The Saltine Challenge

While on business at our New York offices a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to a peculiar competition known as “The Saltine Challenge”. Apparently this has been around for quite awhile but I’d never heard of it. In a nutshell, one must ingest 6 Saltine crackers in 60 seconds without the help of water or any other digestive lubricants. The crackers must also be of the salted variety. Seems quite easy… that’s what I thought.

With a small crowd of onlookers, I tried and failed badly on the first attempt. The second attempt was a failure as well. Not even close. I managed to get all 6 decently chewed, but there were still two full crackers worth of dough when the minute mark passed.

So I went back to Seattle thinking, as I was told, that less than 1 in 10 people can accomplish this. Not wanting to give up, however, I sent out an all-office e-mail summoning Saltines from all corners of the building for use in further testing. I administered the Challenge to four more people, and sure enough, everyone failed. Before giving up, I decided to give it one more try using a special chunking strategy that my co-worker in New York Phil Berberian had mentioned in passing, and lo and behold, I did it! Six down the hatch!

Just to see if this feat was repeatable, I tried three more times over the next three days and lowered my time in each trial. Could seven be next? Absolutely. After all, if six Saltines was a great bar trick in itself, seven would bring the house down. Sure enough, I did seven on my first try yesterday.

And now a day later, I’ve officially reached the addiction stage.

I’ve already tried eight twice today and although I failed both times, 70 seconds was all it took to get everything down. It’s definitely within reach and I’m not stopping until I achieve this dietary milestone.

Has anybody else tried this? Care to post your results?

UPDATE: Chunking strategy revealed!

UPDATE #2: 8 Saltines accomplished!

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  1. Keith says:

    No thanks man. I know I can’t do it. But I bet The Dragon could do it.

  2. Dylan says:

    I’ve tried and failed miserably. I’m intrigued to hear the “chunking” strategy so I can whoop all my peers.

  3. Phil Dokas says:

    I hit 65 seconds on my first attempt a few years ago. Hasn’t come up yet to try again.

    But, uh, what’s this magical chunking strategy?

  4. Browsing the headlines on March 23:

    “Noted blogger Mike Davidson found dead in home after accidental sodium poisening”

  5. Chad says:

    This is also a popular trick with a piece of regular white bread. And we thought “chunking” was only good for memory…

  6. Chad says:

    Also, good to see you’ve finally decided to tackle the difficult topics…

  7. Tom says:

    Hmm..I’ve tried that before a few years ago. And of course, failed horribly

  8. We have a similar competion/challenge here in New Zealand, but with a breakfast cereal called WeetBix. The goal is to eat 2 dry in 2 minutes (WeetBix are normally served with milk and sugar/fruit). WeetBix have the curious ability to reduce the flow of saliva near zero, and somehow remove your ability to chew and swallow. Many a bet has been lost by one’s inability to accomplish said challenge. And a great volume of beer has been consumed while trying to restore the ability to swallow.

  9. kareem says:

    We tried this at the ESPN cafeteria a year or two ago, and it was hilarious. There were 7 or 8 of us sitting around a table, trash-talking, cheering, betting, and high-fiving when someone did (or did not) get 6 in 60. I think only one or two of us managed to do it, and I was not one of ’em.


  10. Brian Fox says:

    I just tried it, and I was able to get 7 down on the first try…. (the 8th cracker was down after 62 seconds)…. Maybe I don’t get what is so hard about it… I guess all those crackers during college was good for me after all ;-)

  11. Otis says:

    A few people in my class last year tried a similar event. The challenge was to down a teaspoon of cinnamon without the aid of water. Give a shot and post your results. Good luck.

  12. Don says:

    At camp when I was a kid we used to eat four in 60 seconds AND then whistle! Give that a try. Of course before doing that we had to swim out about 100 feet with the crackers in our hand through water to a floating dock keeping the crackers dry so they would crunch when you ate them. You failed if … you crackers got wet, you couldn’t get them down, or you couldn’t whistle. Of course half the fun was the kids blowing crackers all over while trying to whistle because they had not swallowed good. Ahhh to be a kid again.

    Make sure you aren’t scratching your throat while swallowing or we may find you dead of an infection or something :-)

  13. gb says:

    Being a Saltine cracker addict, myself, I’ve tried this a few times, soundly thrashing my opponents. I’ve been known to eat entire packets of crackers in one sitting, no drinks… just because I love them.
    Now, the WeetBix mentioned above… those things are damn near inedible. I poured milk on them the first time I had them, and I swear they must’ve absorbed the entire carton… things should be used in flood damage areas…

  14. David says:

    Let me guess — is the domain you were so keen to secure…

  15. amf says:

    I know this with 3 Saltine and 30 seconds. Nobody can do it!! ehehehhe

  16. Chris says:

    This has been a long-running challenge amongst a group of my friends. The other challenges include drinking a gallon of milk in less than 15 minutes (it’s really hard w/o vomiting) and eating a dozen glazed Dunkin’ Donuts doughnuts in less than six minutes (the current record among us).

  17. Back in middle school, a friend of mine made quite a bit of cash betting people with this. I still owe him the 4 bucks. Bastard.

  18. Phil Dokas says:

    A gallon of milk in 15 minutes!? Impossible! I’ve come close to completing the Gallon Challenge (a gallon in an hour) and I’ve seen it successfully done by a very, very select few. And that’s in an hour! I’d say the absolute best stomach-packers could get in maybe half a gallon in under 15 minutes.

  19. Justin says:

    Try three twinkies in a minute for a challenge. Hilarious to watch a guy who thinks he can eat so much get stuck on the second twinkie.

  20. Patrick says:

    Come on, you can’t hold out on us! What’s your chunking technique?

  21. Tony says:

    We used to have occasional office challenges back in the early days of Fogdog Sports. We didn’t do the saltine challenge, but did its equivalent: the white bread challenge. The trick to that one was to roll the bread into tightly packed balls.

    Other fun ones were the gallon of milk challenge, and the Wendy’s challenge. The Wendy’s challenge consisted of putting the entire contents of a Wendy’s kids meal into a blender (small hamburger, fries, and small Sprite), and consuming it in a period of time (I think it was 5 minutes). There was a side challenge to guess the final “color” of the blended product, using a hexadecimal color chart we had on the wall as a refernece.

    I have video somewhere…that one was quite funny. Perhaps I’ll post it to OurMedia if I can find it.

  22. Mike D. says:

    Chris, Phil, and Tony: You guys are crazy. The milk thing is next to impossible but the Wendy’s Challenge is just straight up gross. I do like the hex color chart comparison game though… you need to package that up and sell it!

  23. Phil Scott says:

    Here in Kentucky, the the Wendy’s challenge is eating every item on the 99 cent value menu. More of a “hey, I’m drunk and wendy’s is still open…I GOT AN IDEA!” type of thing than the milk or saltine challenge.

  24. Chris says:

    I saw a story on the web a few years ago about a guy that had bet that he could eat 3 Wendy’s triple cheeseburgers in 50 minutes. The prize? A Pentium III 450 Processor and a P125 Alpha Heatsink. The link that I have is dead, so you don’t get to read all of the gory details, but he did win, and he was miserable.

    Also…another great contest along the lines of the “Saltine Challenge” is to try and eat a teaspoon of cinnamon straight out of the spoon. You can’t get it wet enough quick enough to keep you from inhaling half of it. Not good times.

    (Editor’s Note: Oh my god, having to use a Pentium III is punishment enough!)

  25. Well I suppose you guys can always put 50 bucks on the line and attempt the 72oz steak in one hour deal at the Big Texan in Amarillo Texas. Its not just the steak either. Its a salad, baked potato, shrimp cocktail and bread as well. I did this back in college (I was only 170lb at the time) when me and my brother drove cross country to move him out to San Francisco . I have my winning certificate around here somewhere. . .

  26. Bill Bulman says:


    I thought the Fogdog happy meal challenge was a joke. Andy Chen and Rob Chea told me about it, and I thought they were kidding.

    I love the part about using hexadecimal to select the correct color of the blended meal…

  27. Tony says:


    Coming from Andy, I can see why you would think it was a joke, although Rob certainly has more credibility ;-) It was indeed real, though. The “contestant” was a guy by the name of Tal Funke-Bilu. (He didn’t finish…it made him sick.)

    I’ll be looking for the video this weekend and try to get it uploaded.

    I don’t remember offhand the exact color, but it was somewhere around #D0CFA4, I think.

  28. mogo says:

    Has anyone figured out the “chunking” method yet? Will mike choke up the answer?

  29. Mike D. says:

    Alright, I’ll give up the goods on the chunking method now:

    Basically, if you eat three, then two, then one, it seems quite a bit easier to accomplish the feat. The idea is that by getting three out of the way in one swoop while you’re still somewhat wet, you’re slaying half the beast right away. Doing one right after the other is bad because you’re pretty much bone dry after only the first cracker, and doing all six right away is bad because that’s just too much cracker to break down.

    Incidentally, when I did seven, it was with a 4-3 strategy. Still haven’t been able to do a 4-4 yet though. And I wonder why my mouth is so scratched up this week…

  30. Phil Berberian says:

    First of all, I noticed a typo in your copy above. Can you find it?
    Second of all, I’m pissed that all I got was a mention as “a co-worker in New York”. Not only did I introduce you to the saltine challenge, but I also bestowed some valuable saltine challenge strategies upon you. Is this not worth an honorable mention with proper name?

    (Editor’s Note: Alright beeyatch, you’re properly credited now, and the typo is fixed. The reason I didn’t credit you before is that within days, a Google search on “Phil Berberian” will now pull up the Saltine Challenge page as the first result. Wasn’t sure you wanted to be typecast for the rest of your life by your cracker-eating prowess.)

  31. Hoppy says:

    Well, Phil brought the Saltine Challenge to my band’s gig last night and as always it was a rousing success. It never ceases to rally an entire bar around the cause as people either a) watch in utter amazement/horror or b) get fired up to give it a try.

