Bosworth on the Tragedy of the Commons

My nomination for Technical Opinion Piece of the Year goes to Adam Bosworth’s recent talk at the ICSOC04. Adam’s speech is enlightening on a great many levels and reminds us that above all else, the success of any technology is directly related to how forgiving it is to the human condition.

The next time you find yourself arguing about something like XHTML vs. HTML, validation, or the semantic web, give this article a read. It really brings the focus back to what matters. It’s not about who can follow what rules. It’s about who can solve what problems.

* Also see Sriram Krishnan’s excellent follow-up post here.

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  1. Mark Wubben says:

    Awesome reads, thanks man!

  2. Asterisk says:

    The Power of Simple

    If there is one thing that’s bothered my professionally it’s over-engineering. I’ve worked with too many products, too many processes and to many designs that are simply too damn much. Today Mike pointed out Adam Bosworth’s ISCO…

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