

    Good point. But if Dick’s isn’t ringing your bell, you owe it to yourself to step down to Tacoma and hail the Frisko.

  8. Faruk Ateş says:


    Nice, I envy you. I can’t wait to get back to San Francisco myself, haven’t been there in about 12 years now, but I’m making plans to go there after SXSW ’06. Speaking of which, you going to SXSW?

    Also: pffft, I’m so gonna surpass scrivs. :-)

  9. miko says:

    I’ve seen Michael’s work, but never knew who was the person behind the pen. He has a great portfolio.

  10. Mike says:

    Hey Mike, I’ll be on the lookout for ya when I’m there as well.

    You’ll be the middle-aged single guy with the beard right?

  11. Jakob Heuser says:

    Hopefully there will be some podcasts, notes, etc from the conference. I’m stuck this coming weekend in MD for a different convention, so I’m going to be missing all the excitement.

  12. Scrivs says:

    On the contrary after I prove to be the worst speaker there my head will shrink to a size relative to your chances of winning fantasy football this year. Virtually non-existent.

  13. DL Byron says:

    Scrivs has the smallest head on the speakers page. We call the glamour shot he sent us, “Mini Scrivs.”


    The entire summit will be blogged live by Will Pate and Kris Krug and, of course, most of the attendees.

    (Editor’s Note: Reminds me of the old line from Fletch — “He actually 6’5″… 6’9″ with the afro”)

  14. Al says:

    It’s “San Francisco” to you, Mister! :-)

    Mike. good luck in your trip and have a wonderful stay in our City.


  15. Joshua Rudd says:

    At first i thought you meant Frisco as in Frisco, Texas — Dallas’ newest “exurb” and home of the latest IKEA. i was thinking, “Why in the world would Mike want to go there?”

  16. Eris says:

    Yay! I’m so excited about this week and having so many of my favorite people in town (now that I’m not a Dallasite anymore). I look forward to seeing you, Mike!

  17. John Dowdell says:

    Calling it “Frisco” is fine, at least by people who have been here awhile… I think that “Don’t call it Frisco!” line may have been floated for newbies who want to feel proprietary about their experience or something…. ;-)

    (If you’ll be stopping by the Macromedia offices then I’ve got a table in the back of the cafe afternoons… Niall Kennedy has word of Henry’s Hunan on Wednesday.)

  18. Justin P. says:

    > but I do remember they have the world’s best apple juice.

    With no disrespect to Sebastopol (which I’ve always known for it’s active art community, not apples), I do believe that Apple Hill in the foothills east of Sacramento (near Placerville) holds claim to the worlds best apple juice. There are several breweries in Santa Rosa (Russian River, to name one) that carry Two Rivers Cider (hard cider). Made from the freshest apple juice, from Apple Hill.

  19. Tony says:

    Justin: gotta agree on the Apple Hill thing. Been making the trip every fall for years. Not just for the juice, though. Can’t leave without several Apple/Blackberry/Cream Cheese pies (one for now, the rest for the freezer.) I recommend going on Guy Fawkes Day, and stopping by the Jack Russel Brewery…they always put on quite the Guy Fawkes celebration!

    As for In-n-Out, you gotta love a place that’s proud to boast no freezers, no microwaves, and no heat lamps: ever. They still cut the fries as needed directly from teh whole potato, have fresh buns made every day, get fresh meat delivered daily (it’s never frozen)…Ahhh….a double-double animal style sounds pretty good right now…

    Have fun in “The City”, Mike.

  20. Dustin says:

    maybe i’ll take the trip up from sunnyvale. i’d like to meet you in person.

  21. john says:

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  22. john says:

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  23. don says:

    The mere mention of In & Out burgers made my stomach growl. I miss SF!

    Going home (SF) on Sep 2. YAY!

  24. Aaron says:

    You won’t meet one native who will refer to San Francisco as “Frisco”. It’s embarassing, and only people who’ve moved here from the midwest call it that. “Don’t Call It Frisco” is a book by Herb Caen one of San Francisco’s heroes. I’d reccommend reading it before you make an ass of yourself in public.

    (Editor’s Note: Easy there Fireball. Not sure if this is important enough to qualify for “ass of yourself” status. I will, however, take your comments into consideration. Thanks.)

  25. Whitespace says:

    What’s hot in San Fran?

    So I will be leaving for San Francisco tomorrow and while everyone else worries about what they will do business wise I need to find out what are the fun things to do in town? I have never been so…

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