    Especially nice on hand last night was one of our singers friends, who is an actress on Law and Order. The night started with guys pointing and saying ‘who is the stunning supermodel-looking chick in the corner?’ and ended with us cheering her on as she tried to wolf down the crackers with the best of them.

    The Saltine Challenge… the perfect icebreaker, a great competition, and hey, a tasty snack.

  32. Mike D. says:


    Note: This was accomplished with a 3-3-2 strategy.

  33. Robert Shanes says:

    I was at Hoppy’s gig a couple nights ago (yes, Phil of course was the one to go out and buy the saltines)- And yet again, Phil failed to finish the 6 crackers within the 60 second time frame (despite his constant reassurances). I’ve seen him succeed, I’ve seen him fail and I always left with a great sense of satisfaction that a full grown (and graying) man will shove 6 dry pieces of salty carbs into his face in a swank NYC bar (in this case, with a supermodel actress egging him on the whole way). Go Phil. You may have caused a revolution. Bobby

  34. Phil Berberian says:

    Bobby, thanks for your support and kind words. Although I failed earlier in the evening (probably due to the distraction caused by the aforementioned supermodel actress), Jim (and Meredith) BOTH witnessed me accomplish the feat TWICE, later that same evening. In fact, the first successful attempt that evening had me finished at 50 seconds, at which point I gloated for a few seconds before downing the 7th; unfortunately the seconds wasted gloating were my downfall in succeeding at the 7th which was most obviously within reach.

    Mike, you know I love you, but to this day, you have yet to provide any witnesses to your alleged accomplishments. Every week you seem to be tacking on one more saltine — “Hey, guys, guess what? I just did 8”. Well, I could sit here and pontificate all day long too about how I’ve done “this” or “that”, but has anyone ever SEEN you do it. Maybe I’ve succeeded….maybe I’ve failed….but I have always done so in the company of avid Saltine Challenge bystanders and fans.

  35. Steve L says:


    I know that you don’t know me, and therefore may not consider me a credible witness, but I have to chime in here and report that I did in fact witness the successful 8 cracker minute. It was right down to the wire, but they went down. I failed embarassingly at 6 on 2 occasions, but Mike has been putting in some serious hours perfecting his methods, so I dont feel so bad.


  36. CmdrSue says:

    I’ve never done saltines, but our group has mini powdered donut competitions. We’ve never done a serious time limit, but my top quantity was 6 of those little suckers. I think my husband managed 10 once. We will definitly move on to saltines the next time the group is feeling spunky.

  37. Phil Berberian says:

    Steve, thanks for the confirmation on Mike’s accomplishment. Mike, my apologies for doubting you. I will hone my saltine skills for your next visit to NY, at which point I challenge you to a one-on-one saltine duel to the death……..ok, well maybe not death, but at least until we’re pretty ill.

  38. Terry says:

    My 11 year old son accomplished 6 in 55 seconds twice this past weekend. Both attempts were within 5 minutes of each other. He was the only one that could do it. Is there some world record out there for how many has been eaten?

  39. Mike D. says:


    Nice. Your son is a star. Not sure about the world record, but I’m up to 8 (which I’m sure has been done before as well). Let us know of any new developments…

  40. Sanim says:

    My sister tried it a couple weeks ago. She had 5.5 down, and then the buzzer went off. She started spraying crumbs everywhere from laughing so hard; her mouth was full of the crackers.

  41. Simon Cox says:

    Pah. I can do 3 Weetabix.

  42. Matt says:

    Does anyone know what the world record is? we’re trying this at my work i can do 6, another guy had the 9th in his mouth at the 60 second mark, i’ve got some practice to do to catch up to him, but we were wondering about the world record and thats how i found this site. Oh and we’ve been eating them one at a time… i think i’m gonna try your method of eating multiples at a time.

  43. Ray says:

    Uh this nurse i work with named aaron…he ate like 5 in like 55 seconds. he thought he was cool until he saw this little kid with cardiomyopathy eat like 8 in half the time.

  44. paul says:

    i can eat 6 crackers in 60 seconds i did it two days ago, is that a record

  45. Hoppy says:

    Hey Mike

    I went to Coney Island for the first time this weekend. It’s actually pretty ghetto and scary and I won’t be going back. But, I did have a Nathan’s hot dog. And today being the 4th of July, the Federation of Competitive eating is getting some press. Can you believe some of the records?

    Look at this woman…

    105 pounds and can eat
    – 80 chicken nuggets in 5 minutes…
    – 25 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes…
    – 38 lobsters in 12 minutes…
    – 21 cheese quesadilla in 5 minutes!

    Alas, not a single record for Saltines. Those wusses.

  46. Joe Guirguis says:

    i think its so funny that i’m looking for games for 15 year olds to play for a field day and all u guys & girls i think, are talking about the saltine thing like its that amazing…lol…ill give u one u cant do…have a milk drinking contest…i bet u cant drink a gallon in under 2 minutes

    have a good day,
    God Bless

    Joe Guirguis from EB, NJ

  47. Kirk says:

    I had to laugh at the story and give it a try. I did 6 on the first try in 51 seconds and then made 8 on the second attempt. My luck has been with eating them 2 at a time and trying to crush them into pieces against the roof of my mouth (prior to letting them get too wet) and choking the pieces down.

  48. Colby Thornton says:

    It is amazing how easy it is to scoff at this challenge at first glance but it is no joke. When I was first told about it, my friend didn’t know the number of saltines but mentioned the time limit and I said “what, like 15 crackers?” and he said something like “oh no no…more like 8” and right then I laughed, comfortable in my naïve stupor. But little did I know the true challenge that awaited me. So my boyfriend and I tried the challenge, both of us scoffing while gathering our challenge materials, and then we both failed horribly BUT this was all before the wisdom of “the chunking method” was passed down to me. With this new knowledge in hand…or in mind rather…we are going to challenge ourselves again. So look out for an update all you challenge participants: 2 new champs will soon be on the rise!

  49. JL says:

    Does anyone know what exactly is the milk challenge? And how come it is so hard to keep it down for a whole hour?

  50. Texsox says:

    The milk challenge is drinking a gallon in under one hour and keeping it down. Nearly impossible. I’ve never heard of one credible story of someone being successful. Hint: Dairy is very slow to digest.

  51. Jordan says:

    I ate 15 saltines in a 58 seconds..god as my witness, all of you have something to live up tO!

  52. DeeBopALula says:

    I just thought I’d pipe in and let you know that I KNOW someone who drank the gallon in under an hour. He did it just this morning and has kept it down for over an hour now.
    There are plenty of witnesses as he did it live on the radio.
    He is Andy of the Steve Touhy and Andy Decker show in Illinois!

  53. Colby says:

    Well the “rising champ” is back to report. As of yet, I am no champion having failed just as miserably in my most recent challenge attempt as the 1st attempt. I tried the chunking method and all I was left with was a cement like paste that even water had trouble breaking down. Anyone know of any other methods that have high success rates? By the way, that milk challenge sounds really disgusting. I’m having trouble keeping my stomach down now thinking about it and I haven’t even had any milk.

  54. Mike D. says:

    Jordan: 15 in 58 seconds is something I just need to see. If you’ve done it once, you can do it again. Take a video of yourself doing it and I’ll post it on this site. Deal?

  55. Jeff Randall says:

    I took down 9 saltines in 60, twice on two seperate nights and was close to doing 10, I will keep practicing. I’ll get back to you soon.

  56. Mason says:

    I’ve seen him do it. We thought 6 couldn’t be done.

  57. Brad says:

    I watched my goofy roomate choke down 5 at the 60 mark so I knew I could beat it.

    He handed me six and said “MOW”! I pulled a slide of hand and dropped one on the floor cuz I wanted to cheat but REALLY did not want saltines just then, 50 seconds later and five completely down in two mouthfulls I knew I could have done it but I was cought in the lie with my throat dry, Darla the Pug found the sixth at my feet and ran with it.

  58. brad says:

    by the way… Jordans a liar and does not believe in god anyway. B/S

  59. Eric says:

    I’m glad to see so many people out there taking up the Saltine Challenge. When I was in college, my friends and I tried the Challenge on a semi-regular basis; the poor college man’s Friday night Olympics. I think that we must have tried every technique out there. Most techniques proved ill at best, but some had merit. The techniques allowed us to frequently achieve the 6 saltine mark; my friends Jonathon and Teddy could reliably get 7. We always liked the scrapping method and “mouthwater” maneuver. It helped us win some good bar bets. Anyways, good luck everyone with the challenge.

  60. I had a friend time me on this, i BARELY got it down; my strategy was I went with 3 at a time. maybe at MOST 3sec left

  61. David says:

    Is there anything out there besides the Saltine Cracker and Milk Challenge??? i’m looking for another type of “challenge” type game….

  62. elliot says:

    try and eat a spoon full of flower, it tricky.Ive seen someone try it and look preaty funny. give it a try!

  63. louie says:

    Last night a saw a guy do 10 saltines in 50 seconds! It was professional “speed eater” Humble Bob! It blew my mind!

  64. Quincy says:

    My girlfriend brought this challenge to me yesterday. I was able to eat 7 in 60 seconds. Now that I see that someone has eaten 8, I’ll have to go back and see if I can beat that record! :>)

  65. Quincy says:

    Holy crap, I just read louie’s post about the guy eating 10!

  66. deb2125 says:

    i’m confused (not unusual being a blonde) but is everyone eating these crackers and then trying to whistle? is that what the crowning glory is or is it just the bragging rights to be able to choke down big wads of cracker dough?

  67. corey says:

    you are a crazy cat

  68. Michael says:

    I too, have tried the Milk-In-An-Hour Challenge, and I am an avid milk drinker. What tripped me up was the temperature of the milk … I didn’t feel the least bit sick whilst consuming said milk, but the incredible coldness of the it inside my gut caused uncontrollable shaking. I thought I was going to die … so, my suggestion is to drink the milk at a slightly-warmer-than-normal temperature. I have yet to try it this way, though.

