Mike Industries Zeitgeist: Week One

Well it’s been a good first week here at Mike Industries. Over 50,000 page views, plenty of scathing editorial and healthy discussion in the comment threads, and not a single piece of hate mail! Not that readers might be interested in such things, but I thought I’d share some of the nuggets gleaned from ShortStat during the first week:

  • Total Page Views: 50,304
  • Top Platforms: Windows – 69%, Mac – 25%, Linux – 2%
  • Top Browsers: Firefox – 41% (wow), IE – 23%, Safari – 17%
  • Top Three Referrers: Mezzoblue, Zeldman, Kottke
  • Most interesting referrer: The “Eater” (what the hell is this?)
  • Coolest blog discovered via referrer: Thought Anomalies
  • Number of deaths reported from the Invalidator Badge: 0*

Anyway, more ramblings are on the way this weekend. Thanks to everyone who has put up with them so far. Expect updates to this site once or twice a week as excess mental energy allows.

* In case there was any doubt, yes, the Invalidator Badge is clearly hyperbole.

11 comments on “Mike Industries Zeitgeist: Week One”. Leave your own?
  1. Devon says:

    I’m curious… of that 25% IE, did you keep track of how much was IE 6? IE 5.0 or 5.5?

  2. Mike P. says:

    I have a feeling that there are more winners in the ‘most interesting referer’ category… ;-]
    (and where is Opera?)

  3. Jason Beaird says:

    That “Eater” thing is awesome. It appears to be a cgi script that reads the page from the query string and filters all the text on the page, giving obscure similies for some words while completely annihilating others. It also seems to be using some kind of algorithm and not a set of rules, because it’s never rendered the same way twice.

    For more fun, visit my new site: Jastrow’s Bloodied

  4. Mike D. says:

    Mike P: I have Opera pegged at less than 2%. I guess my Norwegian readership isn’t very high.

    But then again, I think a lot of Opera users set their user agents to another browser so that 2% number might not be accurate.

  5. Mike D. says:


    Of the 23% who use IE, 94% were using IE 6, 5% were using IE 5.5, and 1% were using IE 5. Not bad…

  6. Well, Mike, you’ve become daily reading for me. Just have to be sure to update daily. ;) I think Zeldman referred me, but I don’t completely remember.

    On a side note, the view of the Sound is wonderful from where you are. I’m in the Ballard/Fremont area and get the Olympics view from time to time, but that’s about it.

  7. Rob Mientjes says:

    Justice at last! Firefox is being more-used than IE. I am afraid this is quite biased, but it’s still nice to see this.

  8. Matt says:

    I’m testing out Shortstat now — looks interesting. Thanks for the pointer.

  9. Hey Mike,

    Have you tried filtering out your own visits in Shortstat – tends to make your Firefox percentage drop quite a bit (well it did for me, anyway) :)

    Details here: The Watchmaker Project

  10. Mike D. says:

    Hi Matt. Thanks for the tip, and I’m about to check out your filtering mechanism. However, I use Safari, so if anything, it would only lower my Safari stats by maybe fractions of a percent.

  11. I’ve made some improvements to ShortStat, too. These include unique hits for weekly view, monthly stats for current and previous months, combined browser statistics (without versions) and fixes for several typos in the languages file.

    Check out the changes at http://www.nomadig.com/journal

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