EditGrid: Really Useful Web-Based Spreadsheets

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  1. alvin says:

    but… but… having used both, Google is actually much simpler (3 clicks and your data is out there) and offer more data output option. And since you are using curl you can just do exactly the same thing :)

    here’s a screenshot of the UI http://alvinwoon.com/dev/screenshot/2008-09-09_0917.png

    and here’s a public data of my movie listing – http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p-CI3CQthxMupDZqHm3gCFQ&output=txt (I use tab delimited instead of xml but you can use any type of output that suits you :) )

  2. Mike D. says:

    alvin: Thanks for the tip. I’m sure Google’s implementation is plenty easy… it just didn’t look like it from the API. As for outputting to HTML, XML, and other formats with one click, EditGrid does that too I believe, but the trick for me was not so much outputting the entire spreadsheet, but outputting it in a format such that I could just use particular rows of it depending on what was in the blog entry. Nice, clean, semantic XML seemed like the best way to do this, although comma or tab delimited would of course work as well.

  3. This is fantastic! Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  4. Jason says:

    Is there a story behind the “cost” and “actual outflow” amounts for “survey”? :)

  5. Mike D. says:

    Jason: Yeah, the “actual outflow” column is not actually related to specific line items but rather the “amount of cash which has left my wallet as of the date of the blog entry”. So for instance, where it starts to diverge is the architecture fee. I’m signed up for $49k or so but all I’ve paid so far is my first payment of $9600.

  6. Jeff says:

    Good stuff – thanks for the tutorial

  7. Thank you so much – I am going to use this in my business development by getting everyone in our company to use it for my benefit.
    Thanks for the tutorial – although my girlfriend won’t as I’ll be playing around with Editgrid all weekend!

  8. Britta says:

    Thank you, very useful informations for me to manage my editgrid data.

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