  69. deb2125 says:

    david.. that’s a good question. are there other challenges people have done that will crack me up as much as the cracker & milk ones? just wondering.

  70. Luke says:

    I believe you are not allowed to use any liquids, thats the whole point in the Saltine cracker challenge.

  71. jhawk says:

    tried it tonight, 9 saltines the first time and 10 in 62 seconds the next time.

  72. ehchemteach says:

    My students challenged me to eat five in a minute. It was pretty easy. Does anyone know what the official Guiness record is? I’m willing to try and they have all the crackers I need to practice.

  73. Dave Harris says:

    Im a British Student, and the Milk Challenge we play over here isnt a gallon in an hour keeping it down as well, We play as quick as you can. Your expected to chuck it up. Last Night the defending champion, 20 stone rugby player faced off against 2 other challengers. Petes record was 3min 27. A french lad and myself were the other two. I won by half a second over pete and set a new hall record of 2min 50sec.

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried it like this, or is willing to and what the best time is?

  74. Duncan Bell says:

    I have eaten 6 saltine crackers in 55 seconds. I eat two at a time, which seems to help.

  75. Darci says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned making bets with this challange. The first time I heard of it was several years ago and was offered $100 if I could eat the 6 crackers in 60 seconds. Of course I tried – who wouldn’t – and of course I failed! You will see eyes light up and great determination when you slap down a $100 bill and the 6 crackers. Give it a try, but only to first timers, or you may really be out the $100.

  76. no one says:

    try getting a gallon of milk down in under 10 min…

  77. emily says:

    just got half a gallon of 2% milk done in 10 minutes. i don’t know how impressive this is, but i was pretty excited about it. my room mates think i’m cooler now…haha.

  78. This stunt was performed on tape for a TV news show in California in 60 seconds (1 gallon of milk). It was performed by someone who witnessed the guy eat the crackers that Louie was refering to.

  79. Faz, Emmzy, Chris says:

    We are currently serving in the royal navy out in iraq and we intend to break 10 crackers in 60 seconds!!!

  80. Does anyone know what the world record is for drinking a gallon of milk and keeping it down? For some reason I want to try this.
    Please email me.

  81. the saltine downer says:

    i learned about this in my 11th grade entrepenuer class. Several people tried. I was able to down the saltines after my third try. Im not sure if what i used was the chunk method or not. I chewed the first four in about 40 seconds. I barely got the last two down boefore time was up. So i do know it is possible.

  82. jason says:

    Does anyone know what the “white bread challenge” is? How many slices of bread, in how much time?

  83. bradley wassell says:

    I think that there is no way that you can eat 8 within 70 seconds. i cant eat 6 within 60 seconds

  84. Jonny S says:

    I have a few things to had to this string…. For weeks now a co-worker has been saying he could do the “milk challange”, so this morning he gave it a shot. Started real confident and twenty minutes in he didn’t look so good. He finished all but about 9 ounces and immediately headed to the restroom to hurl then spent 30 more min. in there while it came out the other end. Two hours later he is ready to try the “Saltine challenge”. That is how I found this site (I was trying to find out how many he had to eat in 60 sec.). There is one other challenge I didn’t see anyone mention. It is the “Cinnamon challenge”, like the flour bet you have to choke down 1 tablespoon of cinnamon without any liquids. It is pretty funny to watch a cloud of cinnamon shoot out of someones nose and mouth!

  85. natatkinson says:

    Here is a cool video of someone actually completing the gallon of milk in an hour contest. He drinks it all in 28 minutes and then holds it. ALso, you can see the other contests vomit quite a bit.

  86. marshal says:

    Do you have a scientific reason as to why you can not eat more than 6 saltines in a minute

  87. Rich Johnston says:

    I ate and swallowed all 6 crackers and actually whistled before the 60 seconds were up. I will try 7 maybe some time today. February 2 2006 0925 hours……………. If I finish 7 crackers I am promised a free meatloaf……………………RJ

  88. Emily says:

    I was told I could not complete the task…so of course I tries-AND Succeeded. I also got it on tape for evidence…

  89. Yelena says:

    My school, the U of Chicago, actually made this a temporary sporting event. I’m only at 2.5, but some of the top people here can do 6 or 7. I wanna if there is strategy- maybe a way to make yourself salivate more.

  90. random guy says:

    It’s also the first thing you see when you google ‘Saltine’. Thanks for the tip!

  91. Simon Cox says:

    Big news from the UK! Just read in this mornings Metro that computer worker (would be wouldn’t it…) Barry Donovan scoffed (Brit word for ‘forced eating with no grace or style’) three whole mince pies in one minute and twenty three seconds beating the existing Guinness World Records entry by several seconds. Apparently.
    Don’t ask me any more details as I don’t know.

  92. John Wilson says:

    I believe it took him three attmpts to beat the record!

    That’s nine whole pies in all, yeauch!

  93. Barry says:

    Actually it was seven and a bit pies as during the first attempt I gagged completely and started spewing bits of pie over everything. Then I calmed down and tried again. And again.

  94. ian lloyd says:

    i can do 3 cream crakers in 55sec just off the world record does any one have any tips to get me tome down thanks happy eating.

    bon appetíte!

  95. Ryan says:

    Has anyone ever eaten 5 saltines at once? I just accomlished this in 70 seconds.

  96. Ryan says:

    By the way – my tongue still hurts

  97. joe malone says:

    i have successfully eaten 9 saltines in one mintue without water or any help…keep up the good work though, and it is addicting!

  98. matt s. says:

    i have also successfully eaten 9 saltines in one minute without water. ive had much practice tho. 10 seems within reach congrats on find this wonderful addiction

  99. Paul says:

    I was offered 100 dollars to try the milk challenge at a party and of course I tried. I got half down in about ten minutes and then decided to wait thirty and finish the rest, but instead I had to run outside to puke. Also, I don’t think it helped that I had already drank ten beers before I tried.

  100. Brian says:

    Its not how much you love milk, or how often you drink milk.. ones stomach cannot hold that much lactose, it cant be done

  101. Cam Hewitt says:

    We came up with a revised Wendy’s challenge: consume the entire contents of the 99 cent super value menu in under 20 minutes. Theoretically this breaks down to two minutes an item, but the final calorie count is pretty obscene and the salads are way harder than they look. The baked potato is just mean. By-laws include: 1.) all salad dressing must be consumed 2.) food must be held down for at least two minutes after the end of the contest (after which time the bulimia route is totally acceptable)

  102. Marcus says:

    I did 6 on the first try…… my trick was just being a machine!!!!!

  103. Hoppy says:

    I love that this thread has over 100 posts. Well, founding father Phil Berberian was back in New York City last night, and that meant another iteration of the saltine challenge. While Hop managed just 5 before time ran out, and we got a valiant effort by our cute waitress Lisa, it was newcomer Michael Feld that stole the show, calmly and confidently downing the six crackers with a few seconds to spare. Phil made a drunken call to the godfather, Mike, but our shoutouts to saltine central went unanswered…

  104. Black Dragon says:

    so me my wife and a couple of our guests were sitting around talking about the time my good friend attemted the milk challenge. Like many others he got most of it down in a reasonable time, he was on the last leg, just about done when he had to run to the bathroom to give it all back to nature. Needless to say the women were not motivated at the idea of vomitting but were willing to try the cracker challenge. They failed we were doing 10 in 2 min. They only got half, one got 5 one got 6. So we were interested in seeing if there were any more of these “IMPOSSIBLE” tasks, thats when we stumbled across this site. The flour thing didn’t spark my interest but the cinnamon peeked my curiosity. So the ladies went to the store for more milk, crackers and we had the cinnamon. My boy was intent on successfully chugging the milk in 2 min. our wives destined to complete 10 crackers in 2 min. and my boys wife mind set on eating a tablespoon of cinnamon. We started with the milk, he got about 2/3 of the way with about 30 seconds remaining and switched his major to finishing and holding it down in the 1 hour limit. We then moved onto the cinnamon and remember it is new to us. We got the table spoon, she thought it would be a breeze, she didn’t hesitate on pouring it into her throat. That was the most I have laughed in a long long long time. She managed to get out the door before blowing powder out of every orafice of the head and chocking/spewing for about 10 minutes, she said that was the closest she’s ever come to suffication, the entire incident sent her husband over the edge, he joined her in the vomit launching competition, needless to say , they both failed we both laughed and no one ate any more crackers, we had enough fun for one night.

    Cinnamon “GAG” that’s a keeper!!!

  105. Pheel says:

    I did six in a minute first try, and now i have a butload of kanker soars and i cant do it again without crying.

  106. funkycolmedina says:

    hey i was wanting to know more bout the twinkie challenge and other challeges i plan on calling out some of my baseball teamates 2morrow.

  107. Anthony says:

    I did 6 in 45 seconds

  108. Karlee thompson says:

    i did it with ease! i dont need any lubs with anything that goes in my mouth!

  109. ISH PHILLIPS says:

    IVE TRIED TWICE. FIRST TRY, 55 SECONDS. SECOND TRY, 49 SECONDS! i used the 1 at a time pace yourself method and i find the key is to chew with your tongue and the roof of your tongue rather than your teeth….it gets stuck in your teeth and adds precious seconds your time. No one where i work can come within 25 seconds of my incredible time lol. if you can beat it please let me know, i need a new time to beat. BRING IT ON!

  110. JAson says:

    90 seconds and 20 crackers!!!

  111. Bob Saget says:

    I did 7 saltines in 57 seconds.

  112. Chris says:

    I did 10 in 60 seconds in an office challenge. Nobody else got past 5

  113. Matt Savage says:

    I did the gallon of milk challenge I drank it within the hour and and held it in the next hour I actually did not throw up at all and this was on my first try

  114. Ashleigh says:

    Sitting around watching TV once with my boyfriend he mentions some “challange” with saltines. I have never heard of such a thing so with a computer near by I google it. I was brought to this site, where I was enlightened to the famous challange. With a box of saltines and a watch on hand he tells me its on, and I needed to time him. After only 40 seconds I was in shock when he opens his mouth and tells me they are gone. I can still not believe he was able to digest all those crackers and still happily eat more. Impressive!

  115. Anthony says:

    I ate 6 in 60 twice today. The first four go down within 20 seconds, but to get the rest down and clean out my teeth takes the rest of the time. I think it’s fun to try, but I’m not sure what needs to happen to make an official world record debut. I’m also not sure as to how mnay you can eat at a time. If it is more than one, then I think I could do eight. I try to eat them one at a time, but to swallow and then eat another takes too long, so I insert, destroy, insert, then swallow.

    Oh, and as a side dare, no one can eat a tablespoon of cinnamon.

  116. chris says:

    i did 10 in one minute. You probably dont believe me so i am video taping it today and i will send it to you. I did it two ways, one at a time and all at once. i will send you a video as soon as possible

  117. Taylor says:

    I seemed to find the 6 Saltines in 1 minute no problem, I had just eaten 3 because I was hungry and decided to try the six in 1 min, I got all six down no problem with over 10 seconds to spare! I love Saltines.

  118. TOM says:

    I did the challenge with my class of fifth graders to demonstrate the importance of saliva in digestion. It was hysterical.I had a tiny little 10 year old girl put down six. Nobody else came close.

  119. mike says:

    i can do 4 1/2 but it’s hard i lost the bet. how did you do 6?

  120. David says:

    i dont know why you are all having a hard time i got 12 saltines in a matter of 52 seconds and when i was done ate another 20 without a single drink i dont understand why this is so hard for some people

  121. Mike D. says:

    David: I think you are lying. You show me the video and I’ll post it to my site. Walk the walk.

  122. Rich J says:

    I also think David is full of crap!!!!!!! I think we need integrity patrol on the Saltine Challange………..If anyone believes that he did 12 crackers in 52 seconds I will sell them the Empire State Building for 5 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Peter A says:

    Weetbix is pretty good at absorbing saliva. So is dried milk powder! I reckon the best challenge would be weetbix and dried milk powder together!

  124. The UK Saliva Junkies says:

    Oi Oi Americans

    We have formed a UK cracker eating club based in the mighty town of Yate in Bristol. We have successfully managed to eat 1 and 3/4 crackers in 60 seconds.

    We think that our British ‘Jacob’s Cream Crackers’ are far more hard-core than your poofy American ‘Saltines’.

    As for the bloke who claims to have devoured 15 Saltines, get your arse over to Yate and gun it up with the big boys!!

  125. jesse says:

    I tryed eating 8 crackers in 60 sec’s but it didnt work i only got up to 8 in 64 sec’s like 7 months ago but that was the last time i tryed…

  126. Ryan says:

    I got 8 saltines in 54 seconds tonight, I did them as singles. Next time I try, im going to try and do doubles to see how I fair. I also have video of me doing it, twice. I also chugged an ice cold diet coke in 8 seconds, so somebody needs to beat that. I am trying regular Coke tomorrow.

  127. Brock says:

    I did 7 in 55 seconds on my first try. Going for eight next.

  128. Dave says:

    i posted to this board last year and I’m suprised to to it’s still going. here are a list of challenges or ice breakers to try besides the Saltine Challenge. Post some more if you have them (i’ll summarize what has been said already up top):

    1. Milk Challenge- 1 gallon milk in 1 hr
    2. Twinkie Challenge- 3 twinkies in 1 min
    3. Cinnamon Challenge- 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
    3. Alka-Seltzer Challenge- 1 alkasltzer tablet and gulp of sprite and see who can hold it the longest. add 2 tablets if you want.
    4. Wendy’s Challenge- Eat entire 99 cent menu in 20 min
    5. Arby’s Challenge- buy the 5 for 5 deal and eat under 6 min

    i’ve also found chubby bunny and some jalapeno games to be fun.

  129. Jennnmark says:

    Okay you guys… now my boyfriend is 6’3″ and wieghs in at around 460lbs. Trust me on this, there aint nothing this guy can not do when it comes to FOOD! He has tried and tried to eat more than 9 and can not do it in under 70 seconds. Now we are talking about a mouth that can hold a whole jr whopper in it. I have witnessed him pounding down 3 beers in 1minute..ick… And not manage to throw any up. He won a chicken wingette contest recently on campus out here at the University of Connecticut. The challenge was to eat 40 chicken wingettes in 2.5 minutes to win 1000 bucks. I had faith, he did it and i was not surprised. But can not seem to do the saltine thing grrrr. i can get down 6 in 54 secs but the last one, definetly breaks me. I wish you all could see him in action, when it comes to all the food challenges. he is far and away, the best….with much practice I suppose right? Any words of wisdom on the cracker challenge would be appriciated. And oh yes, please post new challenges so we can beat em’. Im sure we will.

  130. Jennnmark says:

    Oh yeah there is a bread one. It s 2 slices of white bread in 30 seconds. no drink. it must all be gone and down on the 30 sec mark.

  131. Brendan says:

    I did it quite easily on my first attempt.

  132. Brendan says:

    I did both the bread and cracker challeges easily on my first attempt.

  133. Anthony says:

    I pulled it off i accaully got 7 crackers in 60 seconds and i was asked to do a few more times after that and did it. Really its not that hard

  134. Ben says:

    hah, i got 10 saltin crackers in ten minutes, beat that, I used your chewing method, i guess it worked

  135. Ben says:

    I meant 2 minutes

  136. Jeff says:

    I set a new record! 16 crackers in 56 seconds! ha beat that

  137. Michael Mack says:

    yeah I have done it I have even gotten eight the key is to fill lykour mouth up with saliva for about 10 minuetes then attempt the feat. eat 4 the first time then 2. it is all stratagy boyzz

  138. Bonkfoot says:

    I did 26 in 30 seconds!

  139. Paul Bressler says:

    My friends and I tried these at school. Most of the time we were competing against each other, but you guys are more than welcome to aim for a specific time. We started having about one challenge every week, and here are some of the challenges we have done in case any of you guys would like to try them:

    Jar of peanut butter: 1lb 2oz. We used liquids to do this, but I can immagine without liquids it would be near impossible to complete. If done in 10 minutes and I’d be impressed.
    1/2 of crave pack at white castle (the crave pack is 30 burgers)
    Jones Soda holiday pack (includes brussel sprouts, turkey, stuffing etc. soda)
    12 Juice Boxes in about 2.5 minutes done through straws (this makes it much more difficult)

    Enjoy guys, and let me know if you come up with any others, because challenge weeks will start again this fall.

  140. the man says:

    i ate 23 saltines in 3 minutes

  141. Nicole says:

    Bored at work, we too tried the competition… furthest reached was an amazing 2.5 crackers. we’ll keep you posted on any further progress!!

  142. A. Nelson says:

    You are AMAZING! We are going to give the old Saltine Challenge here at work and found your page when we googled the world record.
    Well done, well done.
    A. Nelson

  143. michael says:

    I actually did 8 saltines at my desk right now. I was seeing if there was a record. I did 3, 3, 2 in 58 seconds. I did scratch the top of my mouth pretty bad, but whatever… Nine might be out of my reach. I tried the gallon of milk one day, I puked with 8 minutes remaining. That hurts, a lot.

  144. unknown says:

    our group is trying this myth out for a project!!! congradulations!!!!

  145. natatkinson says:

    all these contests are so insane. We have done a few milk drinking contests, and we have had a few kids finish. If you want to see some sweet videos of people spewing their guts, and some other people holding a gallon of milk, check out :

  146. Lulu says:

    tried yesterday and failed got three down in a minute i think not pretty bad for a first time but try again tonight

  147. Mark says:

    Try 2 pounds of salami in one hour. Competitor can eat it any style (sliced, blocks, etc).
    We gave 2-1 odds and everyone got paid!

  148. Marion says:

    I just completed the cinnamon challenge in less then a min and managed to keep it down. I heard that it was humanly imposable to do and as a stuborn teen i had to try but I did it

  149. Drake says:

    well. you guys are awesome. just thought you should hear it from a teenager.

    we heard about the saltine thing in us history. my brother downed 6 in about 35 seconds. we are planning another excursion into this type of feat tonight, with the cinnamon. maybe this weekend we should be able to do the milk feat. ill bet him money on it.


  150. Tom says:

    I’ve personally done 12 saltines in one minute. I know, I know, it’s difficult to believe, but its really quite easy. I have a specific strategy I use, in addition to chunking, that really gets them down. It’s really tough even with the strategy I use, but I have an incredibly tolerant body.

    p.s. I’ve done a gallon of milk in 26 minutes before too, without throwing up. Don’t ask me how. Also, I don’t know if anyone’s tried water drinking, but I managed 8 gallons in 2 hours. That might be some sort of record I dunno (btw I was in the bathroom every 2 minutes for the next 4 hours…) I typically drink a half gallon of water with every meal (8-8oz cups – but i just use a 64 oz. cup i got from a 7/11 and it simplifies it for me).

    p.p.s. since im probably not going to look at this site again, I’ll tell you the strategy I use. Chunking is good, but what you want to do beforehand is collect as much saliva as you can in your mouth (basically, don’t swallow for about a minute beforehand). I hit 12 by doing 4-4-4. I have a really fast jaw, so I can down them fast.

  151. drake says:

    i also did the cinnamon challenge, which is waaay harder than it sounds. a tablespoon is HUGE! but i won 5 bucks from my brother, for downing the whole thing.

    it was sweet.

  152. pandora says:

    my husband and his friends at work tried the milk challange. but in their contest you had one hour to drink it and you had to hold it down for three hours without vomit and without going to the bathroom. he won the contest with a lot of pain afterwards being on the toliet till 3am the next morning. now when he tries to drink any kind of milk products he gets sick in the stomach and stays on the toliet for the rest of the night. he made himself lacktose and tolerant.

  153. Brendan C. says:

    After seeing one of my co-workers complete the milk challenge I thought that I could do it with little or no problem. I was WRONG!!! I made it through the first two quarts with no problem but it was about half way through the third one that i felt really full. I felt it start to gurgle and i knew i was in trouble. I went to the bathroom and when i was buttoning my pant (which didn’t fit so well anymore) i felt it start to come up. This was by far the dumbest thing i have ever done. I dont reccomend it to anyone unless they like to vomit and have the smell of spoiled milk in their nose for the rest of the day! And the story above this one is true. That was my co-worker. He won $150 but says it was not worth it. He won’t do it again for less than $500! It did make for a good time.

  154. libet says:

    hey i did 6 all at once in my mouth and got it under 55 seconds i think it was like 54.5 seconds first try!

  155. Braden says:

    I have always been able to eat a lot of crackers but have never timed myself.

    After a trip this summer a friend said that there is a record or competition for crackers eaten in a minute so when I got home I gave it a try.

    I failed the first couple of times but then I was able to eat 8 in under 1 minute. Every few days I try again and today I had my best time, 8 in 50 seconds. I am not sure if this is really good, can someone let me know.

  156. Braden says:

    Now that I have read some of the entries and noticed that there are claims of 10-15 saltines in under a minute I will try and improve. If I think I can do it I will record the attempt and send it in. That way when I post the attempt there will be no doubters. Video does not lie and like the rest of the people on this site, “YES I AM VERY COMPETITIVE”.

  157. LuLu says:

    What i sthe Cinnamon Challenge?

  158. debbie says:

    i thought it sounded easy but as the 4th cracker went in my mouth, the balls of cracker was just too much for me to handle, so I guess you can say I did 3 full ones and was on my that was NOT easy!

  159. BC says:

    everyone who was saying they did the milk challenge is a lier…..and so is all the ones who say they did 7 in under a min. its proven imposible!! game over deal sealed!!! but is there any other good challenges out there?

  160. zach says:

    At work today,I work at a grocery store, My boss bet me I couldn’t drind a quart of milk in less than 15 seconds I did indeed and managed it in 11 seconds has anyone else tried this just wondered

  161. Joe says:

    This past weekend in an attempt to get on I was filmed by a friend of mine.. I did 1 table spoon of cinnimon followed by 8 saltine crackers, I did both in 1min50 seconds.

    I have done both individually in under 1 min.

  162. Daisuke Keishirou says:

    The gallon challenge has been completed in less than a minute by both Joey Chestnut (you know, the competitive eater?) and a Texas adolescent by the name of James Pattani — both without vomiting (both are documented on film, no less).

    Impossible? No. Improbable that the “average” individual can finish a gallon of ANYTHING in under fifteen minutes? Definitely. The toughest I’ve seen thus far, however, would most likely be the V8 challenge — I witnessed my cousin, Larissa, have the most memorable spew of all after nearly downing a gallon of the juice in less than twenty minutes (and she’s a small, gangly thing!).

    After expelling, she noted that it was nearly twice as hard with V8 than milk (most likely due to viscosity). She had stomach cramps well throughout the rest of the day. Serves her right — can anyone in their right mind(s) actually imagine someone in their thirties or forties attempting such lame-brained stunts?


  163. Sam says:

    what qualifies as completing the challenge? because there’s always small bits stuck between your teeth and there’s no way a person can pick it all out before a minute expires. apart from that i did 6 in 60 with no problem on my first try ever.

  164. Joe says:

    I easily did 6 in a minute on the first try

    My record is 12 in a minute using a 6-3-3 strategy

  165. John says:

    I have a bet made with my English Teacher that if I can do 5 in 60 seconds i get out of a test. Anyone have tips on how to do this? would you say 2-2-1 “chunking method?” or something else? Bet is until next Thursday so plz give me some input on this!

  166. matt says:

    i cant wait to gather all these things up (saltines, cinnamon, etc.) and challenge my idiot friends. i especially want to try the tbsp. of cinnamon on someone. i have no idea how i got to this site, but its definately entertaining.

  167. i would really like to know the world record for the cracker thing? becuase i was having a contest with a few friends today and i ate 8 soda crackers in 60 seconds, isnt that a record? LET ME KNOW

  168. bennfannisca says:

    We have tried and failed all of the challenges it would be nice if you could post somemore

  169. Mike Blust says:

    I’m a Cincinnati Fire Lt. and we work 24 hour shifts so we are always looking for new ways to amuse one another. I took on and accomplished drinking a gallon of water in thirty minutes (22min). The saltine stunt came up and I crashed and burned.
    I would like to thank Mike and Phil for putting out their knowledge on this issue so I can now use the 3-2-1 method and cement my name on the Firehouse wall as the Saltine King.
    Never put a bunch of guys together in a house for twenty four hours, we’ve done some scary & possibly illegal things out of boredom and amusement.
    The saltine trophy will be mine.

  170. Mike Blust says:

    I just read Tom’s claims above and I have to say it sounds like B.S. A gallon of water weighs around 8.35 lbs a gallon. You are telling me you took in 66.8 Lbs in two hours… Doubtful.
    The electrolytes in your body could not withstand that much water, you’d be out of whack way before two gallons.
    When I took in a gallon in twenty two minutes I felt very dizzy and my gut felt like splitting.
    No possible way that you took in eight gallons..virtually impossible.

  171. Jenni says:

    I go with what mike is saying, that is very unlikely that tom drank 8 gallons of water, unless he was morbidly obease and dehydrated but i still highly doubt it.

  172. Matt says:

    This one’s a little obscure. My friend and I started stacking oreos, scooping out the cream in the middle of some ending up with loads of cream stuck between two cookies, anyway I ended up with 13 doublestuf oreos worth of cream.
    It took about fifteen minutes to eat. I don’t really eat oreos anymore.

  173. Rob says:

    A gallon of milk in an hour, or 1/2 an hour…which is harder? The hour because it sits longer, or the 30 mins because you have to rush?

  174. dakota says:

    i won 100 bucks makin bets on this

  175. Brandon says:

    I was in the army and the challenge was to eat 8 saltines and try to whistle in two minutes only accomplished once out of several tries

  176. michael says:

    ok i dunno about this whole 6 saltine crackers in a minute thing, sounds easy considering i was always told it was 8, which i was able to accomplish (after a few tries) in 57 seconds.

  177. mikey b says:

    just tried the chunking strategy and it worked. The guy next to me did two, two, and two. I had told him to do the three and three but he refused. I ended up doing six in 56 seconds. After some jaw pain and even some neck pain, I am new champ in my office.

  178. Jay says:

    The cinnamon trick is supposed to be a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon, which is quite difficult (though I would not go as far as to say it’s impossible). Out of the approximately 25 people I’ve witnessed attempt this, one was able to successfully accomplish the feat–unfortunately, I lost $250 on a 25 to 1 bet. My advice to you is to avoid putting money up against people who have very few remaining functional brain cells because I believe that only that type of person can accomplish this.

  179. Paul O. says:

    I was able to do the 6 crackers in 60 secons without a problem. I actually did it in 49 seconds so this is possible.

  180. Willam Cane says:

    i just ate 11 in in 2 mins bud…i have a mouht the like a fire hydrent.

  181. Jesse Romine says:

    I can eat eleven in a minute! I want to get a bakers dozen for real. My trick is easy, all you have to do is chew and pack cracker in your cheeck (three at the most) and swallow with your other side of your mouth!. Whats Up!

  182. cody says:

    well i did it no lie it took a few trys but after awhile i was able to do it !!!!

  183. Blane says:

    my buddies and i are in college and we are looking for more food challenges like this, can u guys post more so we can try them.

  184. Jovita says:

    Wow. 2 years since you wrote this blog and people are still playing the game. I personally, learned about it at school. ONLY I was told it was physically impossible. thank you to your blog for proving me wrong. And Ifinished the 6 crackers in 1:17 on my first try. (Coincidentally enough using the “chunking strategy”, only I didn’t have a name for it).

  185. Nina Natalia says:

    wow! this was a long time ago. tried the saltine challenge while on a cleaveland clinic diet (3-day diet). i failed on the diet but the 6-saltine challenge was a success! i’m hooked. :)

    hey blane! we do this “chubby bunny” game in our dorm where we stuff our faces with marshmallows. whoever has the most marshmallows in his/her mouth and still can say “chubby bunny!” without drooling, wins! :)

  186. john says:

    The standing record at our factory had been ten saltines at once (allin mouth at same time), in sixty seconds.
    This record was immediately broken by a new-comer who went to eight at once, and the next day went to ten at once in 55 seconds.
    does this qualify as the world record?

  187. john says:

    sorry, I meant the record was six. Then broken at eight, then ten.
    This guy is a dick, but man can he eat crackers!

  188. BB says:


  189. ak says:

    does anyone know any other things to do that are similar to do…just looking for something fun to do when we’re bored and have nothing to do

  190. Joey S. says:

    I did this. We were filming a project for a class and we were eating saltines in the film, and I claimed during the break I could do it. One of the other people timed me, I did it with a few seconds to spare, we filmed me doing it.

  191. Phillip Hardy says:

    Top 10 dude! During a taste lab in the anatomy class that I teach, my students challenged me to eat 6 crackers in 60 seconds. No problem! Downed them in 45. So we layed out 12 (yes 12) for the challenge. I successfully ate 10 crackers in 60 seconds. 20 students to prove it!

  192. Mitsuomi says:

    I guess I am 1 in 10 because I can do 12 in 60 seconds easily, not kidding

  193. mitsuomi says:

    Was wondering with all this talk how come not one single person has listed a world-record for this event?…does one ven exist…

    I have done this since a small child in Japan…I eat them one at a time breaking them in half sometimes whole crackers…but never more than one at a time…I realize it is easy to sit here and say this and say that…but I honestly have no issue eating between 10-12 everytime I do it…can’t do mor than 12 myself though in 60 seconds…usually hit 11

  194. Kyle A says:

    I conquered eight in 55.2 seconds on my first try.
    Incidentally, my cousin in Chicago learned of this from his friends at high school, and they have been competing for months with no one to succeed at eight. Contemplating on whether or not to share the 3-3-2 method with them.

    Anyone trying for ten?

  195. zaid says:

    Hi im zaid and my uncle proposed this challenge to me i guess i got very lucky but i did this in the very last 3 seconds. It was somewhat worth it i cut up some of my gums.

    Good luk to anyone who tries it

  196. Cryss says:

    we need to confirm the size of the cracker …

    is the single square counted as 1 OR is the double square counted as 1.

    Would make the feat far easier if it was the former.

  197. boardburner says:

    did 6 in 50 seconds on my first try! im definitely gonna up the anty!

  198. Tommy says:

    How salty are these? Hasnt anyone had some kind of heart attack yet?

  199. Varn says:

    I just recently tried this and found very little challenge involved. I’m thinking maybe I used the wrong kind of saltine (If that’s even possible.). Is there a set brand one should use?

  200. Zaid says:

    Srry guys i have no idea what kinda cracker was used my uncle jsut gave them to me. For me it seemed very hard to finish.

  201. Hoppy says:

    Hey all… this is Hoppy and I was one of the originators with Mike on this thread. To the person wondering exactly the brand to use, this is what we usually get, available at any deli in the New York City area or your local supermarket. The size of cracker also looks like the one Mike has posted at the top of this article.

    Also want to know that the Godfather of the Saltine Challenge, Phil Berberian, was in town last week and the saltines were flying. Once again it amused an entire bar, and we had a few of the waitstaff trying it out.

    Phil took it a step further by trying the Cinammon challenge. Lets just say there was some squinted eyes and painful expression, a puff of magical cinammon powder as he pursed his lips to try and catch his breath, followed by a run to the bathroom. This is NOT an easy challenge.


  202. Varn says:

    Thanks! Those are a different brand from the ones I used (Just some store brand ones) but they look to be almost exactly the same size, if not a teeny bit smaller. I’ll have to practice some more and show Phil just who the Saltine King really is!

  203. pablo says:

    i just ate 6 in 60 seconds at work 950 am

  204. Derek Bruno says:

    i ate 6 crackers in 1 min and almost chocked but did it lol

  205. Nicole says:

    Hi. I saw this and wanted to mention how my friend won this challenge, and my heart, in NYC. He put a pack in his mouth, chewed them, got them nice and wet, and rolled the cracker crumbs into a ball. Then he swallowed that ball. He did that for all three packs, and it worked perfectly! After seeing him win that challenge, I just knew I had to date him! We celebrated our one-year anniversary yesterday.

  206. kate says:

    i just took part in a saltine challenge, and lost miserably…i am questioning the chunking method’s viability. …is there a world record for this or what? i am intrigued.

  207. Michael says:

    I tried a similar challenge only me and a friend had to eat them constantly 1 after the other with no drinks until one of us gives up. It ceased to be a competition after the 5th or 6th cracker and just turned into a fight of will powers, in the end we went through almost 4 packets of crackers in almost 4 hours lmao!

    Thing is we did first 2 packets in first hour. (This is 4 packets between us btw not each).

    Also that milk challenge the under 15 mins one sounds pretty easy, we buy 2 bottles of 6 pints every day to feed our thirst. We all love milk here ;)

  208. amber Vogler says:

    I Tried itand i only got to 6 and i had to stop i fely like a dog after u give it peanut butter it was hard!!!

  209. LEO says:

    If those salties u ate are the same as cream crackers, than what u say is bullshit. The world record for eating 3 cream cracker is 34.78 sec, doubling that, 6 crackers, wud more than double the time, since it gets harder after each cracker, which wud take eating 6 crackers in more than 70 secs, which we are talking of the record holder here, not to mind others.

  210. Varn says:


    I find it interesting that you took the time to look up a world record and call bullshit on this, but didn’t take the time to check if saltines and cream crackers are the same thing. They are NOT, and cream crackers are MUCH LARGER than saltines. One cream cracker is equal to about three or four saltines. This makes six cream crackers in a minute virtually impossible, but upwards of ten saltines is quite possible, with enough practice.

  211. AJA says:

    Hey, I just did the Cinnamon challenge. Is there a time limit? I did it in 1 min 32 seconds….

  212. Basco says:

    For the record, every time I’ve ever heard it, the challenge was to eat 10 in under a minute. And it is imposible, the body can’t produce enough saliva to allow for swallowing, thus the choking reflex occurs.

  213. Vermonter says:

    Did 8 under 60 in first attempt. (I’ve been a saltine fan for a while so this wasn’t difficult for me). Have to try for 9 or 10 though.

  214. john k says:

    i can drink a gallon of milk in 18 and a half minutes i was the best time out of me and four friends that attempted it although i didnt get sick at all then latert that night my stomach hurt very very bad

  215. the dan says:

    ATTN: hydrocephalus, swelling of the brain, can be fatal. caused by downing too much liquid too fast. brian, post #150, should NOT be imitated. he’s VERY lucky he lived to post his result.
    btw, I am a hospital nurse surrounded by saltines, so i know what i’ll be doin this weekend.

  216. john K says:

    you Know the Cinnamon Challenge isn’t even safe I used to work in a bakery and we used cinnamon on a regular basis and if it ever poofed up in my free i couldnt breathe for a few minutes and every hole in my head felt like it was on fire its one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had and ijust don’t get why you people would subject yourselves to that

  217. garrett says:

    I got 6, 7, 8 first try.
    you got no skillz

  218. Michelle says:

    OK. I am in our company Olympics for work tomorrow morning. I am the cracker eater of the relay race. The race consists of a cracker eater, a crab walker, a jump roper, and a balloon popper. As the cracker eater I have to eat 10 saltines. No mention of whistling, but we’ll see I guess.

    I was doing some research and found your blog. While training, I tired the single method yesterday. Did 10 in about 5 minutes. I know, sucky compared to you pros! But after reading this blog I tried the chunking method tonight and did all 10 and whistled in 2 minutes 9 seconds.

    I can only hope, no one like the people posting here are competing tomorrow! Anyway, wish me luck. I will post my results tomorrow night.

  219. Mike D. says:

    Cool, Michelle! I’m rooting for you. Let us know how it goes!

  220. Bill Dubose says:

    I have known about the saltines challange for the better part of my life (41) I get the nerve to try it about twice a year-to this day I have not done it. But I did hire a cook one time because he said that he could do it, and sure enough he did-6 crackers in 54 seconds. Sad to say that was the only thing he did well. I think it would be cool to see someone do more then 6 in a minute. Hats off to those that do. Take care all.

  221. Michelle says:

    OK, well the Olympics did not go as planned! The good news is that I was the first done in my location. The bad news is that our Scottsdale location clearly does not know about the salteen eating challenge since they used water! They did theirs the day before we did ours in Michigan so the people overseeing everything told us about 45 minutes ahead of time that we could use water since that is what Scottsdale did. With my ever quick thinking I decided to bring a cup, smash the crackers in it, pour water in, and chug like I was shot gunning a beer! I know, classy right?

    Like I said I was the winner, but it sure wasn’t what it should have been. Since it was a relay, I have no idea how ling it took me to chug the crackers, but I would guess about 3 seconds!

    Maybe they will get it right for next year. That will gives me a whole year to practice!

  222. The Saltine Challenge

    I’m a frequent reader over at Mike Davidson’s blog and I came across an interesting post I’d like to share with all of you. This is known as "The Saltine Challenge". The Saltine Challenge is basically attempting to consume a total of six saltine

  223. says:

    The Saltine Challenge – OR – The Web is a Small World

    I was reading Mike Davidson’s blog post about the Saltine Challenge, and it brought back memories of my days at Fogdog Sports….

  224. //gtmcknight says:

    LaLaLinks 4/14

    The Saltine Challenge: 6 Saltines in 60 seconds (or less) Week In Review: News recap, grafitti style…

  225. partylemon says:


    This site had been bugging me for the past couple of months, it had rapidly evolved past it’s original design.

    In fact, the sudden appearance of visitors beyond people who I thought would find something interesting had me a bit worried that the

  226. Friends not only let friends eat crackers — they show up to watch!

    In the spirit of the milk bet, I got the following invite yesterday:

    As some of you have heard…

  227. Anthony says:

    I dont understand this whole concept of the 6 saltine cracker challenge…i grew up in PA, and when i first heard of this challenge, it was 10 saltines.. not six.. in my first effort, i ate 7… and have completed the 10 saltine just once…. then i went to college and heard of the 6 challenge.. which was very very easy for me….. the real challenge is 10, not 6….

  228. Amy says:

    My husband tried this on his morning show and swears to me that it can’t be done. We have a pretty hefty bet running right now and I will attempt this feat tonight. I am not permitted to “practice”, I plan to utilize the “chunking “method. Will post again tomorrow with the results.

  229. Caitlin says:

    So My friend Jenny and I totally just ate 6 Saltines in a minute chewed and swallowed. Beat that Bitches!!! lol I don’t know how and the hell anyone does more than six. We’re bored College students and this is what we do.

  230. Kevin says:

    Chcuk Norris could do it

  231. bobby says:

    i was at my church last night and we were doing a gallon of milk in 20 minutes for a challenge and since we were limited on milk only 4 people were able to do it then if they couldnt do it there was another person in line to try to finish the rest of the milk and once u throw up ur out and i was a guy that was second in line but we only had the remaining time and all but one kid that drank milk threw up because he knew his limits and another kid chug it like a beast and all he had to do was keep it down for 20 minutes and he wouldve won but he threw up then i went inside to dispose of my milk and when i came back out i went straight to the garbage can and threw up like i never have before and it was very disgusting then on the ride home the only kid to finish threw up again all over the floor and a few years ago a kid got my brother to try the cinamon thing and the saltine challenge but he couldnt do either and now i want to try the saltine challenge

  232. Mike D. says:

    Ahhhh, church…

  233. bobby says:

    i find it amazing…this had been going on for two years…and ive never come across it till 2day….but yea church…strange they let us do that and throw up everywhere, i feel bad for the youth director who had to clean the van this morning lol

  234. Julie says:

    A few of my friends tried to accomplish the saltine challenge…watch the video


  235. josh says:

    i dont understand what the big deal is. i just tried the 6 saltines in 60 secs and i ate 9 in 60 secs. so i guess im the winner. yey.

  236. Braden says:

    Did the saltine challenge a bunch of times and my best is 10 in 58 seconds. I have heard of 15 in one minute on this site…do not know how it is possible but more power to ya!!!! Maybe the guy is a BSer…if not I am impressed because that is 5 every 20 seconds WOW!!!

  237. Amy says:

    Ok I was able to eat 5 crackers at the same time in 38seconds and i’m 14. Whats the real record?.

  238. Jamie says:

    So I was quite intrigued by this experiment and my friends and I tried numerous times-failing miserably I might add. My friend’s dog, Tader, howver, was quite successful, finishing over 8 crackers in one minute. Guess it pays to be a k-9…G’day…

  239. Andrew says:

    yo its not that hard, all you have to do is not eat for a while, and drink a lot of water so the only thing in your stomach is water. then you do the heimlich on yourself or find someway to regurgitate the water, and presto, you have a perfect dissolver

  240. Kirby Cartwright says:

    I’ve eaten and swallowed 7 in one minute. Is there a guiness world record for this? if so i would like to try and set it

  241. Mike says:

    I just did this with some friends for the first time and I knocked down 6 in 43 seconds. I was congratulated for having a very wet mouth. I’m not sure why salt is a must…I think it would be much HARDER if the crackers were unsalted, because the salt gets more saliva up. It’s tasty, too.

  242. Braden says:

    Just did it and I was able to swallow 10 saltines in 59 seconds…..what is the record for this because if no one can beat this I am going to video this and post the video…can someone let me know.

  243. tyler says:

    ya i tried twice. i heard it was 5 in a minute so i grabbed five from my cabinet. failed by just a little bit and on the second try i did it

  244. Chris T. says:

    Hey this is Chris,
    I never tried this in a competition or anything but my brother heard about it & told me. He knows I’m the only person he knows that never drinks anything while or even after I eat anything. When I was a kid I would drink all my milk at dinner and then I would be too full to eat so my mother took my drinks from me. I got in the habit of it and now to this day I still never drink while I eat, it’s usually like an hour after I’m done.
    To make a long story short… My brother was told it was hard to eat five of these things without a drink & nobody at his office could do it in less than a minute. He bet I could do it if anyone, sure enough I ate the five and still had 40 seconds to go. I ate 11 of them total in 58 seconds.
    Where is this competition! I’m located on Long Island NY. ~Chris

  245. erin nicolee says:

    my daughter is actually trying this out as a science fair project. shes brought boxes of saltines to school so her friends could try this out and only one person acomplished it.

  246. nomorals18 says:

    i think i tied the world record of 10 saltine crackers

  247. Michael says:

    I am well capable of doing that. I once ate 6 saltine crackers in 50 seconds.

  248. johanesberger says:

    chyea; i just got 6 in 58 seconds off the bat. and my boy got them all down within 40 seconds. i guess hes got overactive spit glands.
    I came up with a cheat-method. save up saliva in your mouth before you begin, then you can get the first 3 down in almost no effort

  249. Ericsurf6 says:

    I made a video eating five in one minute and challenged others to make video responses of themselves trying it. I certainly like to see you eat six or seven in one minute. Take a look at my video here:

  250. Thanks for the strategy!.. My buddy and I were at a USEUCOM exercise over in Germany and the Swiss had a similar challenge, called the “Swiss Biscuit Test”. The premise was to eat 3 2×3″ Swiss biscuits in under 90 seconds. Your strategy helped out a lot.. As we learned (the hard way), it doesn’t really matter how much water you drink beforehand… :)) aa.

  251. cracker eater says:

    I attempted to eat eight but succesfully downed seven in one minute. I’ve seen someone eat 10 though and that’s my next goal. Not as hard as i thought. The video i made is pretty funny. check it out

  252. jonathan says:

    i can easily do 7 in a minute…

    i just did 6 in 50 seconds.

  253. iiSwanSongii says:

    I started a ‘Yeah but can you do this?’ Series on my youtube channel and this saltine challenge is one of them. Failure or not, it’s a funny thing to witness I think :D

    The Saltine Challenge

    Here is my brother and law attempting it. I actually have it as 7 in 1 minute.

  254. iiSwanSongii says:

    oops…yes didn’t catch my comment before i submitted…i typed out ‘brother and law’ instead of ‘brother-in-law’. :/

  255. Sir Pfeiffer says:

    My friend, Jay Remenschnieder, eats 13 saltine crackers a day

  256. heffer says:

    I once knew a horse named rusty, no offense

  257. bobolina says:

    I tried this yesterday with a few friends, I was able to do it in 57 seconds but, there a was a little bit of saltine residue on my teeth. Not big globs, just a small reisidue. Does it count or not? (we got video evidence too!)

  258. kevin says:

    my friend just tried to eat as many saltine crackers as he could in one minute and he got down 7 completely with about 3 seconds to spare.

  259. Jerry says:

    i can actually do 9 in 1 minute cant get the 10th 1 down though i have it in my mouth but…cant swallow it haha

  260. Ryan says:

    When I was in high school my friends and I used to hang out at Denies a lot and crackers are free there, so this challenge came up nightly for a while. I got to the point where I was chewing my 11th cracker at one minute, but I haven’t tried since then and that was probably eight or nine years ago. What’s the world record for this?

  261. way to easily amused says:

    is extra salive (the contestants own) considered a digestive lubricant cause if not i got it in 59.43 seconds

  262. charles says:

    I was the only one at work to finish 6 crackers in 60 sec. and did 8 crackers in 68sec.

  263. LEO K says:

    I am 7 years old and just tried to eat 6 Cream Crackers in 1 minute and failed miserably. Only managed to swallow most of one cracker.

    My Dad tried as well and got two in his mouth but hardly swallowed any of it in the minute.

  264. Courtney says:

    my friend becca and i have tried this challenge like 2 times already! we failed miserably each time! we got as far as 5 and a half saltines! i swear this is physically impossible!!!!!!

  265. nat bailey says:

    pwnd this challenge!!!!!

  266. Proud Girlfriend of a saltine CHAMP! says:

    if you can’t swallow six saltines in a minute you are not a man!

  267. i did it and failed many time i am 18 and i started at 17 then i reached success

  268. Brian Mueller says:

    I have personally ate 10 in one minute. I was thirsty after

  269. Joseph says:

    My record for 6 saltine crackers is 34 seconds. I have successfully completed 10 crackers in a minute as well. I have tried for 12 on numerous occasions but have always failed. I usually use a 2-2-2-2-2-2 strategy. I will have to employ the 3-3-2-2-2 strategy. I think that it will produce better results.

  270. dinky says:

    my man just got 7 down in one min.. i watched him its way possible!

  271. Kyle says:

    I ate 10 saltine crackers without water of any sort, in 50 seconds

  272. E Sieben says:

    7 in 45 just now.. most down in like 38 but to be perfectly clean took 45..

  273. Brad Hoover says:

    I actually tried this challenge last night…
    I had practiced it once or twice in the distant past.

    but to everyone’s surprise i got 6 saltine crackers down in about 50seconds.
    My friends challenged me to 8 however, which i did not complete until roughly 1 minute 5 seconds… Pretty damn good if i do say so myself :)
    but over all i considered it a failure for my friends challenged me to 8 in under a minute.

  274. Blake says:

    First try I got 6 in one minute. I then tried putting all six in my mouth at once and eating them and did that. I think I could do 9 but haven’t tried again.

  275. Ashley says:

    Im not sure if anyone told you about these challenges but you should try them. There are three. One is that you can’t eat 2 bananas and then chug 2 cans of sprite right after. Some of my friends have been able to do this though. Second is 15 capri Suns in 15 minutes. Last is 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with no time limit. Oh and congrats on the 8 saltines!

  276. billy tha kid says:

    this was a tough challenge but i accomplished it wit ease. p.s. it gives u diarea

  277. henry the squirrel says:

    I agree with billy tha kid, I had a rough time in the bathroom after I tried this challenge!!!!!!

  278. rocka says:

    the absorbic nature of salt and the dry cracker make the challenge difficult, so you gotta have some active salivary glands mang, get them shits spraying that saliva and chew quick and it taint hard

  279. franchesca says:

    I am pleased to say that my husband and I are among the few who can take on this challenge I made 6 right at the one minute mark all down and my husband did this challenge with 7 seconds left on the clock while our children watched laughing. great challenge.

  280. Goron40 says:

    Why is this supposedly so hard? One of my brother’s friends dared the group of us to do this a few years ago, and I did it with no problem. He seemed embarrassed, like he had been trying to prove something and failed miserably. I guess I can see why, but it wasn’t even close to difficult.

  281. Ben Eisman says:

    I DID IT! After 4 times of trying, i completeted 6 in the very last second. I was so happy!

  282. The mighty aldonzo says:

    First time, 60 seconds. I am your master

  283. I was challenged to do this today, on a bet of fifty dollars and I got eight down in fifty eight seconds. it was the first time i ever tried.

  284. Dave Worden says:

    7 in 62 seconds… anyone else?

  285. Godfrey says:

    I found this site while looking for Saltine cracker addicts. Is there anyone else out there with this problem? I can go through a whole ream of crackers in just a few minutes. I wash them down with milk (whole milk is best). I simply love the combination and can’t stop myself from eating them. I try not to buy them but the compulsion sometimes gets the better of me. In a pinch, oyster crakers work well also to sate the craving. I would be interested in chatting with fellow Saltine cracker compulsive addicts.

  286. Carrie says:

    I just tryed the Cracker challenge and actully did it.
    I was kind of freaking out when I ate the last cracker and still have 5 secs on the clock
    Go me!

  287. conner says:

    why can some people not eat six saltine crackers in one minute

  288. Greg says:

    My buddy can do 12 in a minute, and finished his 13th cracker in 1:08… we’re going to have him do it again on video because no one believes that its possible.

  289. 5 Saltines in 55 seconds, with the best face ever before I downed each cracker!!

  290. Parker Householder says:

    I too have the addiction. Though I have taken it a step further. I just recently reached the 10 mark. I at 10 saltines in 57 seconds.

  291. Big Scott says:

    try a spoonful of cinnamon w/o any water

  292. well i just tried this challenge, and well believe it or not here is the story.

    At first i thought it was “10 saltine crackers in 3 minsutes” which myself and two other friends proceeded to attempt. To my surprised I was way ahead of my friends and managed to get 10 in about 1min 25 seconds. Realizing I would have shattered the so called challenge, I began to doubt myself. In order to come to terms with my doubt, and sleep easy at night, I decided to do some online research. I proceed to google this infamous “challenge”, and much to my surprise we were completely off. So now I was faced with the new rules to the challenge, 6 saltine crackers in one minute, which I decided to attempt. To my friends surprise and evem my own i put down 6 saltine crackers with about 6 secs remaining.

    Not bad.

    Thanks for listening…

  293. John Keeler says:

    I can eat 6 in 45 seconds. I have not tried yet to see how many i can do in a minute.

  294. morgan w says:

    first time i tried i failed reall badly but i came up with i strategy i got one cracker completly down in 8 secounds but i havent got to try all six yet because my mom got mad cuz i made a mess

  295. dan says:

    i just ate 8 crackers in under 60 seconds on my 2nd try my first was 7

  296. John Keeler says:

    Is there a rule on how you can eat them? I know you cant drink water or anything.. but besides that

  297. MJ says:

    the cracker challenge is’nt hard apparently i’m less than one in ten :)

  298. Scraggle_Rok-JJ says:

    I Did eight crackers in juvenile hall LOL! Totally Serious last year i tried doin in with my crackers i got for snack time before we were forced to go to sleep. I tried for days straight and got it finally to break the world record with just my stupid jail guard watchin!!!

  299. Melgio143 says:

    Um this is total bullshit. I just told my friend that this could not be done and he bet me he could. And he ate 10 in under a minute with no problem at all.

  300. shawnburkett says:

    i ate 10 saltine crackers in 51 seconds.

  301. PerfectBacon says:

    would crushing the saltines in your hand before you ate them be cheating?

  302. Bruce says:

    I saw your page and tried this for the first time just now, and was victorious. Are there any rules that I was supposed to follow other than the water thing? I was eating two at a time. Does that count?

  303. Patrick says:

    i am 12 and i did it my first time. i also did 2 at a time (no water ofcorse)

  304. LARRY WIELEN says:


  305. LARRY says:


  306. john says:

    i got 5 on my first try. i thought the challange was 7 though.

  307. Jennifer Wood says:

    My husband ate 7 crackers in 55 seconds!!! No drink he was too shy to let me record him but he did it and can do it again!

  308. Ritchie says:

    I did 8 in 58 seconds!!!! I’m 11!!

  309. Drew says:

    just tried and succeeded, it looked like it was all over by 45 seconds but I came through and just made it through at exactly 60 seconds. 8 in 70 seconds? no way, I couldn’t do it

  310. tifiiny says:

    i tried the gallon of milk in one hour before..not easy…cottage cheese in the toilet i should say. try it and see what happens

    those that don’t know…drink a gallon of milk in an hour………give it a whirl….

  311. 8 crackers, 59 seconds, NOT A PROBLEM!!!!!!

  312. Sam says:

    This was brought up in 8th grade Science class when we had to chew a cracker for 2 minutes without swallowing. Everyone in the class before me threw up, so I passed on that.

  313. Dan Murphyy says:

    i have successfully eaten 9 in one minute. this took me roughlt a week to acomplish.

  314. Alice Lee says:

    I’m a sixteen year old girl and I’ve done this many times, are you supposed to be drunk when you do it?

  315. matthew fletcher says:

    ive done max 7 when im not drunk lol

  316. mc says:

    I usually go through a sleeve of saltines in about 3 minutes. No drink. Just love ’em!

  317. daniel bly says:

    I did it I ate 6 saltines in a minutes it is very painful

  318. Morgan Tate says:

    My friend Dereck and I decided to do this challenge (among others) for a facebook page. The more Fans it gets, the more challenges he does, I just happened to be there when he decided to do this one. Check it out!


  319. Randy says:

    eight was nothing for me to do in a minute, but when I tried for sixteen in two, I fell short by 2. That was increadible considering I at a bag of chips before I started. I have witnesses

  320. Terry R. says:

    I’m going to do the milk challenge tonight, and i will have a friend tape it so if you all want proof that i didn’t puke i have it.

  321. Terry R. says:

    my parents want to know if i will get hurt?

  322. Ann says:

    I had a student do this in 60 minutes. I thought I was going to faint. Scared me silly.

  323. Malcolm says:

    As regards the milk challenge, I have done it in 20 minutes. That is drinking a US gallon (3.785 litres) of whole milk and keeping it down. I drank the first 2/3 or so in 3 minutes and then waited 15 minutes for my stomach to stretch before finishing. I did it sitting down and leaning forward with legs apart. It was painful and you absolutely cannot move for half an hour afterwards or else there will be the usual barfing consequences. It can be done though! My tip – It’s a good idea to warm the milk a bit first.

  324. Andrew Grajek says:

    I was able to do 10 in a min.

  325. chris says:

    did it on first try in 54 seconds hell yeah!!!!!!!! was so thilled

  326. noelle says:

    haha so i tried and almost got it i was so close i just couldnt chew it fast enough lol

  327. Higuera says:

    I did it in 50 seconds and still had time to eat 7. I can beat this world record.

  328. Stoner says:

    Easy. 45 seconds on the first try and wasn’t even hurrying. I’ve always eaten fast and though and I have the munchies at the moment.

  329. cameron says:

    easy i just ate 7 crackers in 1minute

  330. Kellie says:

    Since you enjoyed this challenge so much, i have another for you.

    You must ingest 1 tablespoon of cinnamon in 60 seconds.

    Good luck!

  331. Jay says:

    try a tbls of cinnamon. thats suppose to be an impossible

  332. jorge says:

    oh yeahhh!!

    just ate 3 saltines in 5 minutes.

  333. John says:

    I did the cinammon challenge on the first try. It was very! hot! It’s like eating a box of red hots all at once.

  334. Ben says:

    I beat this challenge, 100% serious. I made like $50 off all my friends who said it was impossible.

  335. anon says:

    i managed to consume 12 in 67 seconds, with no liquid or licking my lips
    my friend even has a video on his phone
    mind you i was pretty drunk at the time which was why i was so eager to attempt it, i thought the record was like 20 something so i really didn’t think what i did was amazing or anything, but i think im gonna start practicing a bit since i seem to be a natural at it, if i fail it sober, ill do it drunk!

  336. Copey says:

    I can eat a whole bag in 3 1/2 minutes, i dont need liquids or anything either lol is there somethig wrong w me?

  337. cheltsy says:

    I am 8 months pregnant and crave saltines like crazy and I will let you know I down more then 6 in 60 secs… I eat a box a day in set intervals and would eat more if the salt didnt bother my mouth so much…lol….

  338. town10 says:

    10 down the hatch

  339. Jeff says:

    dude I eat waffles dipped in soy sauce for breakfast and platters of sashimi (w/ more soy sauce) for lunch, and as an 8 year old I ate saltines for snack every day after school and I ate like 10 at a time in no time flat.

  340. brandon says:

    I got done 4 crackers

  341. Luvadad1 says:

    lol, i heard of this from my kids today & thought to myself, hmmm i think i could do this, so i started with 5 saltines @ Ihop today, 8-8-2011, I did it in 42 secs, then I tried 6 & completed it in 49 secs. but both times i did have difficulty @ the end since your mouth has a very difficult time producing enough saliva to help the swallowing process. tomorrow I might try 7 saltines. haha. has anyone here tried the 1 tablespoon of cinnamon test? I have not but think I might.

  342. Luvadad1 says:

    jeff try timing it if you havent yet just to see exactly how long it took. its actually fun to try & beat your own record each time. let us know how it turns out. good luck.

  343. m meadows says:

    i did it in 54.30 easy

  344. THEBEAST!!! says:

    ok i tried and i got 8! :)

  345. Andrew says:

    I`ve tried the cinnamon teaspoon challenge, not pleasant, i highly doubt a tablespoon (swallowed) is possible in 1 minute. BTW I was still swallowing the stuff long after 10 minutes (from the stuff that went in my nose) i also found out that drinking liquids after the challenge is not pleasant either….

  346. Justin says:

    While my Marines and I were in Iraq we took up a black pepper challenge. Very similar to the cinnamon challenge but with regular table pepper. Out of a platoon of 40 Marines only two of us were able to choke down a heaping spoonful of pepper without taking a drink. I only succeded as I REALLY didnt want to pony up the challenge money to a winner. Get ready for the burn….

  347. Da Boiz says:

    I did the cracker and the cinnamon challenge both within 10 minutes of each other.

  348. dennise alejandra says:

    i did the cinnamon and the cracker challenges an i past the cracker one but not the cinnamon bc the it burns ur throught aaaaa still gonna try to acoplish it but anyway wish me luck :)))))

  349. Caleb dyck says:

    I did this just an hour ago :D 7 crackers in 55 seconds :3

  350. JordanTay says:

    I did it in 50 seconds on my first try (:

  351. Tyler says:

    tried it almost did had 3 left but i had 5 seconds with my mouth filled

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